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Cotton Mouth

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Nila Young Always had a problem with letting go she feels like the need to chase what she loves most. What happens when she does decide to let go and stop chasing love or even stop chasing life. Does she let go of the wrong thing? Or as has she been chasing the wrong thing her whole life. . • • • • • • • • WARNING ⚠️🚨⚠️🚨⚠️ Very sexual content and cursing so if you're not into this kind of stuff this is not the book for you.

Drama / Romance
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Cast Members

K'Mya Brown- long dark black hair falls to the middle of her back- with dark brown eye- and light brown skin-curvy body

Nila Young- very curly reddish and brown hair that falls to her butty -with light hazel eyes- and dark brown -skin-flat chest and big butty

Rima Thomas-wave hair that falls to her shoulders- with hazel eyes- light skin-regular size chest and little butty

Rika Johnson- sandy red shoulder length hair-dark brown eyes- dark brown skin-flat chest And a little butty

Bleessen Young-very black hair that reaches to her shoulders- big hazel eyes- little skinny body with a flat chest and no butty-dark skin

Mariah LeeLe-Sandy Red hair to her middle back-dark green eyes-light skin- curvy body

Nia Park-long brown hair to her butty- light brown eyes- dark skin- big chest and big butty

K2 (Kabel Morris )-light skin- tattoos on the right side of his body- low cut with waves

Ace (Ronne Joseph )-light skin- tattoos on the left side of his body- low cut with waves

JB ( Jeremih Young) -dark skin- dreads to his back with the tips bleached-visible muscles wits 1 tattoo on his left chest

Dj ( Donne Davies )-dark skin- tattoos covered one arm- brown cut curly hair

Jay ( Jordyn Willams )-dark skin- he hair is cut into a mohulk with the ends Died Blue -very little chest

Lay Lay (L'kaly Bradle)-light skin-light brown hair to her neck-light brown eyes-very little chest


On the app Wattpad I could have just put up their pictures but I don’t know how to do that on here. Sorry but please I’m all hears for feedback and ideas.

Their Might Be More Cast Members Added Later on In The Story . I Have All Copy Rights To This Story . And If I Made Any Miss Type Just Comment And Let Me Know

Instagram: queen1k.privvv

I Would Like For Uu Guys To Keep Your Negative Comments To Your Self . And If I Say Something To offend you Please Accept my apology

Nila Young &&& Jeremih Young &&& Bleessen Young Are All Blood Related


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