Entangled Temptations

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Chapter 3

We got up from our table without any hesitation, and once again, Max placed his heavy hand on the small of my back leading the way from behind me. He didn’t touch me anywhere else on my body, but the heat from his palm alone set my entire being with the fire of a glowing star and was burning me up from the inside out. The sexual tension between us was so thick, it was enough to choke a horse.

When we reached the elevator, a few of the other guests were just getting off, so we didn’t have to wait. Since Max was the one who invited me, I let him take control of this situation, which was a complete first for me. When the doors closed, he pressed his floor, which surprisingly was the same floor as mine. He crowded me in the back corner, putting his hands on either side of my head, leaned in close, and kissed my collar bone. I wanted to melt into a puddle of wanting flesh right there upon contact.

“Kay, tell me tonight that you’re all mine. That you’re all mine to do whatever I want with.” His hot breath scorched the column of my neck. The only response I could muster up was a moan; I couldn’t even form a coherent thought. Max took a step back, not even trying to will away the erection that I apparently gave him. He had this look on his face, that if I myself weren’t drunk on lust, would’ve told me that he was about to DEVOUR me.

The bell on the elevator rang, and he grabbed my hand and led me down the hall, in the opposite direction of my room. We got to his room and he unlocked his door. In a deep voice command, he said, “Make yourself at home, I’m going to go get some ice.”

After he left out, I went into the bathroom to look myself over. On the outside, nothing had changed much, with the exception that my cheeks were pink from a mix of arousal, embarrassment, and the alcohol I had consumed from earlier. I knew I wanted this to happen, but why was it so hard for me to just let go? I refused to allow myself to get too far into my head to enjoy this time.

When I left out of the bathroom, Max had already returned to the room. I guess from the way I was carrying myself, Max knew exactly what I was thinking because he walked up to me, cradled the side of my face, and gave me the most soul-stirring deep kiss, that basically annihilated any doubt I may have had in my head.

By the time Max pulled his head back, he left me speechless and dumb-founded. He backed me up to the foot of the bed and began unbuttoning his shirt. When he got to the last button, I sat down stunned with the sight before me. His body was a sculptor’s dream. He had little to no chest hair with an eight pack that David himself would be jealous of. He had several tattoos in different locations and a silver nipple bar that had my mouth drooling, ready to run my tongue against the contrast of his warm skin and the cool metal.

“Kay, are you mine for the night?”

I nodded my head yes, for fear of ruining the moment with only being able to babble my way through the conversation.

“No Kay, it doesn’t work like that. I need you to tell me ‘yes’ and express EVERYTHING you’re feeling with me.”

“Yes Max, I’m yours tonight. Whatever you want.”

“Good girl. Now since you’re mine, you’ll do what I say, when I say it. Do you understand? Otherwise, all of this stops and you’re free to go.”

This feeling, being told what to do was foreign to me. I couldn’t describe it. He had me under a spell, while it made my skin crawl to be degraded like this; it also my skin itch from the inside, wanting to please him.

“Get in the middle of the bed, feet on the bed, and spread your legs wide.”

Feeling a little self-conscious, I moved at a snail’s pace, but Max was patient with me. He must’ve sensed how apprehensive I was because he unbuckled my wedges for me, and massaged the balls of my feet. Every nerve synapse must’ve been fried just from his touch because I felt as though I would lose my mind if he didn’t do EVERYTHING to me all at the same time.

I laid back, thankful that my sundress allowed me some room, ready for that wave of ecstasy to take me over. Max started at my feet by placing light kisses from the inside of my ankles, then lightly dragged his hands from them to the back of my knees. He stopped there to place light kisses on the inside of my thigh; I had to grab ahold of the blanket just to keep myself from convulsing.

“Lift, I want to see you without the dress.”

I don’t know how I managed to maneuver taking my dress off without fumbling it like some 12-year virgin boy, but I lift my hips and it was if it melted off of me. I look down at the length of my body and realize the only thing I have on is my boy shorts and a strapless bra. “No going back,” I thought to myself.

“Kay, get out of your head and be in this moment with me. Feel me, enjoy me, enjoy what I’m getting ready to do to your body.”

I relaxed my tense body as he went back down from my chest to my stomach placing light teasing kisses along the way. I tried my hardest to not squirm for fear of him stopping. He got right in front of my opening and let out a hot breath, I never hated panties so much at that moment. Max gave a low chuckle at my frustration.

