Cotton Mouth

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Chapter 3




Nila POV

It's a good rainy foggy day in pompano , like always the streets are covered with mud puddles. In the mud puddles are trash , that was once on the street But it rained last night again for the 3rd night this week.

I'm outside with my older siblings Tj , Kim , And Jay . We are waiting on our granny to come get us , well Tj , Kim , and Jay are not going , they got to run the streets for my uncle Black . Well his more my Dad then a uncle , his big brother is my real Dad but never met the man ,So he took care me and my 2 other little siblings JB and Bleessen , Plus his kids Tj , Kim , and Jay I call my siblings cause I stayed with them my whole life. My mom doesn't have custody of any of her kids. JB Stays with my great- grandma on my mom side , and Bleessen stays with her God mom.

Today I'm supposed to go see them at my mom house. My grandma's and Bleessen God mom let us see our mom on weekends But I hate staying there, my mom always yelling and hitting on me and her boyfriend creeps me out. He always making me lay with him or sit in his lap , I Would tell my uncle but I don't want him to go back to jail . My uncle Black is a big Dope Dealer I'm talking cross the country big but they never seen his face , because he use his to do the dirty work. Today he using Tj Them. Cause No cop Gonna Believe a 17 & 16 & 15 years old moved drugs , He even got Cops and Airline Airport in on it But , last week 12 cops Died and including 3 of their families So he got to lay low.

Out of no where it just started raining. So we ran back in the house, as we coming in the house my uncle just got off the phone and he said " Granny Back In the hospital, it's not looking to good." I just started crying and couldn't stop everything just to fade-away.


I open my eyes just to see it was a Dream, But That was really my life. I get out my bed walk to my bathroom, look myself in The Mirror to tell my self 'You not going back , You not going back , You not going back.' I use to do stuff like this with Kely when I was little, We were so close we been knowing each other since diapers days . Until we got to High School that's When Shit went left , That's was like my Blood . But I guess not to her .

I begin to wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my face-mask. I walk back in my room , my phone Started ringing . I'm looking For it on my king size bed , Blue was laying on it so I had to make him get off the bed.

I got a miss call from Rikaa🥰❤️ , I call her Back .

"Sorry Pooh Blue big ass was laying laying on my phone. You good?" I asked

"Yeah , can do me a favor and take Legden to his Doctor appointment ? I got called into work again." She asks

" Yeah , just bring me my baby." I say

"Okay."And she hung up.

Rika Is a Judge a Big Judge , Like Judge Matthew Big . She get all kind of cases Murder, foster care, driving ticket, human trafficking. She get it all, I pick me out a Brown Sweater that hang off my shoulders a lil bit - Long Dark Ripped Jeans - And Brown Uggs Slides .

I Reach For my phone and I see I got a text from K2 , That's Ace homeboy we been Texting and Face-Timing for the last 4 days . He not a bad Dude The Only Problem is . He has 2 Twin Girls , So you what that means BabyMamma Drama and that's not the move Baby. Don't get me wrong I love kids with a passion , But I see what kids do to people and I'm just not ready for that.

K2💭:what you doing today ?

Me: taking my nephew to his doctors appointment then going to the crib

K2💭:wanna chill later ?

Me:suree 🧐

I just stop Texting cause he said 'chill', I really don't trust nobody So I know what he mean by 'chill' But it been years since I had some I'm just ask Jay when I go see her. I get a text from Rika saying she out side , I grab my bag and my phone and leave.

"His appointment at 3:30 I Don't get off till 4:30, I have 2 trials to sit through , 3 search warrants , And 4 Traffic tickets. And JB The one Who gave them tickets , Thanks So Much you don't got to worry about Jes your momma got her - Bye Stank." She finish Scraping in his car seat in Then Left . JB is Cop So he See's Rika most of the time.

It's 1:15 so I Decided to go to Jay House , I really need to talk to her about this sit down I'm have between Mya and Raih cause she gonna have to be there to clear some of this shit up.

As I am pulling up to Jay house , Some Red Seen girl wearing a White shirt - Black Tights -Nike slides . Walking out of Jay House to the mail box. I take Legden out his car seat and grab his baby bag Rika gave me with his wipes and baby food in there.

"Aye excuse me , who are you and where's Jay ?" As Nice as possible .

"Oh Hey I'm Genesis , and Jordyn is in the house . And who are you ?"

At that moment I just walk off towards the house , cause I don't entertain hoes , second I got my nephew in my hand and I'll hate to get rude in front of him. Jay gets her a new hoe every week so I'm not surprised, I won't be surprised if one of them say they pregnant. Jay is a Transgender so Yes , she have a dick and it fertilized.

