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Eduardo wanted to sit before his laptop to catch up on the comments sent by viewers who had to watch him endure yesterday's grueling service.

Father was astounded as best he could describe it. A fountain of hearts continuously pouring up as the scrolling of prayer requests climbed and climbed each request sinking Eduardo's heart with despairing stories of elderly victims of the virus.

" Bless you, Father. Please pray for my sweet Mother. She was just tested positive for the virus, and she already has upper respiratory problems. Thank you."

" Blessings to you, Father Eduardo. My husband has these symptoms; high fever, he can't get out of bed and he's afraid of being tested."

And the hearts being sent by the viewers continued to pour out as did the requests.

" Pray for me Father I am in my seventies and fear I may have the virus. I have an appointment in a few days, Love and blessings, Helena."

" You are a beacon for all of us, Father Eduardo, pray for my cousin who tested positive and she has muscular dystrophy. Oh please pray for her, I am so worried sick."

It shattered Eduardo's aching heart to the point he dropped his face to his keyboard and not realizing he unintentionally typed 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. When Eduardo looked at the repeated letter with his mind opened he smiled for the first time in days. Next Eduardo wondered what would spell out were he to add the letters 'men' to the many 'a's and he typed m-e-n then looked at how the resulting gibberish needed just a little improvement, but what?

Then, Eduardo was hit by a sudden idea; add an 's'. He typed 's' and the word spelled: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamens. The humor of the act or rather, the simple boldness Eduardo felt having done that made him feel so much better on top of his knowing he had past his blood test. So good did Eduardo feel, his guilt over his recovery now seemed small and silly. Guilt had been replaced by something solid. It was solid enough to help Eduardo click off the site where his viewers messaged him and Eduardo stood to move out of his study and into his bedroom where he was intending to apply himself in some intense prayer.

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