“Don’t worry Kay, all will come in due time, just like you. Right now, I just enjoy teasing you. Watching you squirm actually gives me a pleasure I never knew.” Max said looking up at me.

“Damnit Max, I’m dying over here. Whatever you’re going to do to me, please do it?!”

“I love it when a strong woman begs, it’s like an aphrodisiac. Lift up for me, and keep the legs wide for me okay?”

I felt that command down to my soul; I lifted up so he could remove my panties, and all I could think to myself was, “Thank God that Brazilians last a few months..” Again, I focused on what he was doing to me and living in the moment. He slowly dragged them down my legs and very carefully, as if I was fragile, took one leg out at a time. He crawled back up my body and was face to face to my pussy.

He blew a long cool breath against me and the next thing I knew, he took a long, slow swipe with the tip of his tongue from the bottom of my opening to the top of my clit, and instinctively I ran my hand through his silky hair. I felt as though if I didn’t hold on to him, I would’ve floated away like burned up cinders.

“Fuck Kay, you taste so sweet. I definitely am glad I decided to have you as my dessert.”

Max then put all of his attention on eating me with a vigor that Smitty himself could never do. He constantly switched up his techniques between swirling his tongue, laying it flat, focusing on my clit, or just plain tongue fucking me. All I know is somewhere halfway, with my hand still in his hair, I grabbed it really hard and came all over his mouth

After catching my breath, he crawled up my body laying on top of me, and began kissing me. Tasting myself on his lips, it made all the more erotic. I could feel through his pants that he wasn’t going to last much longer if he didn’t get relief any time soon.

“That was just the first one I planned on giving you tonight.”

“What about you?” I looked down at the strain in between his pants, “Shouldn’t we do something about that?”

“Don’t worry, we will. I just wanted you to release some of that tension you had. Tell me, are you ready for me? I won’t be holding back.”

I chuckled at his cockiness, but also knowing he meant what he said, “Give me your best shot.”

He gave me a chaste kiss on the lips and then got off me. He walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a few condoms, toed off his shoes, and took his pants off. I was able to get a closer look at what Max was working with and HOLY JESUS, me & my pussy were in for a wild ride. With my mouth agape and my staring, Max said lightly, “Don’t worry Kay, it’ll fit. Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment because I knew it would fit, it was just that I was used to being with Smitty and his average size with his average moves. Max gets back on the bed beside me and lays on his side to face me.

“Tell me what you were feeling while I was busy eating you.”

I blushed and tried to hide my face, but Max wasn’t having that. He took my chin in between his thumb and forefinger and waited patiently for me to answer.

“You say I’m brash. Well you’re just as crude.”

“What? We’re both adults here and I won’t water down what just happened between us. So, tell me.”

I stared in his eyes for a beat, and said, “I felt as though I wanted to spontaneously combust. I wanted to be grounded and float away at the same time. I can honestly say you weren’t lying when you said I wouldn’t be disappointed.”

“Oh baby, that’s only the beginning. I just wanted to check in with you because I see you are far too into your head to truly enjoy this. So, we’re going to try something different. I want your eyes on mine the whole time. The second you close your eyes, I stop. I don’t care what I’m doing. I have enough self-control to stop myself mid-stroke. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I only have one question though Max...can I do whatever I want to you as well?”

“Yes Kay. I’m looking forward to it.”

With that, I roll him over on his back and climb on top of him. I kiss him deeply and passionately for a moment, then moved down his chin to his throat, making sure to give a deep suck on his Adam’s apple. I kissed his collarbone, making my way down to his nipple & his nipple ring. That piece of metal has been glinting and winking at me since he revealed it. He gives me a deep groan and grabs a fistful of my hair. Not to stop me, but to ground himself. As he grabs my hair, he grinds himself against me, and my arousal appears once again as if I hadn’t just had a mind-blowing orgasm.

I move from his nipple down his 8 pack and dip my tongue into his belly button, and the hand that was in my hair yanks my head up and he said, “Kay if you don’t want me to be rough, I suggest you stop it.”

“What? You don’t like being teased?” I taunted.

“If you aren’t careful, I will tie you down and tease you all night.”

