Entangled Temptations

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Max gives a disdainful look that could’ve scorched me to my soul if Israel wasn’t standing right here.

“I came here to check on you. You all left before we could even get a chance to converse,” he says stoically.

Confused, I take a moment to process what exactly he’s talking about, “We’ve said all that we’ve needed to say. We congratulated you and had a dance together, is that not enough?”

Israel looks over to me, thoroughly confused. I can’t say I really blame him, considering he thinks that Max and I just met. He subconsciously moves me behind him, and says with as much venom as he can muster, “Is there anything else we can help you with Dr. Quintero?”

Max flicks his wrist as though he were swatting a fly, “No, Israel there isn’t. I don’t need to talk to you, I need to talk to Kay. I would also like to check on her since she fainted yesterday.”

Rolling his eyes and under his breath, he says, “Yeah, I know. You hogged all of her time yesterday.”

I softly touch Israel’s shoulder so that he can give me his undivided attention, “Babe, it’s okay. I’ll be fine; thank you for staying with me last night, I appreciate it.”

He leans over and kisses me in front of Max, that’s so dramatic, I know he’s making a claim on me without having to say anything. “Typical alpha male egos,” I thought to myself.

Right as he leaves out, he says, “I’ll call you later okay?”

I simply nod my attention already on the man who broke my heart. As I close the door, I tell Max, “Please have a seat, since you think we need to talk some more.”

He walks into my living room, checking out the space, and says, “Your home is cozy and decorated to compliment your personality. I like it.”

I follow him over to the sofa and awkwardly stand a good distance from him. He pats the seat next to him, and says, “Come here Kay, I won’t bite. I promise,”.

Once again, my attraction to this man takes over and as soon as he said the word “bite”, I flitted over to him like a moth to a flame, ready to be burned by the fire. My body begins to tingle all over, remembering every little thing he did to me in Spain and Italy. My mind screaming at me, telling me that this a dangerous situation, and my body disagreeing, saying that it’s the right thing to do. Ultimately, my body wins and I sit down next to him. He looks into my eyes wistfully and says low enough that he thinks I can’t hear him, “This was supposed to be you, and now that you’re here in my life, how am I supposed to let go?”

And just like that, the spell is broken, “You’re supposed to let go easily enough, Max. You’re marrying my sister.” I move from the seat next to him, get up, and start pacing around the room like a madwoman. I clear my throat as I fold my arms around me, “Max, I- I think you should go. As you can see for yourself, I’m fine,” I stop in my tracks and look over at the door, “I appreciate your concern but I don’t think we need to be around each other unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

A look of hurt splashes across his face, “You’re right, Kay. I think I should.” He gets up and instead of walking over to the door, he heads in my direction. I take a step back, unsure of what exactly he was going to do. I had to stay strong in my resolve; I wouldn’t be like my sister, weak to my carnal desires just because the person set my pussy and soul alight. He kept making his way over to me and every step he took towards me, I took one back until I was completely flush against the wall.

He cups the side of my jaw, and whispers on my lips, staggering my breathing, “If you think that I plan on letting you go anytime soon, Kaliyah, you haven’t been paying attention to me.”

I grab his waist to ground myself, “Then what do you intend to do about my sister Max?” Tears slowly falling down my face, scared of his answer, expecting him to choose her over me, like everyone else.

“I slept on it last night and I’m ready to fight for you, and only you. I just need some time to tell her okay?” He rubs his lips against mine, tasting the salt of my tears, “And you? Do you plan on leaving that cabrón of a boyfriend of yours?”

“Smitty is just something I’m comfortable with,” I lie. I hated sounding pathetic, but I didn’t want to tell Max the real truth that I cared for Smitty more than I cared to. One thing I knew for sure was if Max wanted me to drop Israel to be with him knowing he was still with my sister, he had another thing coming.

Max places soft kisses cheek to cheek, making me feel it in deep my core, creating an unbearable pressure. I tighten my fingers into his hips and waist, trying to bring him closer to and further away from me, at the same time. I knew that this was just the beginning of our new “push/pull” dynamics. I hated that I even wanted to be around this man, let alone feel him so deep that I never had to question how he felt about me. When he places a soft kiss on my throat, I combust internally and I knew I was forever lost in his sea of lust, never wanting nor needing a compass to try and find my way again.

He finally places a soft but firm kiss on my lips. He picks me up and carries me over to the sofa, content with fucking and making love to mouth all the same.

“Max, I-” I try to get out, not sure what exactly what I was trying to say.

“Shhh, I know. I know,” Max says as he starts deftly unbuttoning his shirt. Once he manages to remove that, his nipple ring begins glinting in the room, taunting me. I lift up to take my shirt off then begin kissing his chest. Neither one of us seemed to care that we had significant others, we just needed to reconnect in a way that only our bodies seemed to understand. I knew we both were operating on autopilot and our only need at the moment was to rut around and connect our most private areas.

