Cotton Mouth

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Chapter 5

Nila POV

"Where's my Dad" I asked the 2 cops that's standing in my face and blocking my walk home that I talk everyday with TJ

I didn't see TJ waiting for me outside class room door like he do everyday at our school.

"That's not your Daddy little girl his your uncle" the white cop says getting in my face as his black cop friend laughs.

I know they see a 9 year old girl who just moved here from Pompano , and a uncle who got a very long Record. But one thing I know they got me fucked up on is a Pussy cause that Anit me. My sister Kim always tell me just cause I got one between my legs don't means I get fucked I do the fucking around here.

"Yeah you right he Anit my Daddy his my uncle.The one who put money in punk ass cops pockets like you so to be real his you and your wife Daddy" I said back this time I closed any space that was left between us.

I had a pocket knife in the heme of my jacket ready to give it to this pig. Usually TJ handle people like this on our walk home since we moved here it was like they was watching us. My uncle was always ready for a Challenge that's why he made sure our school was together it's Called A.C Perry it's as Elementary - Middle - High School all in one.

But I Didn't see Tj , Kim , or Pj so I figure they had to handle business.

"You Boden up at me." He said looking me in my eye . I done seen this to many times it cause it's I'm black I don't have any rights , and I don't know how to read or fight. But see I know how to hold a 9 mm to his cells and blow his membrane and I Anit scared I always been ready to die I Anit got shit to live for anyway.

"And what if she is what you gone do" TJ said I didn't even hear him walk up or even noticed him But I did notice the Black Ruger clipped in his black jogger pants he had his white T shirt over it.

"This Anit no farm so I suggest y'all get back to y'all hunt Pigs" Kim said standing in front of me so that she's was now in the officer face but she had that look in her eyes. Her lips was in a straight line she Anit even show not one teeth and her face looked so plane. I know that look she about to put the K in Kill.

PJ came too by that time he pulled me behind him. It was broad daylight in the sky but it was shady over here because we took a short cut though this dirty rat crawling alley.

TJ is 17 Kim and PJ are twins their both 16. My sister is usually sweet with the guys but when she give that look is from when her bright brown eyes goes so dull and dead I get scared. Everyone say TJ got that dull look but not when he with me he smiles sometimes even laughs he would look like a regular teenager. But truth is nun of us are TJ eyes are sharp his looking everywhere and at everyone and he does it quick he always say come with a plan B.

Now PJ he remembers everything so he doesn't have to look around cause he already know how this looks and even the times it get busy he even knows the face that be here at them times. PJ always smiles even when he giving out bullets he tells me all the time he wants someone to knock his smile off but he haven't came around that person yet.

Then bullets started flying one ballet hit me right in the chest once I fell to the dirty ground in the alley all the memory's of TJ , Kim , and PJ fades then I hear a baby crying. Then the baby stopped crying and I heard my granny call out to me I couldn't see her or the baby everything was pitch black and she kept calling out to me.


"TJ HELP GRAN-" I sat up really fast holding my chest as it went up and down trying to control my breathing. My heart beat was going so fast I felt it on my finger tips I sat in my bed for an hour trying to tell me self it was a dream and I'll be okay.

I got out my bed went to the bathroom did my everyday wash up. Then my phone ranged I jumped so bad I fell off the bed it once I looked at the phone I frowned it was Kabel calling but I wasn't in the mood to talk.

We been getting pretty serious I meet his kids they are twin girls Loyalty and Royalty. They're very beautiful they even spent the night we went out to dinner and too sky zone. Me and Kabel has been very intimate we even did it in the bathroom at his house.

I look at the clock it's only 2:45 in the morning so I called the only person I know I can talk to. Mariah she know about my dreams.

"Hey I cant sleep can you come over please." I begged hoping she can by her being 3 months pregnant I try not to bother her.

"Yeah I can I can't sleep either Rosa coming with me that's okay?" She asked I can hear her slipping on her shoes in the background.

"Duh that's my best friend I miss her" I say smiling that's first smile since I woke up. Rosa is Raih little sister shes like my best friend also her and my little sister Bleessen go to the same Browns valley college. They are close but me and Rosa are closer we meet first before her and Bleessen did.


"Hey bestie!" Rosa said with light scream as she runs to the couch where I am sitting at and hug me.

Raih walks straight to my kitchen with her grey night gown on and when she walked back out she had a jar of pickles and a tub of butter pecan ice cream.

"So what's up with these dreams" she asks as she put the food on the table that's in the middle of the living room so she can sit down on the couch safely. She is showing a little and she is walking funny I guess that's something you do when your pregnant thank god I don't have any.

So I explained what happened and how I felt when I woke up and how much I miss my granny.

"You think it's cause you don't talk to your sister?" She says as she scrapes the last little bit of ice cream out of the tub and then licking the spoon clean.

"Raih I don't talk to a lot of people because they choose not to talk to me or they not be honest with me and I'm tired of being tired." Looking at the ceiling of my roof remembering how I fell out love for everyone it was even a time when I felt Raih didn't love me like her sister no more.

Me and Raih chopped some more she told me how Rosa and Rickie was finna fight. I like Rickie cause of Raih personally I don't like him I felt like he was another scrum trying run game. One thing about Rosa she not the most amazing fighter but her words would make your great - grandma think so I know best friend said something to piss him off and if I was there I'll would beat his ass.

By the time Rosa and Raih left it's was 2 in the afternoon. So I went to go lay down to try to get some sleep but an hour later there was a knock at the door. I open the door to see Kabel and the twins. The twins run straight by me to get to Diamond and Kabel Lift my chin up to make sure I'm looking him In his eyes.

"No sleep?" He asks he hates it when I don't talk to him about this kind of stuff. He knows about my pass little bit so he knows about my dreams I have from time to time.

"No" I grad his hand to pull him in closer as we kissed it was simple but it felt wonderful.

"Why didn't you call me?"

"I don't know."

"I love you you know that right?" He held me everything about this men drives me crazy. I feel safe and sometimes jittery I always have butterflies in my stomach when his around.

"Yeah I know" I say smiling looking him in his eyes. God I hope I'm not wrong I don't think I can hold anymore pain.


Kim, Tj, and Pj are Nila biologically cousins put they are Raised like slibning

Rosa (Mariah Sister)

Kabel Twins Royalty &&&& Loyalty

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