Entangled Temptations

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Chapter 6

“Okay ladies, this is how this is going to go.”

Once I heard Max say that in a tone I had never heard before, I immediately gushed. If I had worn any panties, they would’ve been completely ruined. I stole a look over at Anais and she almost looked completely unphased; all she had done was raise an eyebrow.

“Since this is Kay’s first time with a woman or even a threesome, I’d like to ease her into this. I don’t want to overwhelm her with too much, you either Anais. I myself am somewhat of a veteran at this.” Max said with a cocky smirk.

I frowned a bit, “Oh really? So having threesomes is something you’re just used to?”

Max walked up to me very close, my chest to his stomach. He hovered over me and whispered into my ear, “Oh my dear, sweet, innocent Kaliyah, if only you knew what all I’ve done and/or experienced. I would have you either running out of this room SCREAMING, or I’d have you on your knees worshiping me with your cunt wet and empty, and SCREAMING for me to fill it. Either way, you’d be screaming.”

“Well fucking shit, where has this man been?” I thought to myself, picturing EXACTLY what he just said. Before he pulled away, he gave me the sloppiest of kisses on the top of my shoulder. I almost had to suppress a shudder. He took a step back from not even trying to hide the cockiest of looks on his face.

“As I was saying, I’m not new to this, so I’ll be in the driver’s seat tonight if you ladies don’t mind.”

Anais almost immediately responded, “Yes, with what I saw just now, you have my undivided attention.”

Both Max and Anais looked at me inquiringly, “Well who am I to disagree? I’m already full-blown wet, so in for a penny, in for a pound.”

“Ah, perfecto! Okay, so Anais, I would like for you to undress Kay, and do it slowly. I’d like to enjoy this little show.” Max said as he pulled up a chair in front of the dresser. He simply sat back and put his ankle on his knee.

Anais came over to me with a sultry smile and caressed both my face and my arm. She gently turned me around and slowly unzipped my dress. She deliberately grazed the back of her knuckles along my spine and I couldn’t do anything but gasp. It was the sexiest touch that wasn’t meant to be sexy. She trailed kisses down my back after my dress fell to the floor. I turned around covering myself, feeling a little shy.

“Such beauty should not be hidden,” Anais said taking my arms away.

Max shifted slightly in the chair, “Okay, Kay, come over to me, and Anais have a seat on the bed, with legs wide open.”

As I walk over to him, I hear Anais shifting behind me to sit on the bed. I let my hair out of its topknot by the time I reach him. He snaps his fingers and then points in between his legs. I simply raise my eyebrow. “Well, this is new.” I think to myself. The look on his face tells me, that he isn’t playing at all.

“Kay, I want you to kneel in front of me.”

Instead of arguing with him, I just obey his command, silently I might add. I kneel in front of him naked and vulnerable, but I would give Max that. I’m learning that things I give, whether it be my attention, my love, my affection, or whatever, is something that is earned, not automatically given. Whereas Smitty, my family, etc taught me that it was given, Max taught me that it was earned.

Max takes my chin with his thumb and forefinger, looking me square in the eye, his hazel to my brown. He rubs my lower lip and then dips it into my mouth. Instinctively, I suck on it. He moans and then grabs the back of my neck.

“You’re being very naughty little one.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how this goes. I’m new to this.”

“I know. I’ll teach you whatever you want to know, but right now we’re being very rude to our guest. My guess is she’s feeling neglected. First, you’re going to kiss me, DEEP, and then you’re going to go over to her and undress her the same way she undressed you. Are we clear?”

Completely losing all my senses to lust, all I could do was nod my head. He added a little pressure to the back of my neck.

“No Kay, I need to hear you say the words.”

I took a deep breath trying not completely lose my head, “Yes Max.”

And with that, he tilted his head down and softly touch his lips to mine. Once I opened my mouth to invite his soft tongue in mine, he took control and consumed me, my being, my very essence. My knees began to grow weak, and just when I wanted to climb him, he pulled away. I put my head to his chest and groaned.

He lifted my head, “We take this slow cariño. This is for YOU. Enjoy what I’m trying to do for you. I know it’s maddening, but I promise, it’s rewards are far greater than just rushing it. I don’t want to ruin this for you, should you decide to do it again in the future okay?”