I moved from his navel down his pleasure trail, and took his black microfiber boxers off, too eager to see what he was working with to give him the same treatment he gave me. I sat back on my legs in awe of what sat before my eyes. Not just the beauty of the man, but the impressive size of his manhood. I tried to wrap my hand around the entire girth and was barely able to hold it. I must’ve had a tight grip on it because it jumped and leaked a little precum.

I bent over, put him in my mouth and tried to get a good rhythm, but before I could hit my stride, Max flipped me over on my back and said, “As good as your mouth feels, tonight you’re mine, and it’s not about my pleasure. Maybe a little later. Now, take your bra off.”

Trying to feel as sexy as his words came rolling out of his mouth, I took my bra off aware that I’d be fully naked to a complete stranger, ready to have him fuck my brains out.

“Once you take that off, I want you on your side.”

I complied, unsure of how this was going to work, but I knew one thing: I needed to be out of my head, and I’m sure with everything Max has done so far, I will be. I heard him rip the foil of the condom wrapper and my stomach bottomed out, I knew this was it. He slid in behind me and placed his arm between my shoulder and head. He turned my head as far as it would go and began kissing me.

I was so lost in his kiss that I didn’t even know that he had slid himself in until he was halfway through and my pussy started throbbing from feeling full. I gasped, wanting to stop his rhythm so that I could catch my breath.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes, you’re just bigger than what I’m used to,” I whispered.

“Do you need me to stop or slow down?”

“No, please don’t stop. Keep going.”

The way this man was playing my body like an intricate instrument, you’d think that this wasn’t our first time having sex with each other. He pulled orgasm after orgasm from me like it was simple math.

“Talk to me Kay.”

“It’s kind of hard to think when you’re fucking my brains out.”

He chuckled and said, “That’s the idea. I’m glad that you’re out of your head. I want you to get on top.”

We switch positions and he sat up, I grabbed his shoulders and slid down as careful as possible.

“Holy shit! I don’t think I’ll be able to take all of you this way.”

“Of course you will. Take your time, I want you to feel every vein, every ridge. You’re so fucking sexy and you don’t even realize it. Kay, if you just let go, you could fully embrace your sexual prowess.”

I gasped at how deep his intrusion was. I put my head down on his shoulder as I tried to take more of him. The feeling was a pleasurable pain but I knew that pain would eventually wear off.

Once I got used to it, I hit my stride. Making sure to follow his command, my eyes never left his. In the position we were, and staring into each other’s eyes, it felt way more intimate than just your average garden variety fuck. The feel of our sweaty, silky skin rubbing against each other, the moans and groans in between the dirty talk Max was saying, I felt I was on a whole new playing field that my ex could never tap into.

“Kay, are you close?” Max strained through his teeth. It amazed me that even through all of that, he still managed to put my pleasure first.

“Yes. Oh my God, yes. Please don’t stop.” I managed through a gasp. Forget cloud nine, I felt I was on cloud 15.

“Good, now let go and I’ll be right behind you.”

With all of the energy I could muster up, I released my orgasm, making me feel as though I just ran a 20K marathon. While catching my breath, just when I didn’t think Max could get any bigger, he seemed to double in size. He held me tight, almost squeezing all of the air out of me, and came with a loud groan.

“Fuck, that was a mindblowing orgasm! I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard, not even with my ex.” I whispered loudly.

He chuckled giving himself to catch his breath, “Good, cause it was just as good for me.”

With care, I got off of him, so that he could take care of the condom properly, and laid on my stomach. He got up, and gave my ass a light nibble and walked to the bathroom. A moment later, he came back to the bed, pulled the covers back, and made me snuggle with him under the sheets.

“What are you doing? I have to get back to my room.”

“No you don’t. You’re mine for the night remember?”

“Yeah, but the night is over with. We’ve fucked, expelled our sexual tension, and now I’m free to go.”

“Do you see the sun? The night’s not over with.”

“So I’m to stay the whole night?”

“Is that not what you want? You’re free to go. No hard feelings.”

I thought long and hard before I answered, knowing what I wanted. “Yes, I’d like to stay,” I said very shyly.

“I knew that’s what you wanted, but you have to learn to be more vocal in what you want. I have no issues with you staying, in fact, that’s what I want as well. You’re going to have to learn to speak up in what it is you want.”

“Well for now, do you mind just holding me?”

“Kaliyah, I thought you’d never ask.”

