Shattered Dreams

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"I can't believe I'm your wife."

Roman leans forward, his lips crushing mine as the waves lap on the shore beside us. He looks stupidly attractive in his white swim shorts, his skin a deep tan from the Caribbean sun."Imagine how I feel. You are burning my eyes, you're so hot, Mrs M."

I bite my lip as his fingers dance up my thigh, my own fingers lacing with his as he turns his head to me, his arm blocking the sun from his emerald eyes.

"I knew when I first saw you, you know."

"Knew what?" I wriggle onto my side, exhaling as I also block the sun from my eyes.

"That I loved you. I knew you'd be the woman I'd marry, have kids with. The lot. I knew I'd be with you forever."

His voice, usually so playful and jovial, was serious and sincere. We were on our honeymoon, the entire beach was ours alone. Perks of being with a successful athlete, I guess.

"Yeah right," I drawl, as I lay my head back to embrace the sun on my skin. A shadow falls on me then, and I look up to see Roman hovering above me, grinning at me with adoration.

"Yeah. Right."

He leans down to kiss me, his lips crushing on mine as I whimper against him immediately. His arms wrap around me, and he lifts me effortlessly up to my feet, pulling me after him towards the water.

"Didn't you hear my vows, baby?" He murmurs against me, as we enter the turquoise water. I groan with delight as the cool water laps my parched skin, and Roman pulls me over to him. Our lips meet again as our tongues explore one anothers mouth, my legs wrapping around his waist as I break away breathlessly.

"I wasn't really paying attention..." I smirk, as his grip tightens around my waist.

"No? Let me refresh your memory. I said you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, inside and out. I said I wanted to grow old feeling this lucky, every damn day."

I gaze at him, my fingers moving his hair away from his eyes as I shake my head.

"What?" he laughs, and I'm treated to his devilishly handsome smile.

"Why me? You could've had anyone."

"That's why I chose the best."

Current Time

"Earth to Ava!"

I blink, surprised to see Sarah waving her hands in front of my eyes.

"Jeez, where did you go?"

"Our honeymoon."

Her eyes soften as she reaches for me.

"Oh babe. I'm so sorry he has done this. If it's any consolation, she isn't anything compared to you."

I try to gulp down my tears as I wave a hand at myself.

"Compared to a nineteen year old Instagram model I feel like a ninety year old that's been dug up. How could I compete with that?"

Sarah's eyes narrow as she shakes her head, sending a glare in the direction of the door where my husband walked through earlier.

"You shouldn't have to compete with that. There is always going to be someone younger, someone prettier, thinner-"

"You're really not helping," I whisper, as fresh tears fill my eyes.

I'm filled with visions of the photos on the news pages- Roman leaving her house late at night, him in her bed asleep. Photos of the two of them kissing-

"Stop it."

"I'm his fucking wife, Sarah! How dare he do this to me!"

I'm sobbing again, and she wraps her arms around me as she kisses the top of my head.

"I'm staying here for a bit. Just for a few days-"

"But what about Tye?"

Her eyes narrow as she looks at me.

"He's with your husband, trying to find out why the fuck he did this."

I feel like my world has come crashing down around me, and despite it only being one in the afternoon, I readily accept the glass of wine she is offering me.

"Let's watch a movie."

I follow her into the den, turning over wedding photos and anything with Roman's face on. I want to jump into each photograph, shake the happy, smiling version of myself and beg her not to trust him.

God, I despise him.

I'm sitting in the same position almost two hours later as my phone pings with texts from my husband.

"What is he saying?" demands Sarah as she shoves crisps into her mouth, her eyes narrowed as she nods at my phone.

"He's sorry, how did it come to this, he didn't love her. All lies."

Sarah sighs as she strokes my hair, smiling at me kindly.

"You're so beautiful you know, don't forget that."

I can't help but nod as I swallow, remembering how many times Roman had said this to me.

"Yeah well, maybe that isn't enough. I know me and Roman haven't been all crazy sex and passion lately but things change when you have a child."

Sarah nodded sadly, agreeing with me silently.

"You know, I think we should have some more wine."

"Now that is the best thing I have heard all day," I mutter, handing her my glass as she laughs.

"I'll bring the bottle."

I smile faintly as she walks away, the minute I'm alone the fear seizes my chest like a fist, and I feel like I can't breathe. I can't help but think about the past few months, and how I've barely seen Roman. Whenever I had, things were fine.

I frown, remembering how snappy he had been last week, when I had questioned him about how late he had gotten home. He'd claimed I was being dramatic and possessive- and he had actually made me feel bad.

Had he been with her then?

My mind was suddenly in overdrive, the familiar taste of nausea in the back of my throat.

Does he tell her he loves her?

I swallow, closing my eyes as I tried not to imagine it, the way Roman can look at a woman and make her weak.

He's supposed to be my life partner.

My husband.

Sarah walks back in, filling my wine glass to the brim as she looks at me with concern.

"What are you thinking about?"

"She knew about me, didn't she?"

It's more of a statement than a question, but Sarah answers it anyway.

"Of course she did. You and him are like; goals. You are all over the media together, so she is a fucking home wrecker. I'm ready to go round to her shitty little apartment and knock her head off her shoulders."

"Don't tempt me," I mutter, wanting to break every bone in her pretty little face. "But the decision was his, in the end, Sarah. She didn't say our vows, he did."

Sarah shifts with annoyance, drinking her wine as I continue.

"He only told me because she sold her story to the media," I say, frowning.

Sarah stares at me, her eyes wide as she swallowed angrily. "Great, so he didn't want you to hear it from someone else. Did he really think he could have an affair and not get caught? He is so fucking high profile! God, he really is stupid."

"He said she sold her story because he tried to end it."

I lick my lips carefully before glugging more of my wine, knowing what Sarah was going to say to that.

She didn't disappoint.


I nod my head sadly, more tears falling from my eyes as she sucks in a breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you-"

"You are right though, Sarah. He is a liar. I feel like I don't know him at all."
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