Cotton Mouth

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Chapter 1

Nila POV

Nila Hugged her cold body coming out of Mitchells Hospital. That's where she works at and she just finished a 8pm-5am shifted and the only thing on her mind is sleep. As she looks in her purse for her keys to her red BMW truck her sister K'Mya calls out her name .

It's not very dark but it's dark it's 5:00 in the morning and today the hospital was packed I guess by it being the only hospital in the getto we get a lot of patients.

"Nay you'll take me home Ace got my car and his Bum ass running late again ?" She asks with A sad expression .

"Duhh girl you know you Anit got to ask , Stop looking so sad." She hugs K'Mya And they walk to the car together still hugging.

"Nay I'm Tired of Ace and his shit all he had to do was bring me my car and my kid that's all nothing more nothing less is that to much to ask for ?!"

Me and K'Mya Go back since we was in 8th Grade and she's more Family to then my actual Blood . Ace is Her Boyfriend/BabyDaddy they have 1 Son And his 2 years old they been on and off for 5 years , She thinks he doesn't love her but I believe he does.

And only people I'm very close with call me Nay .

"Girl you know just like I know he just want you to be back in his bed , You better stop playing with that man before he hurt you ." I said Smiling just to put her at ease.

"Nay he better stop playing with me and respect me as his women and the mother of his son" She says

I just shook my head cause she is just to much , there's no winning against her .

We drove to Ace house with the music turned up playing NBA YoungBoy.

We got their in 30 minutes, As she was getting out of the car I told her "Mya I love you" making kisses faces laughing , She Just Shook Her Head Saying. "I love you too crazy"

I Waited To Watch Her Go In. She Did Just That So I Drove myself Home. Once I got home , I took a shower and fed my 3 pit bulls

Jaz , Blue, Diamond. And Then Laid Down


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Yes Nila Young &&& Blessen Young Are Blood Related Sisters .

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