I knew he was right, but I was just so damn eager. I was so wrapped up in what he was doing to me, I forgot for a split second about Anais. I knew I had to make it up to her since I was the one who was being rude. I step out of Max’s embrace and walk over to Anais. She hasn’t moved an inch, just sitting there watching my every move.

I kneel on the floor at the edge of the bed, in between her legs. I take her wild mane of curls at the base of her neck and kiss her with the same intensity Max had kissed me. And in this kiss, I was saying to her, “Thank you for participating in this experience with me. I promise to not disappoint. Feel me, feel Max. This may be our first time as a threesome, but we both will enjoy it so much, we will want to do it again.”

I’m so caught up in kissing Anais, tasting her skin, that I don’t even notice a chill in the air blowing against my fevered body. But I do notice Anais’s nipples pebble up, and I take that as my cue to continue to undress her. I move my mouth from her soft & full lips, down her throat and the hollow of her neck. I unbutton her shirt slowly, ensuring that I kiss a spot down her torso as I unbutton. When I finally get to her last button, I dip my tongue into her belly button, and she moans as she writhes.

I slowly pull the shirt off of her shoulders and unhook her bra. I tease her as I lightly graze her breasts which were more than a handful. I try hard to pay her the attention she needs and not pay attention to the very heavy pressure between my legs. I lay her down and crawl down her body, skin to skin. I pull her skirt off her hips, along with her thong, down her thighs, past her knees, and leave them right at her ankle. I couldn’t help myself, I went right at the peak of her legs, and sniffed her very manicured pussy. She smelled delicious and I suddenly had a craving of strawberries. Right when I opened my mouth to steal a taste, I hear a loud knock at the door. “Talk about a cock block.”

“Room service!”

I lay my head on her stomach and laugh.

“Don’t you move. I’ll get it.” Max says as he adjusts himself.

I just knew this had to be as painful for him as it was for me. Just at that moment, Anais lifts her hand and began massaging the nape of my neck. I look up at her and she gives me a soft smile. Max comes back in the room with a bucket of ice, some champagne, and three glasses. Anais kicks off her skirt and underwear, and she’s as fully naked as I am. I crawl up the rest of her body and lay on her. The feeling of laying on another woman is so foreign to what I’m used to. Whereas the men I’ve laid on are firm, and muscles; laying on her is soft, and silky. Not to mention her breasts were much bigger than mine.

Max walks over to us and pops me on my ass, “Okay ladies, up on the bed kneeling.”

I rub my ass and give him a death stare, “If only he knew how much I really like that shit.” I think to myself. He pops the cork on the champagne and takes a swig. He walks over to us and pours the bubbly drink in our mouths, me first and then Anais. We both look at him, and then each other. “No going back now, and I don’t think I want to.”

“Anais, you lay down on your back, and Kay I want you to crawl down her body and stop her pussy.”

“Max, I won’t know what I’m doing.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk you through it, plus you’re going to follow my lead,” Max says with a wink.

I think for a moment what the hell he means, and like a light bulb illuminates, I get it. Anais crawls to the middle of the bed, takes a pillow, and lays down. Max gives me a look that sets a fire within me, and I realize I’m no longer in control of my body. He has awoken some dormant sexual creature, that I didn’t even know I had in me. I crawl over to Anais, and kiss her collarbone, and lick her down to where her breasts are, and her coffee-colored nipples are pebbled, and I don’t think it’s because of the cooler air in the room. I lightly suck one as I pinch the other. Anais starts moaning loudly and squirming in ecstasy. She starts whispering something in French, I don’t understand. I continue on my ministrations on her breasts and work my way down to the peak of her legs. I stop and look at Max.

As he walks from my side to behind me, he says, “Okay, Kay, what I do to you, you do to Anais, understood? I know you will feel everything I do, so concentrate.”

Knowing he needs me to say the words, I say, “Okay. I do what you do.”

He opens my crease and takes a long swipe from my perineum to my clit, and I about collapse on Anais. He steadies me and says, “Remember you’re supposed to do what I do.”

So I gently kiss Anais right on top of her pussy, and then I do exactly as Max did to me. I opened her up like a flower, and then slowly swiped my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. I stole a glance at her and she has her eyes closed, writhing with a look of ecstasy on her face. She’s here physically with me, but in her mind, she’s riding bliss. “I wonder if that’s what I look like when Max is eating me.”

