Cotton Mouth

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Chapter 2

Nila POV

I wake to knocks and yelling at my door. I look at my phone it's only 1:13 Pm , I get out my bed To open the door its Mya and her Son, his Name is Tarvaris Jamonie Joseph . And My other sister Rika and Her 2 Kids .

Her first born name is Name Is Majesty Monica Young she's 5 and The Baby Boy Name Is Ledgen Lumiere Young he's 1 .

And they brought My Most Favorite Transgender Person In The Jay .

All Three Of Us Been Cool Since 8th Grade, Parkway Days Lord Knows it Wasn't Easy, But Life Is Not Easy So I Had To Keep Pushing As Much As I Could And I am Doing Great Now.

Everyone Came in And Sat Down as I Took Legden Out His Car seat and sat him in my lap .

"Damn how long does it take you to open the door shit It's Hot" Jay Says .

"Girl It's 1:00 What Damn Time Do You Get Up?" Mya Ask As She Pick Up Tarvaris.

"First off y'all are way to Loud . Second how you know I was still sleep? Third Jay Stop Flopping Your Big Ass On My Couch" I Said Playing With Legden He Just So Damn Cute with those big eyes.

"You Got On A White Tank Top And Puma Joggers and Your Hair Ever Damn Where , that means you where still sleep And Don't play like Me and Mya don't bring the kids over here everyday , I Don't Know Why That Other Lil Girl Here." Rika Said Rolling her eyes.

Shaking my head Cause I know she talking about Jay. Rika And Jay Was 'Beefing'

When we all was like 16 & 17 We all 22 & 23 Years Old now they not beefing no more, But Rika will Still Be mean to her from time to time.

But Tbh she mean ass hell to everybody even my brother witch is her BabyDaddy/Boyfriend.

"Y'all Cant Just have Nay to y'all self !"Jay said as she came and sat by me and hugging me.

"Jay Who You Yelling at ? Don't make me hit you with this car seat" Rika Said. I started laughing as I handed her Legden.

"Jay You Don't even be worry about Nay you be worrying about them lil hoes you be chasing - TARVARIS STOP EATING MY DAMN CHIPS" She snatched it from him and he started crying.

I Got up walked to my kitchen grabbed a 3 bag of puff Cheetos and 3 Apple juices and gave one each to Tarvaris and Majesty and Legden.

"Don't Damn Snatch From My Damn Nephew No More." I say and Slap the back of her head

"I'm Finna Go Get Dressed and then we can head to IHOP" I said to them as I begin walking to my room .

I went to go put on some Ripped light pants - Pink Puma Crop Top - Pink Puma Shoes. And I just let my curly hair down today then I grabbed my pink black book bag with all my money in there and left out the room.

As I Walking out the room my baby Majesty was standing in the hallway by door and she asks Me.

"Titi can I ride with you? cause - cause mom said no shot gun and - and she let fat man sit in the front." She says in her cute baby voice , I pick Her And Tell her of Course and Kiss Her Check.

"Come on y'all let's ride."I say to everyone

I let everyone walk out the house Then I Locked The Door Behind us and as I am scrapping Majesty in the front seat of my car Rika tells us loud enough for the group to hear .

"I don't care about you telling no Damn Nay cause you can't seat in the front I need to keep a eye on my baby , and since you telling so much tell you Titi to buy you that Hello kitty lip gloss you want" She Said As she got into her Red 2019 Toyota.

Me and Mya laughing Cause We know she gone get it for her anyways , No matter how mean Rika is she don't play about her kids. I finished Scraping Majesty In the front Seat close the door and walk around so I can get myself in the car.

Mya Get Into Her Teal 2019 Jeep ,Jay get Into Her Red And Black Dodge charger Hellcat. I Put on Show Me Love By Alicia Keys Followed Behind Missy As We Rolled Out.


We Get to IHOP In 20 minutes and they have a play ground for the kids. The waiter showed us to our table Mya let Tarvaris Run Off With Majesty and I yell out Majesty and say "Look out for Cuzzon Jes"

We seat and orders our food and waited for the Waiter to come back with our food. "So Jay Who The New Hoe For This Week?" I ask Drinking My Tea While Looking At Her.

"She Not A Hoe And Her Name Is Genesis." She Says.

Rika Says "I Give It Three Days."

Mya Say "I Give it's a Week."

"A Month"I Say

"Y'all Need To Stop Betting On My Relationships. That's probably why they don't never work out." Jay Say

"Gurl they Don't work out because you stuck on one Red phat Nice Pussy and her name is Mariah." I say as am laughing And Poking Her all once since she sitting next to me.

"No I'm Not." She Say trying not laughing her self.

"Gurl My Ryda Got That Good Pussy Don't play on her top!" I Say

"Nay You loud."Rika Say as she looks around the Restaurant . At the people who's looking at us cause of what I said .

"Mhmhmmmmm" Mya Said Rolling Her Eyes

When We Was Like 16& 17 & 18 Jay And Mariah Use To Date , But They Broke Up And Jay Starting Dating Mya. Then Rumors Starting Saying How Mya Started Talking about Mariah, Which I Don't Believe But that Didn't Stop Them From Beefing.