Max lays me back down and pins my arm above my head. He uses his other hand to slowly glide down my torso and snatch my boy shorts completely off, baring me underneath him. I was so caught up in kissing his chest that I didn’t even realize he managed to undress completely until I felt him place himself at my opening.

He hesitates for a moment, making me think that he’s regretting his decision and so I hold my breath, hoping that he doesn’t. I knew I wouldn’t be able to deal with that type of embarrassment. As he slowly begins to slide in, I let it go. We both groan in sync, “Mierda! I’ve missed this Kay. More than I care to admit,” Max breathes out.

I dig my nails deep into his skin, dragging them down his back as he begins to pick his pace up, he hisses. As the pressure continues to mount between my legs, I begin to squirm, trying to focus my energy elsewhere, to keep it from feeling so good. Max lifts my leg out to the side, holding the back of it, making pleasure course through me from head to toe.

Right when I was ready to come, Max switches positions, sits straight up, with me in his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck, straddling him. He cups my jaw and kisses me deeply once as he begins to thrust in and out of me. I grab the hair at the nape of his neck, never wanting to let go and he hugs me tight. His phone begins to ring and I tense.

“Don’t stop,” he breathes out, “Fuck you feel too good. Just don’t stop.”

Ready to come apart at the seams, my moans start to get louder. He places his head where my shoulder and neck meet. I feel him growing harder and stiffer inside of me and I know that he’s not far off.

“Max,” I whimper.

“Go ahead Kay, I’m right behind you,” he chokes out.

I feel my walls tighten, and with one more thrust from Max, I throw my head back, yelling out in ecstasy. Feeling like a mere ember floating from the fire that burned everything up, pleasure continues to course through me wave after wave. Max fucking me through one orgasm right into the other until he tumbles into one, searing and marking me on the inside with his own essence.

We sit connected together for a moment, catching our breaths, still mingling with one another. When the haze of lust finally lifts from both of us, I quickly climb off of him, gather my clothes, frantically trying to put them back on. Once I’m under the false security of being dressed, I begin to slightly rock back and forth.

Trying to rip the painful bandaid off swiftly, I bite my lip and softly say, “Max, you’ve got to go. Your my sister’s fiance and I have Israel, this cannot happen again.” I stress “cannot”, hoping he understands the severity of our situation. “Furthermore, we can’t be around each other or together if we’re alone.”

He tries to reach for me, but I get up from my spot. Without looking back, I stop at the foot of my stairs and say, “I’m going to shower, please be gone by the time I get back.”

I climb the steps one by one, with lead in my feet, trying to root me to the spot that I so wanted to be in forever. However, my guilt weighed heavier. I know most people would say that my sister deserved it for what she did to me and I guess on some level, my subconscious would agree. But I as a woman didn’t want to go tit for tat with her. I told her I forgave her and I did, Israel too. I knew that if and when this got out, I would look like a woman scorned, seducing my sister’s fiance, hellbent on getting revenge.

When I finally reached my bathroom, I shed my clothes, my emotions, my morals, everything and let it all wash down the drain. I really couldn’t believe I allowed Max to get me out of my character. I was now a woman split; on one hand, I never wanted to stop fucking Max, consequences be damned, but on the other, I was a responsible woman who lived in the real world. I knew that my actions would ultimately end up hurting people, even if those people deserved it.

Fifteen minutes later, I stepped out of the scalding shower, with one less layer of skin and feeling numb. I wrapped the towel around me, feeling conflicted. My heart really wanted Max to still be sitting on my sofa downstairs, stubborn, wanting to talk to me, letting me know that everything would work itself out, but when I stepped into an empty living room, I knew it was for the best.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone off the charger, needing to talk to Ayana. My only hope was that she wasn’t too busy at work. I dialed her number, letting it go to voicemail before I hung up and tried her again. The second time I called, I was successful in reaching her, “Oye, can I call you later?”

“Ya? I need you, is there any way you can come over?” I broke down crying.

With concern laced in her voice, “Kay, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

Sliding against the doorframe of my room, I manage to get out, “I’m not hurt, but I’m not okay. I need you here, something just happened and --”

“Say no more mama. I’m on my way,” she ends the call and I end up staring at it for a good twenty minutes before I hear her keys in the door and she’s climbing the stairs.

I watch her come closer to me and yet I’m still rooted in the spot that I was in when I called her. My skin is dry, my hair is damp and tangled.

“Damn girl, what the fuck happened? Is it Israel again? Because I swear to God if you pulled me from work over that loser--”

I cut her off, “It’s not Israel. It’s me,” I say rather numbly, “Before I called you, Max was here.”

She hisses as a response, “Okay, so what happened. Dímelo.”