Max gives me a moment to collect myself, and then he presses on my clit with his tongue with added pressure, so I follow suit. It’s hard to concentrate on making her feel euphoria as well as mine, but I try my hardest. He then proceeds to tongue fuck me, and I have to breathe through it, as much as I’m enjoying making Anais feel good, Max almost makes me shatter at that moment. After my moment, I do exactly as he just did to me and Anais does exactly what I almost did. She came screaming expletives in what I assume French at the top of her lungs, pulling my hair, gushing on my tongue tasting exactly like berries. I look at her as she goes limp envious of her in that moment.

Max gets up from behind me, walks over to the nightstand, grabs the bottle of champagne and a couple of condoms, and returns to his spot behind me. He turns the bottle over and pours the champagne in between my crease and it’s a sensation that I couldn’t even begin to describe. I almost jump out of my skin because of how cold it is, but then he dives right in, overtaking all of my senses. He sticks 3 fingers in me and rolls his tongue on my clit, and I explode.

Incoherent, and disoriented, I feel Anais slip from under me. It takes me a few minutes to get my bearings. When I finally come to, I hear Anais slip to her knees. I flip to my back and see the erotic sight before me.

“Welcome back cariño, would you like to help Anais, or do you need a minute?”

I fold my arms behind my head and say, “I’m enjoying my view right now, so I’ll take a minute.”

“You’re being cheeky little one.”

I see Anais taking Max to the hilt like a pro. He has a fistful of her hair, setting the pace, and all I can hear in the room are his moans and her slurps. Just when I decide to join them, he stops her. He walks over to me, takes me by my leg, and drags me off the bed. He lays down in the exact same place he just dragged me off of and then grabs me by my hips.

“You could’ve just asked you know?”

“Yeah, but where would the fun be in that?”

He grabs a condom from underneath the pillow, sheathes himself, and places himself at my opening. He slowly places himself inside me, and I already begin to feel full. I place my hands on his chest, with his nipple ring glinting in the light. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I’m obsessed with his body, especially that nipple ring. My eyes begin to roll in the back of my head feeling that pleasure-pain. When I’m fully seated on him, he stops me from rocking. I open my eyes and breathe through my nose.

I see him motion over to Anais to come to us. I take a look at her voluptuous body, wanting to taste her once more, but I’m too busy riding Max.

“When she gets going, I want you to sit on my face.”

“Oh my God, I think my uterus just flipped.” I thought to myself. I tightened my walls at the mere erotic thought Max just gave, and with that action, he moaned.

“Fuck Kay, I’m already close. I’m trying to hold off, don’t fucking do that until I tell you.”

I just give him a devilish smile. He holds a hand out for Anais as she climbs on the bed; she looks at me, and I begin to grind & rock on him. He grabs my hips with one hand to steady the pace. I look at his face, and I can tell he’s trying hard not to lose his control. So instead, I choose to take mercy on him.

Anais straddles his head and lowers herself. I stop as I look in awe of both Max and Anais. He squeezes my hips as a way for him to tell me to keep going. So I find my rhythm rocking back and forth, then I lean forward to kiss Anais. She grabs the back of my neck as a way to steel herself, placing her mouth on mine, not kissing me, but a way to ground herself from exploding.

A few moments later, Anais cries out from coming and gingerly gets off of Max. I’m close but I don’t want to finish without him. So I lean down and lick off Anais’s taste of his mouth. Max picks up the pace, and I know it’s only a matter of moments. So I tighten my walls and squeeze as hard as I can, and at the same time, he groans loudly and curses in Spanish while I scream out, coming hard.

I kiss the column of his neck down to his nipple ring that always tempts me, then I take a page right out of Max’s book, and bite his nipple. Only I don’t get the same response I always give.

“Careful Kay, I actually like shit like that. If you aren’t careful, I’ll be fucking you all night long, and I know you aren’t ready for that yet. Even this just wore your ass out.” He whispers in my ear.

And to confirm, what he just said, I feel him hardening. I get off him so he can dispose of the condom, and I cuddle up next to Anais. She cradles my face, places her nose to my cheek, and whispers, “I do hope you enjoyed your first time with a woman. I’m so honored you choose me.”

I turn my head and gaze at her in her light brown eyes. I softly kiss her and say, “I did enjoy it. You will always be someone special to me, I’ll never forget you.”

With that, she gets up and starts to get dressed.

“Where are you going? You don’t have to leave so soon.” I say to her, hoping she accepts my invitation.