"Y'all It's Been years and Y'all Still Beefing. Y'all just Need to have a seat down and hash it out we to grown for this." I Say

"So You gonna have a seat down with Kely , LayLay , and Renee?" She Ask she know damn well I'm not

"Girl - So what happened With You And Ace last ?" Changing the subject cause Those 3 people are a Touchy Subject For Me.

"Just Like He Do every night lay that Dick in Her Stomach." Rika Say

"Y'all Is Nasty And Rude for Talking like this when it's kids Running through here." Jay say

"Girl They most likely hear more from their mamma - But Y'all If Ace Don't Start Manning up We Done Fr."

"Girl You said that last week." Jay Say

"Yeah What else do you want him to fucking do he is nothing like any of our Sperm donor's , Shitt He Take Care Of His Kids and You. So what more do you want." I ask

"Sis I Don't Want him to keep coming home at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, Then every time something go wrong he call his Damn mamma knowing the old bitch don't like me all ready. Y'all know I Don't want to be like my mom and be with a men for 15+ years and Anit get married and stayed fighting that's Just Not the move for me For real." Mya Say

"Girl Why You Don't Tell Him , its Not Like He Gonna Ignore you He Be Trying To Be With You. But you keep pushing him Away" I Say

"For real you got a good men. Don't be acting like he don't love you." Rika Say

"Y'all Act Like He Anit never cheat on me before!"

"Now a Days All Men cheat , But When They Have A habit of repeating the same thing , Then That's when you leave. He cheated 1 Time 3 years ago and been making it up to you for 2 years straight , baby you got to stop living in the past. It's Nothing wrong with giving people a second chance." I Say

"Says The one who still mad at the world." Jay Say

"Fuck You" I Say and just as I said that. The food came .

Jay Went To Go Get The Kids We Laughed , Picked Fights With Each other . All the people was looking at us But We Anit Care 30 minutes later we paid and left.

As We Walking Out IHOP a Loud Ass White Durango Pull Up On the side of Us . And We all Knew It was Ace , He Got Out And Says "Wassup In-Laws ."

"Wassup" We Said

"Dang you don't see me texting you ?" He say To Mya as He Kissed Her.

"No Your Son Ran It Dead When We Was eating. And how you find me?" She Asked

"I got a tracker on your phone. Where you finna go ?" He said like it's so normal.

"To My House. Where you going?" She answers and I swear she look like she on cloud 9 .

"Finna Drop My Dawg Off , Then I'm Head To Your House." He Said Kissing Her Again.

"In Law We Was Just Talking about You. You Need To Have A Seat Down With Sus." I Say

"Yeah I Know I am . I Know other thing too , she Anit going no where . See you at the house Babe ." he say and get back in the car and Driving off. She just standing there smiling ,

"Told You" I say Everyone Get In Their Car We All Say Bye And We Went Home.

By the time I Get Home it's 5:05 I Sit On The Couch Turning on criminal minds. By 7:30

I Got A Text From Mariah And Rima Saying 'Can They Come Over And Chill With Me?' And of Course I Said 'Yes'. 20 minutes later they where knocking at the door .

Me Mariah Meet When I Was In The 9th Grade And She Was In The 10th Grade and Every Since then She Been My Ryda.

Me And Rima meet When We Was In This Group home/ Detention center. Now Back Then When We Was Young Rima Was A Hoe But She Wasn't Not Broke Hoe By The Time She Was Done With High School She Had A Enough money to pay off her college tuition.

Now Her And Mariah are Pediatric associate For The Kids.

"Yooda What You Doing Ryda ?"

"Nun Just Coming Back From Chilling With Jay , Mya , Rika ."

"Mhmh" She says without looking up from her phone .

"Gurl Y'all Is To Grown For this Shit Im Make Y'all Have Sit Down Watch!" I say really fed up with the pettiness like come on we are grown women with grown ass problem not middle school .

"You Don't Have To Make Me Do Shit I'm All For It As Long As She Anit Talking Crazy ."

"Okay" I Look To The Left Of Me And See Rima All In Her Phone Smiling And Laughing.

"I Bet You Looking At Some Dick On Instagram." I Say

"Y'all I Think I'm Crushing." Me And Mariah Bust Out Laughing On The Floor.

"For Real Y'all I Think I Like Him, I Met Him When He Was Bringing His Son In For A Check Up. At First I Was Just Looking At His Dick Cause He Was Poking But , Then He Starting Flirting And I Starting Flirting And He Gave Me His Number."

"Child I Bet You Won't Keep Him For More Then 3 Weeks . You And Jay The Same After This One Left Missy Her Ass Anit Been The Same. She Want Raih." I Say still laughing

"Well She Can't Have Me I Got A Men Thank You." She Said Holding Her Stomach Cause She A Month Pregnant.

I Rolled My Eye "Rima , Me And You The only real ones we the only ones who Anit have no babies!" I Say Dapping Her Up.

They Stayed For Like A Hour , Rima Left Cause Her New "Man" Wanted To See Her And Take Her Out . Raih Left So She Can Go Pick Up Her Lil Sis Rosa.

Then I Got A Text From Mya saying 'Ace Home boy Saw Me And Want My Number Is That Okay?' I Said 'Yea' He Probably A Goofy I'll Just Block His Number Later.

Then I Fall A Sleep On The Couch.



I hoped y'all like this chapter it's Going to Be Some New Cast. And Once Again If I Miss Spell Something Just Let Me know.

If you Have any ideas my Instagram is queen1k.privvv

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