"JAYYYYYY!!!"I yell.

She came down the stairs "Girl why you yelling ?" I Drop the baby bag on the kitchen table.

"Baby you didn't tell me you was having company." Genesis Says

Last Time I checked This is Jay house , But I'm mind my business cause it have been some months since I been over here.

"Bae this Family Nila , Nila this Genesis the one I was telling you about at IHOP ." Jay Said

"Anyways You wanna come with me to take Legden to his appointment? We got a lot stuff to talk about, and I don't need nobody in my mouth." I Said Jay know I'm far from friendly, and Yes it's childish to rude to the girl But She can With it or Get lost.

20 minutes later Jay was ready she kissed her Girlfriend Bye And Locked the door , and got my car and we left.

"Why do you have to be so rude ?" She asked

"Jay First off You didn't mention nothing about her staying with you Second you have too many females For me to know if she is the one , I don't want to wasn't my time speaking to someone your going leave a hour later !"

"Well Genesis and I are in a serious relationship and Yes she does stay with me cause I asked her to" Jay Said

"Well I will apologize to her another time , Right now me and you need to talk about 2 things. 1 when is a good day for you to have this sit down with Me , You , K'Mya , Mariah cause this beefing thing been going on for to long and it's Super petty. 2 Ace put me down with one of his home boys and he wanna 'chill' later. What should I Do?" I Expressed

"How Did You Know I wanna have A Seat Down? But I have a feeling your really not giving me a choice, Tomorrow would be a good Day." Jay Said , I looked at Her then back the road .

"Jordyn you should want to go. They wouldn't be even having no kind of issue if it wasn't for , if you would have known how to be faithful We won't have these Problems."

"I was faithful anyways , It's Been years since you had some Relationship. I think it will good for you , instead of you out here just listen to our problems." Jay says

We pull up to the parking lot of Pediatrics association I Park The car and grab the baby bag And take Legden out his car seat .

"Don't Raih and Rima work here?" Jay asked "Yes they do ." I Say as soon as we walk I see Raih At the front Desk.

"Hey Raih , Legden Young. And also Tomorrow At 12:00 Me , You , K'Mya , Jay at steak and shake." I inform and go sit down.

"Hey Raih"Jay say

"Wassup" Raih Says With No Emotions.

5 minutes Later Rima Calls Us To the back. She Walk Us To The Room And Tell Us She'll Be Right Back.

"He getting His 1 years old shots today and that's it. Hey Jay." Rima Say

"Rima I Got a Date." I say

"Wasssup Rima"Jay says

"Good Tired Of seeing so damn lonely, Make sure you have good sex and wear protection"

"Duh I Don't Need No Kind of Kids."I say

A Hour later I Drop Jay Back Off Home , And I take Legden To Rika , Then I Go Home to get ready for this lil 'chill'.

I take a hot shower, Shave my legs. Once I'm out the shower I lotion Up and I text K2 the address , To my place cause he say wanna pick me. Im Wearing a Grey Tommy long sleeves crop top - Grey Tights - Grey Tommy Slides - And I'm Showing Off My Belly ring. I grab my Maze and Taser Put It In My Bag.

He Texted, So that lets Me know his out side. I grab my Keys and Walk outside. I Turn To See this Red 2 door Lamborghini and it's clean. I Get In the car Turn my Location and Connect It to Mya.

"This Is a Nice car. So Where We Going?" I ask

"Thanks , And We Bungee jumping." He Said

"Indoor Jumping right , Cause I'm Scared Of Highs ?"

"No , Outside Over these two big hills and between them is a lake." He said I looked at him like he crazy.

"Don't worry If You Get Scared You Can Hold Onto Me."

"Nope , I'll be fine." Lying my ass off I'm way to scared for shit, I Feel The tears Coming.

"So How old your girls is ?" I asked

"They 6 Finna Be 7 in two months. Dang you Anit got no kids?" He asked


"You way to fine for a nigga not to knock you up and wife you." He said Now I'm Grinning From Ear to Ear.

"Why You Anit wife you're BabyMother ?" I asked

"Well she's Not very trust worthy." He states.

"Understandable , I Myself Don't Trust A lot Of People not even my Blood line." I Say

30 minutes later we reach their , We walk in He tell the man at front counter "Reservations For Kabel."

"Yes , Walk Down That Hallway , and make a left that will be where your gear is located and as soon you are done gearing up , walk straight down and their be two men down there to get y'all started."

We Did Just what he said to do and The two men names that are helping us is Jamie and James .

