Entangled Temptations

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Chapter 7

I turn around and see Anais in a skintight white dress with a split on both sides up to the middle of her thigh. I had the biggest grin on my face and walked up to her. With no preamble and no word, I gave her the deepest kiss I could. Faintly in the background, I hear Max clearing his throat.

“I knew you’d enjoy my surprise little one. Think of this as an ‘until I see you again’ gift.”

I stop kissing Anais just for a moment and give Max a wink. I go to start kissing her warm velvet mouth again when I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“Are you forgetting about me? How do you thank me little one?” Max asks in a deep tone I hadn’t heard since the last time we were all together.

I knew not to play with him when he used this tone, he never told me the consequences and to be honest? I never wanted to find out. I turned to him and placed a delicate kiss on the column of his neck and then bit his lower earlobe. He grabbed my hair by the root and held my head firm.

“Kay, you’ve been teasing with me for a while. Last time was all about you, now tonight will be about me.” Max warned. and with that, he kissed me so firm and so deep, he left me panting for more.

Max leaned over and whispered something to Anais that I couldn’t hear, and she nodded her head. It left me a little anxious because tonight felt different. Whereas before with Max, he took his time to ensure I enjoyed everything he did to and for me; I didn’t doubt that I would enjoy it, this just felt like it was all about his pleasure, and for that, it turned me on even more.

I felt Anais’s warmth leave my embrace and saw her sashay back towards the bed. She crawled to the middle and gestured with her forefinger for me to follow her. I looked at Max and he just stood stoic, watching my every move. I left where I was standing and followed suit. It was something about Anais that was so hypnotizing, if I could’ve, I would’ve wanted to stay in this little bubble forever.

When I reach her, I start to crawl on the bed and she stops me. She leans in close to the side of my face and whispers, “Don’t climb on the bed, I want you to watch me. There’s nothing more erotic than watching a woman make herself come. By the time I’m finished, I will leave you wet, panting and wanting for more, and I’m not going to stop until I come.”

“What if I’m already those things?”

“Then watch for Max’s enjoyment. He told me room service is supposed to be here in a few minutes and I’m not to stop even then.”

Without turning my head, I roll my eyes in his direction, knowing that he was watching us. His only response was to give me a one-sided smirk. I look at Anais and ask her, “Did he tell you where I’m supposed to be?”

“No, he didn’t, but if I were you, I’d sit him down and sit on his lap, just to tease him.” She says with a devilish smirk.

“Not a bad idea,” I say with a wink.

I walk over to Max, and lead him to the gray armless chair he sat in last time so that he can have a better view. He looks at me with a puzzled look but doesn’t say anything to me.

“Just trust me, Max, trust us.”

He sits down, and I take my seat right on his lap. He holds me tight and firm so that I won’t fall off of him. As soon as Anais sees that I’m comfortable, she undresses with no prelude, and a minute later the only items she has on, are a belly chain, a toe ring, and her earrings. She grabs a pillow and places it under her hips. She takes her middle and ring finger and sucks on them for a few seconds, just to get them nice and wet. Next thing I know, she slides those two fingers in her pussy, and I can feel Max begin to grow.

Anais grinds her hips back and forth getting a rhythm, and I can tell she’s working herself up so quickly that she’s not going to last long. A moment later, we hear a knock on the door. “I’m really starting to hate room service.” I look at her and she’s concentrating so hard on making herself come that she hasn’t even heard the knock. I take a peek at Max and his face is all flushed and is hard as granite underneath me.

I get up from his lap and answer the door, hoping to God, the bellboy doesn’t drop anything while setting up our food. He comes in and looks to his left and sees Anais on the bed, naked, moaning and playing with herself, and he stumbles. He doesn’t fall or drop anything, he just goes back to setting up our meals out on the patio.

He leaves out of the room silently but shakes his head. “I guess that’s something he doesn’t see every day.” I think to myself. I walk back over to Max and sit on his lap, damned near ready to be played with myself. Anais was right, it is an erotic sight to watch a woman make herself come. All of the times, I myself masturbated, I was so focused on just getting off, that it never occurred to me to watch.

I feel Max nibbling on the column of my neck, making me ready to jump out of my skin. Instead, I just take his strong, tanned hand and stick it in between my legs. He moves the crotch of my panties to the side and immediately begins to relieve the pressure building in my pussy.