She waits patiently as I begin to recount the sordid ordeal between us from the feeling I had waking up in Israel’s arms to when I came back down, hoping Max was still here, not wanting to leave a single detail out.


“I’m thinking,” she says softly, “First, we need to get you off this floor, sitting in a towel. Next, you got to put some clothes. Then we have to search your feelings and ultimately what you want. Last, I think at some point you’re going to have to have some hard talks with not only Max but Israel and Charlie as well, not that I don’t think they don’t deserve it. You know how I feel about BOTH of them, but this isn’t about me or what I feel. I know that you actually have a moral compass. If it were me, I’d just keep fucking Max, a matter of fact, I’d fuck him in their bed, making sure it was at a time that she was on her way home. I’d make a big production of it.”

I chuckle hollowly at her, “I actually believe that.”

“Damn right you do, how many times have you saved me from whooping some bitch’s ass over dumb shit? I’ve been begging for Charlie to give me a reason,” she slightly jokes, “Now, get your ass up and get moving.”

I do exactly as she ordered and sit on my bed, “Ya, he even told me he’d leave Charlie for me. You know as well as I do, she usually has people under her spell that makes them choose her over me.”

She rolls her eyes, “I know. I don’t quite understand it myself, to be honest. She must have a twat made of video game systems and money.”

“Surely he was just saying that in the heat of the moment right?” I turn to look at her, grasping at some sort of hope.

“I don’t know babe. I haven’t had much interaction with Max, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of man who just says shit ‘in the heat of the moment’.”

I close my eyes and groan, “If he was telling the truth, I just fucked up my chance of us ever being together.”

“I honestly think you’re just overthinking this babe,” she says as she tries to console me by rubbing small circles in my back, “I say that you all will have another opportunity to talk about this and when you do. Actually fucking talk.”

“Should I call him?” Feeling unsure of myself.

“And say what exactly?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then no. I think you should sleep on it and call him tomorrow.”

Just then, my phone rings, and I look at the caller ID, Charlie.


“Hey, Liyah! Do you have a minute?”

“What’s up, Charlie?”

“I know this is a lot of me to ask but I was curious since you’re my favorite sister and all--”

Sighing, “Out with it Charlie, what do you want?”

“I was wondering if you’d be willing to take some professional portraits of Amare and me for wedding invitations? You know how picky I am about certain things, and I only trust your judgment as a professional.”

Sighing, “I don’t really have much of a choice do I?”

“Of course you do! I just thought this is something that could bring all of us closer together and--”

Groaning, “Fine, whatever. How does your fiance feel about this?”

“It was his idea! Said something about it felt like fate that his future sister in law is a photographer.”

Confused, “Did he now?”

“If you’re not comfortable with it, just let me--”

“No, it’s fine. When do you want to set up the shoot?”

“Maybe in a couple of weeks? In the meantime, want to go to dinner tomorrow? Just us two?”

I shoot a look over at Ayana, smiling devilishly, “Can Ayana come?”

Dead silence. Ayana squints her eyes at me, once again firing off rapid-fire Spanish. The only I could catch were the words “drink”, “poison”, “bitch”.

“If you want her to,” Charlie says carefully.

“I’ll see and if she’s free,” trying to stifle a sniggle.

Charlie quickly adds, “Well, if she’s busy, you can still come right?”

“I suppose so,” I reply dryly.

“Yaay! I can’t wait until tomorrow! I’ll see you then okay?”

I hang up the phone and look at Ayana, “You’re coming with me! I need that buffer, please Ya?”

She rolls her eyes, “I’ll think about it.”

We spent the rest of the day, watching shows, eating, drinking, and basically doing anything to keep my mind off the events that transpired between Max and me. The next evening, it was time to have dinner with Charlie and as suspected, Ya was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t really fault her for not wanting to be around my sister as I barely had enough tolerance for her.

Charlie wanted to cook at home, so I reluctantly went to her house. She assured me that it would be just us two and that Max was actually at the hospital working. I walked up the footpath from her driveway to her door, with a bottle of wine in hand. I didn’t understand why I was a bundle of nerves as I knocked on her door. If I had to truly search my feelings, I guess it would be because, for the first time since reemerging in each other’s lives, I’d be encroaching on his space as he did mine yesterday.

When she didn’t answer the door the first time I knocked, I frowned. I tapped again, only to be met with complete silence. I checked the door to see if it was locked; when it turned for me, I opened the door peeking my head in, “Charlie?”

I heard music playing from somewhere in the house as I continued the search for my sister. “CHARLIE!?”

The sight that I was met with, was not one I was expecting at all. Charlie had her door cracked, and I could see in the reflection of her mirror, Max fucking Charlie from behind, much like the position he had me in yesterday. One arm across her breasts and one hand in between her legs, sweat dripping down his back. I knew he saw me watching them, because in the mirror while Charlie had her eyes closed, I saw him look me dead in the eyes and smirk.

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