Cotton Mouth

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Chapter 4

Nila POV

I roll over to a empty left side of the bed , I Sat up to only see that I was alone . I looked at the clock to see its 10:30 in my head I know I have to start getting ready for this little sit down with Mariah , K'Mya , and Jay .

So I pushed myself out of bed only to be hit with a lot of pain from the bottom half of my body it's so sore . I open my room door to only be knocked down by Blue rushing into my room onto my bed .

"Well Good morning to you too ." I say as if he could speak

As I'm taking my steaming hot shower memories from last night start hitting , I wonder why he left without saying anything . I quickly push it to the back of my mind even though I did have a great time last night I don't want him to think I'm chasing him .

I Did a lot of chasing growing up to only have them out run me so far that I couldn't even smell them anymore.

As I'm getting dressed my phone starts ringing , it says Raih😘🚨 she probably wants me to pick her up .

"What can I do for you short stuff?" I ask

"You know my car is still in the shop can yo-" she couldn't finish cause I cut her off.

"I'll Be there in 20 , byeeee" I said .

As soon as I was done getting dressed, I fed my Dogs , grad my keys and my bag and left . In my head I know today is going to be a long day , I just pray we can all act like the adults that we are .

I get to Raih door and knock , "You ready ?" I ask once she open the door .

"If anything go wrong take me home right away ." She says .

Mariah really not a bad person , in my honesty opinion I feel like she's the victim . Now I'm not saying I pick sides between K'Mya and Mariah cause I got mad love for both of them I probably won't be living right now if it wasn't for them , That's why I know if it wasn't for Jay they wouldn't be having no issues .

Mariah is very much like me very hot head , doesn't think Before she speaks , does how ever she feels , and Very Loyalty to people she loves and Trust . And Jay broke that , Raih and Mya where there when I ran away from or felt like killing myself , That's why I know they would be good friends , If they have enough love to care for a trouble child like me , Then they got the mind and hearts to put down some drama about a transgender that neither one of them cares about any more .


I had a section in steak and shake paid off so if they want to Cry , Yell they can without looking so crazy in front of other people .

As Me and Raih walking to the tables I see Jay and Mya are already here , I got two long tables pushed together . Raih is at the left end , Mya at the Right end Me and Jay are sitting on the middle but I'm little closer to Raih and Jay is a little more closer Mya , I did that just in case I can grab Raih and Jay can Grad Mya if it get out of hand and I pray it don't .

"Look both of you girls are great people and the best and only family that I really have . So what that be saying everyone is going to say their peace without speaking over each or talking down ." I Said to them and they shook their head and Raih was first .

"Look my only problem is did you have someone text my instagram for Jay instagram talking crazy ? Cause that's my only problem cause at the end of the day you didn't own me no loyalty she did and she probably told you a different story saying she single cause around that time she did take me out her bio , But that don't matter what matter is the respect thing ." Raih said nicely which was surprised and thankful .

"No it wasn't me because at the time we were just best friends and I do remember her taking you out her bio and when I asked about she tells me that she dating someone else , at that moment you probably where unsure of her dating the other girl . But I do want to apologize for engaging in the foolishness , Because I'm grown and by me being a grown women I have no problem when saying when I'm wrong ." Mya expressed .

"It wasn't just you entertaining it I was to and just like you said we are all grown so on that part I apologize as well ." Raih said

"I am so glad that we are grown now , Because if we tried this when we where kids it would have got worser . And by us being older we look back on our life and see we missed out on a lot of stuff that could have made our life's much easier like Communication , Respect , and most of all Controlling our emotions . And by us having so much personal problems going on we forgot how love our self , But you to ladies just made me the happiest person on the world . Jay anything you wanna say or add in on this good moment ?" I ask .

"Yes , I own both of you girls a Deep sincere apology . I was young and by me feeling myself I forgot about the people who where there when the fans wasn't and I'm truly sorry ." Jay added

"Good Now that all the mushy lovey is out that way let's eat ! I woke up sore and hungry ." I say .

"So you did get laid ! Ouee how was it , was it big or was it whack all together ?" Raih ask

"Uhm yeah it was good but-" Mya cut me off by asking "But he wasn't feeling it Don't worry you can do way better than him anyway baby ."

"No Mya , he left this morning with saying anything and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing . And I hope it's not bad cause he seem really cool ." I say

"Look even if it bad is bad don't sit on the porch waiting for him , Remember we don't sit on porches no more we lay in our beds sleep not giving a fuck !" Raih

I know she used the porch as a metaphor , she was referring to event that happen when I was a kid . One Day I wanted for my Dad to come get me , He always lied about coming before that but this time I don't know why but it sounded like he really meant it and plus I never met the man or spent any time with him so I was looking forward to it .

That night he never showed but I still waited outside hoping he would come it rained really really bad and I sat out there all night till my granny came outside and dragged me in the house . I was sick with ammonia for a month , And that what made me so gullible till this Day .


Once I got Back home it's was 3:40 and I Don't have to be to work till 8:00 , Just as I was finna unlock the door I see Red and Pink roses .

The card on it said

'These roses can't explain how much fun I had But they can explain the Beauty I see in you' -Kabel

I can feel my heart beating, I never seen a person go this much lengths to impress a person they only know for a week .

I guess today was a good day for us all , only time can tell where I go now .


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