Anais takes heel of her hand and rubs it against her clit, while her fingers are still inside of her, gyrating her hips, and a moment later, she comes with a loud, raspy moan. As soon as she finishes, Max takes his hand from his ministrations leaving me to feel unsatisfied, frustrated, and bereft. I throw my head back and groan.

“You’re cruel, you know that right?”

“All in good time cariño. I promise.”

He takes the fingers that were just inside of me and stick them in my mouth for me suck. “Well, I can be just as cruel.” I get those fingers nice and wet, and then I bite on them. He snorts and then takes that same hand, and slaps my pussy with force. He shocked me so bad, all I could do was gasp to catch my breath and clear my vision from seeing stars.

Max lifts me up from his lap and walks over to his suitcase. The anticipation is high from everyone in the room. Anais just lays there watching Max’s every move, Max apparently has this entire night planned out, and I’m ready for whatever he has to give both me and Anais.

I try to peek around him and see what he’s grabbing, but he has it so cleverly hidden.

“What do you have there?”

“All in due time little one. Why don’t we all sit on the terrace before our food gets cold? Anais you can grab a robe from the bathroom.”

Again, I groan in frustration. He turns around with a knowing smirk, “Something the matter Kay?”

I grumble at him, “You know damn well what’s wrong.”

“Aw, poor baby. You’ll be fine. Have I ever let you down?”

“No, but there’s a first for everything.”

He frowns at my answer, but he doesn’t reply. The look on his face told me that my answer disappointed him, but at that moment I didn’t care. I knew I was being a brat, but a denied orgasm will do that to you. Anais comes back in the room, and Max gestures for us to eat.

I sit across from Anais, and Max sits next to me. Without any words, I gently place my lips on his soft ones, feeling his five o’clock shadow. Max has always been intuitive of the things that I couldn’t express verbally, and some level, that should’ve scared the absolute fuck out of me. However, in these two weeks, everything has been so easy. No matter how hard I tried in the beginning, he never allowed me to ruffle his feathers.

When we separate from our kiss, Max just places his forehead on mine and takes a deep breath, “Let’s just enjoy our last night together okay?”

Without even realizing my own emotions, he was able to unease the knot that had been forming in my stomach. I thought it had been just a denied orgasm for being a brat, but once again Max made me realize it was because we were parting ways after tonight. I steal a look at Anais, and she gives me a soft, comforting smile. I inwardly roll my eyes at myself, “Damn. What a way to fuck up our last night together.”

I shake my head at him and refuse to feel anything REMOTELY close to sadness or pity for myself. Half an hour later, all of us with bellies full; the sexual tension level rises once again, and that pressure returns between my legs.

“Kay, take your clothes off.”

I raise my eyebrows, “Out here? Now?

Max doesn’t answer, just waits patiently. So with a little reluctance, I undress. He just looks me up and down, admiring my body from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. He bites his lower lip, and that almost undoes me.

“Go over to the railing, and grasp it. Hands side by side.”

I open my mouth to say something but think better of it. Instead, I walk over to the railing, making sure to add a little sway to my hips. When I reach it, I look over my shoulder, awaiting my next instructions. Max gets up and reaches into his pockets and pulls out a tie.

He reaches me and whispers, “Cariño, you are trouble. If you’re not careful, I won’t let you go tomorrow.”

I smile at that remark, feeling sexy as hell. He binds my hands at the railing, checking to make sure he hasn’t tied them too tight. It hadn’t dawned on me until now, that we were not only living out the last of my fantasy but his as well.

Anais gets up, unties her robe, and walks over to us. She drops down to a squat, unbuckles Max’s belt and unzips his pants. She takes him out of his pants and his boxers and immediately begins sucking him off. She’s only down there long enough to just get him wet, and then she rolls a condom on him.

I’m so turned on, I’m wetter than Niagara Falls and ready for someone to touch me. Max lines himself up to my opening and slides right in. I gasp, then moan at his intrusion.

“Goddamn Kay, you’re pussy is fucking golden,” Max says while gritting his teeth.

Having no choice but to take what he’s giving me, I widen my stance, hoping to alleviate that pleasure-pain he’s giving me. He’s got both his hands on my hips and is literally riding me. Anais shifts my hair over to one side and kisses my shoulder. Between her light touches and Max’s brutal pounding, I’m in sensory overload. Anais takes two of her fingers, licks them, and starts rubbing my clit. THAT’S when I explode with a loud scream.