Max flipped me over and slid me into his side, while I laid my head on his chest. Our conversation continued to flow, much like it did over dinner. Yes, the sexual tension wasn’t as thick as it was before, but it still was very much in the room.

“Max, I know we talked about me most of the night, but tell me about you. How old are you? What do you do for a living? What’s your nationality?”

“Well, ‘Barbara Walters’, I’m 35 years old. I am actually a doctor, but I am an anesthetist. I actually enjoy what I do. And since I was so busy in medical school, I promised myself that I would actually enjoy what life has to offer, take more vacations/trips. Americans get so caught up in the day to day that they forget there’s a whole world out there to explore. Forget trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, just enjoy the beautiful moments we get. And my nationality? Technically I am an American since I was born on American soil, however, my family had to move back to their home country for unforeseen circumstances. We stayed there for about 15 years, then moved back to the States. I’ve lived there ever since.”

“Care to tell me what country?”

“It was the Dominican Republic. My dad’s family is from there, and my mom’s family is actually from here in Spain.”

“Oh so her family members are the ones you’re meeting up with later?”

“Yes, kind of like we are reconnecting with one another.”

I opened my mouth to ask him a few more questions, but he ultimately shut me up by giving me a toe-curling kiss that left me wet and a one-track mind. He definitely didn’t disappoint me all night. It actually should be illegal to have the sexual appetite that this man did.

The next morning, feeling used and abused in all of the right places, Max woke me up with room service in bed for me. I actually thought not only was that sweet of him to do, but incredibly romantic. It was that kind of thinking that had me start building the walls that he had torn down, back up. So after I had a nice hot cup of coffee and a couple of pieces of toast, I got dressed, and did the walk of shame back to my room. Except, for the first time in my life, I hadn’t felt ashamed at all.

When I got back to my room, I took a nice, long, hot scalding shower. Aware of the time and its difference, I decided I wanted to video chat with Ayana. It was late morning here, which meant it was very early morning where she was.

I rang her up, and it was pitch black in her room.

“This better be an emergency or I’m getting on the next flight to kick your ass.”

“No not an emergency but I can say you’d be very happy for me.”

“And you didn’t think to wait to tell me this news? You know how I am about my sleep.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. So do you want to hear about it now or nah?”

“Yeah, I mean you woke me up for something.”

“Shut up and wipe the drool from your mouth.”

“How do you know I have drool? You can’t even see me yet.”

“I know you. Anyways, why didn’t you tell me that Smitty’s sex game was weak as fuck and I’m missing out?”

“Um, bitch I did, you just didn’t want to hear it. I take it this Max guy was an animal in the sack?”

“More like a beast. My God, my pussy thanks you for the push that I needed because this is one that will go down in the books.”

“Care to describe what all he did?”

“Actually, no I don’t. Just know, I came SEVERAL times with him, whereas with Smitty? I was lucky to get one at all without faking it.”

“Damn, he must really be a beast if you don’t want to talk about it with me!”

“Girl, he almost had me singing soprano. Like hitting Mariah Carey notes.”

“Okay, did you pull your best moves with him?”

“I tried but --”

Before I could even get my answer out, I got a knock on my door.

“Hold on a second okay?” I put my phone down on the bed, and answered my door. Looking like he hadn’t shaved yet, Max was standing there, appearing unfazed.

“Do you have a moment?”

“Yeah sure, let me just get off my phone call. Come in.”

He follows me in my room and sits on the edge of the bed. I pick my phone up and turn my attention to Ayana.

“Hey Ayana, let me call you back.”

She looked as though she was half sleeping already.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Ayana ends the call and I place my phone on the charger, next to the bed.

“What’s on your mind Max?”

“You are. I’ve got a somewhat unorthodox proposition for you.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“You aren’t scared of what it is?”

“While I don’t fully trust you, I don’t think it’ll be something weird or crazy.”

“Spend the two weeks you’re here with me. Check out of this room and come into my room. Let’s REALLY be together these next two weeks, day and night.”

While I wasn’t expecting that request from him, it was very tempting.

“It doesn’t have to be anything more than what this is between us for the next couple of weeks okay? I won’t try to come and find you, and you don’t have to try and find me.”

I closed my eyes, trying to shed my conservative thoughts already spiking. I took a deep breath, opened my eyes, and looked him in his, and said, “You’ve got a deal.”

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