Sands of Time

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Time is everything. Everyone uses time every day for every single thing in their lives. Luna counts her time of being held captive. So what happens when someone doesn't have time or in her case, has all the time but doesn't have a way to use her time? To find out, you're just going to have to read her story. You can find this book also on Wattpad.

Drama / Adventure
Cora Morris
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Time is everything. Time is used for everything in everyone's day to day life. There is thirty seconds in a minute, thirty minutes in an hour, twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, an average 30 days in a month, twelve months in a year, 365 days in a year, except for leap year, then there is a day added, and leap year is every four years.

People use those times to count out their lives, when to eat, when to sleep, when to work, how long to work, and so on.

But I have been held captive for sixty years, I have a mirror in here, and I still look like the sixteen year old girl that was taken from my home village called, Eleanor, in the Land of Glades.

You also have the procrastinators, the people who push things off and wait until their time is almost up before they start working on their projects or to leave and such, you have the people that are punctual, that will have things done when they say they will have it done, or be somewhere at the specified time they say that they are going to be somewhere. But you also have the people that will try to do things as fast as they can, but more than not, they end up making mistakes or costing someone's lives.

But what about people like me, people who don't have a way to use that time.

I don't have the sun and moon to tell me on the time of the day, because there are no windows. I don't have a clock or anything to keep track of time. The only thing that I have to tell me on when there is a new day, is when a trey of food gets pushed through the slot at the bottom of the metal door.

That door has been locked since I have woken up in this room.

There is a cot with a mattress on it pushed to one of the corners of the room, a toilet, sink, and shower head to clean and go to the bathroom with. Those are the only things that is in this cemented cell.

I have to keep track of the days by knowing on when the food comes and carving a tally into the wall to mark a new day.

But let's go back to the time of when I was first taken sixty years ago. Maybe then I will remember something, to tell me on why I was taken.

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