"So do you guys see that sand bar all the way down there ? That's where y'all are going to land . Make sure you left your legs going over the water okay , any questions?" Jamie asked

"Yes , is this gonna break as we going down Right ? , and there aren't any animals down there that can eat us right?" I asked

"No and No" James said Smiling

I grabbed K2 hand . " Thought You Didn't Need My Hand?"

"Shut up" I said .

Jamie counted to three and then pushed us down and I was screaming so loud. After We Reach The Sand bar , We Climbed the other cliff just to do it again. And we had to much fun , when we was walking out k2 had his arm around my shoulder.

"So what you want me to call you K2 or Kabel ?" I ask

"Kabel" He Said Then He stop and turned me around at first I thought he was gonna tell me about my hair , cause I Know it look a mess.

But he Didn't he kissed me it was soft and Gentle , then he sucked and licked on my bottom lip so I granted him access and our tongues start fighting for dominants , while we kissing I can feel my legs going and my pussy throbbing for more.

I pulled away for breather and I seen my lip gloss all on his lips so I put my thumb on his lips to wipe it off .

"Okay Kabel I'm hungry." I Say to change the air it was getting to heated in this hall . Any longer and I would have took him right then and there .

"Okay I know a good Chinese place ." He says as he hold my hands and walk back to the car.


The whole ride to Tokyo Kabel held my hand and Didn't let go. We Oder our food to go we gonna eat back at my place.

Once we got to my place it was really Dark . I open my door, Then I remember my Red nose pit bull isn't the friendly type.

"Can you wait right here while I put my Dog in her cage ? Then when I open the door you can got straight down to my room." I asked

"Yeah" He said

He Did just what I told him to do , once we got in my room we sat down and ate our food.

"You wanna watch a movie?" I ask

"Yeah But Nun of the girly stuff y'all females love to cry over , What Kind of Dogs you got?"

"What make you think I would cry in front of you ?" I ask looking into his nice Brown eyes .

"As Beautiful as you are ma you should never cry , even when I'm not around." He say starting right back at me .

I felt like we where finna kiss again so I changed the scenery by answering his previous question.

"Jaz is the red nose the one I had to put in the cage , Blue he a blue nose pit , Diamond she a red and blue nose pit." I answered

We were already finished with our food , and we was sitting next to each other looking for a movie .

"I like you Nay , you cute , and you make boss moves. You sure you Anit got no man?"

"If I did you think, I'll be here with you?" I answered

He kissed me again this time it was rough and nibbled at my bottom lip asking for access which was granted.

At first I really wanted to stop it but Rima statement about me being lonely stuck with me . The last relations I had was when I was 17 I'm 22 now , The feels I had for my previous ex boyfriend was rock bottom yes he was older then me but I was so in love no one ever took that much interest in as he did not even my parents , Soon I found out those are all the interest. I don't want to ever feel them feelings unless someone was down on one knee .

He laid me down on my back the way he held just gave me more craves to let him in So I did just I pulled on his shirt to let him know that I'm on what he on. I might regret it later I might not , My life always been a list of pros and cons .

He pushed my thighs apart and sat between them as he kissed me from my Lips to my Stomach. I helped him take off my tights because, I can feel my juices From My pussy sliding down onto my bed sheets.

"Nice and Phat , I like that."

Right after that left his mouth , I felt his tough on my clit as his two fingers spread my lips. At this moment I'm arching my back and gripping the sheets.

He put thumb in my Vagina, at first he was going slow then he went faster and his tough went faster. I can feel my self about to cum, Seconds later And I did just that and he licked it all up, then he kissed from pussy to my neck.

I feel myself melting every time he kisses me, his lips are so soft and red and fat and warm.

He jab his Self right into me, it been so long since I had any it kinda hurt, But hurt was soon replace with pleasure.

I felt so much pleasure he was soon on his back I bounced up and down his shift , I tight myself around shift and grind. And laid my hands on his chest, The room filled with groans and moans.

I can feel my self coming, We switched positions to doggie style. You can hear the clap back of our body touching every time he pull in and out, I slid my hand between my legs to rub my clit.

He started to groan louder and moved faster I know he was finna cum and so was I. Moments later, We both released at the same time , this time my legs shook as I released.

I collapse and laid down on his chest I was so tired I didn't even realize I doze off.


Kely Price

Renee Johnson


For everyone who want to know who Jay (Jordyn ) is it's Missy I Just switched thier names around. Cause some people believe the name didn't fit her.

I was thinking should I just post their outfits instead??? If you think I should comment. Again if I missed spelled anything just let me know and I'll change.

If you have any ideas just text my instagram queen1k.privvv

Mhmh Nay and her troubled past will it mess with her bright future??

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