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There sat or lounged five inmates before the Pastor.

Their gazes varied in how their eyes were scanning Scott's own eyes. He first upon facing the lot of these five widened his unprepared sights before focusing left. 'Lefty' Scott chuckled inwardly seeing how this farthest to the left inmate must have demanded that corner. The mate could prove mean to Scott with the dark shirt he bore and the shaved head.

No. Lefty scooted to the left. Smiled. Offered Scott some room. Scott knew. Don't say:"Thank you." smile back and take a seat.

The mood in the holding cell stayed quiet mostly. All six were in a limbo as the police outside dealt with calls and would they bring in new arrestees? Maybe. Scott listened to the clamor and chatter outside. The police would laugh and shuffle papers and talk at great length. He could hear their sighing, deep breathing, and the peculiar noises they would make to relieve the stress of their work. Scott had to chuckle privately at that as well or at least tried to until he did let out a faint laugh.

" What are you laughing at?" Lefty asked laughing too.

Scott had almost forgotten he was sitting so close to Lefty. Scott figured he had better say something.

" Hear out there how the....cops are making those funny noises?"

Lefty drew his head and ears forward to listen to the murmuring and guffawing so forth. One cop started to almost as if blurt a song of numbers, a 'countdown song' of his own devising while waiting for his computer to boot up or process.

" Seven then six to five with four following before three over two before!" Lefty gave a short chuckle, nods.

" It's a cake job." Lefty says looking back out at the cops through the holding cell door window. " They can act like that."

" What are you in for?" asked another of the inmates. He was obviously close to two other inmates, as if he had been detained with them for the same offenses. This guy was with shorter hair too but a lighter shirt, colored a faded white with some odd art and logo printed over its front. Scott only could look at the guy's thin hair and face, Scott looked close for a second at the face to see if it registered any danger.

" I am a preacher." Scott knew his choice in words was disastrous. Did he know this or fear that 'preacher' would illicit ridicule and immediate singling out? " I was arrested for giving my Sunday service during the shut down."

Scott was not prepared for the mate with the face and the hard question to show being impressed by his delayed answer. The mate turned to his friends and spoke to them reiterating what Scott told him. The two friends looked over at Scott. Lefty looked in closer at Scott. He begins to tell of his experience as a trespasser of the laws of the state

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