“As much as I would love to stay, I do have a photoshoot early in the morning.”

Max throws on some pants, and a t-shirt and says, “Here, I’ll walk you down and hail you a cab.”

“Really, that’s not necessary. I can handle it.”

“I’m sure you can, but I’d still like to walk you down safely. You know it’s late, just humor me please?”

She gives a slight nod, and she looks back at me. She gives me a wink and with that, she leaves with Max behind her. My body worn out, my energy depleted, but my heart full and overall I feel happy. I don’t feel as though my light has been snuffed out, or my voice quietened. For the first time in my entire life, I’ve had an experience I’ve always wanted and I couldn’t be happier.

I doze off for a moment, but I’m awakened when Max slides back into bed completely naked, cuddled up behind me. He places soft kisses along my shoulder, and I smile.

“So, I know the answer to this, but tell me how well did you enjoy tonight?”

“Oh you know, do you?”


“On a scale of 1-10? Mmm, let’s see. Maybe a two and a half?”

“You’re being cheeky again cariño.”

“Okay, I’ll say 25. Thank you, Max, this was a gift that I will cherish forever. I’m truly learning to say fuck what other people think.”

“Good, it doesn’t matter how long it has taken you to get here. As long as you get here.”

The next morning, I awake to see Max once again, already up and dressed.

“Something tells me you’re a morning person,” I say groggily.

“Good morning cariño and I’m an all-day person if you haven’t noticed. What would you like to do today?”

“Well, after last night, I want to sleep in, but something tells me you won’t allow that to happen. So I want to take a shower, eat my breakfast on the terrace, maybe after that we can go to the Right Bank of Guadalquivir, and then the Maria Luisa Park?”

“Sounds good to me, so let’s get a move on.”

I turn on my stomach and groan loudly into my pillow, I really want to stay in bed, but I know that my time is dwindling down before I have to go to the next stop on my bucket list. I get up shower, not even caring what state my hair is in. I decide I’m going to leave it wild, as it suits my mood. I put on a robe, and head out to the terrace for the breakfast Max has already ordered for me. He sits across from me while sipping his coffee.

“So Max, tell me do you ever see yourself settled down in the distant future?”

He gives me a hearty laugh, and says, “Me? No, even though it disappoints my parents. They so desperately would like to see me married off with 4.5 kids, but I told them why I couldn’t see myself like that.”

“And why not?”

“As much as I love my parents, I saw at a very early age what a dysfunctional marriage looks like, and how it could destroy not only the family but yourself.”

“But you know every marriage is different right?”

“I do, but I also like my freedom. I mean come on, what wife do you know actively participates in threesomes?”

I slightly laugh, because I know exactly what he means.

“I see what you mean. After what happened to me and my ex, I think...no I KNOW commitments are off the table for me. I think moving forward, I will do open relationships.”

“Don’t let your ex be the one to stop you from committing if that’s what you want to do now. Do it because that’s what YOU want. Now, if you want to do an open relationship, do that too.”

“No, I’m not factoring in Smitty in anything, but I will say, it opened up my eyes.”

“Good. Now get dressed so we can go out.”


It’s my last night in Seville, and my time spent with Max has been nothing short of amazing. Sightseeing in the day, and lots of fucking at night. I think Jenna Jameson’s pussy hasn’t seen so much action. Earlier in the week, I asked Max what his fantasy was since he’s been so gracious helping me live mine.

“Tell me, Max, what’s your fantasy?”

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Humor me.”

“First, I’d tie you down with a silk tie, then I’d blindfold you. Then maybe massage you, and then pour honey on some spots, and lick it off of you, then finally get to do whatever I want to you. MY WAY.”

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that in these two weeks, I hadn’t developed any feelings for Max, but I know it can’t go anywhere, plus I wouldn’t want it to. Feelings are just that, feelings. Too often people feel as though they need to act on them, which in turn gets them into trouble with either their heart or their mind. I’m learning it’s okay to develop a crush or like someone, and that it can be just that. We don’t always need to act.

Max and I decided since our last night together, that it would be okay just to eat in and enjoy one another’s company. So as we’re waiting for our food, we hear a knock on the door. Max gets up and answers the door, I’m expecting it to be room service, and as I’m looking down at the courtyard, I hear in a sultry feminine French accent, “Mon Dieu, such beauty should not be hidden.”

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