Max rides me from one orgasm into another. It starts to drizzle out in the terrace, setting my hot skin on fire. I lean over to Anais and kiss her so that I won’t float away. Next thing I know, Max lets out a loud growl and almost collapses on my back. We both take a moment to breathe; Anais is still close to me, she places light kisses on my shoulder, and moves her way to Max, kissing his neck.

Max pulls out of me, still hard as a rock, discards the condom, and walks over to me. He unties my hand and kisses each wrist.

“Cariño, that was the last of fantasies you wanted. Now it’s REALLY about me.”

With that sentence, I got butterflies in my stomach; uncertain how things were going to go. However at that point, I was still so very turned on, so I wasn’t too concerned with the details. The cool breeze that came with the rain, felt so good to me at the moment it made my nipples pebble. Max cradled my face, standing close to me with his muscular, toned body, and his rock hard dick poking my ribs.

He leaned in close and whispered, “Would you like to please me Little One?”

With that question, he managed to incinerate my whole being. We went back inside the room as the rain really started to fall.

“Kay, I want you on the bed, legs wide open, heel to ass.”

I followed his command; I climbed on the bed, still wet from the rain as he went to get another condom. Anais walked up to me and gave me the sweetest kiss on my inner knee. She rested her head on my stomach while laying in between my legs. Max comes back to the bed, grabs Anais’s hips and thrusts inside of her with a brutal blow. With no warning, she screams with a groan.

Max fucks as though he’s angry, and with the intensity, he’s giving it to Anais, I’m a little jealous. The moans Anais gives with every thrust just gets me wetter and wetter, and I just know with the way he’s fucking her, she’ll feel it well into tomorrow. A few minutes later, she exhales a moan, and I just know she’s clenched down on him because under his breath he’s expressing expletives in English and Spanish. I don’t think he intended to come, but he did, and now he has his sights set on playing with me.

Anais drags herself off of me while I’m just laying there, still worn out from Max before. I take a look at him, and he’s STILL hard as sheetrock.

“Okay, whatever vitamins you’re taking, you need to slow up on them. No man should still be as hard as you with coming as hard as you did, TWICE. Looking at you, you would think you wouldn’t fuck like the machine you are.”

“Oh Kay, when I told you I could go all night, I wasn’t lying. This isn’t something I usually tell a woman, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of her.” He chuckles.

“You haven’t been like this before, so what’s the deal?”

“I could control it. I don’t want to tonight. Remember I told you, I want to do whatever MY WAY? Well, this is it: beast out of the cage.”

“Jesus Christ, R.I.P my pussy,” I thought to myself.

“Since this is our last night together, I want you to be able to feel me for a few days, and remember who’s been there.”

“Oh trust me, I think if I had amnesia, I’d be able to remember.”

I take a look at Anais, and she’s still in her drunken, blissful, come-filled state.

“Kay, give me your hands. Since our headboard doesn’t have a space, I’m just going to tie your hands to the drawer of our nightstand okay?”

I pause for a moment, not because I didn’t trust Max, but because my excitement consumes me for a minute, and I can’t think straight. I get on my stomach, then he binds my hands together with his silk tie, and afterward, he pulls out another tie. He comes to me and everything goes dark. Instantly, my sense of hearing and smell heightens; I’m at an awkward angle because I’m not exactly parallel on the bed nor am I laying across it. However, the way he has tied the tie, I do have some slack to move my arms.

I hear the rasp of the sheets as he gets up, and his soft footsteps against the plushy carpet. Then I hear a metal lid being lifted and then put back; my heart is racing with anticipation because I’m already anxious for him to just TOUCH me. I feel rather than hear him get on the bed as he crawls up close to me; The skin on skin contact without my sight drives wild, and I tug on my restraints. Max gives a light taunting chuckle as a response. Next thing I know, I jump about a mile high out of my skin.

“HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT?!” I almost scream at the freezing cold sensation on the inside of my knee to mid-thigh.

What immediately follows is the velvet touch of his tongue leaving a wet trail, making my skin pucker, and just as quickly as my body was cooling off, he managed to set it back on fire. Right, when I’m trying to get my body back under control, I feel something warm & thick at my pubic bone, and I gasp.

“Okay, Max, please stop playing games, what is this?” I say as I’m twisting my wrists.

He doesn’t answer me, instead, he licks the warm, sticky substance off, and dives for my clit. My body tenses up, but my legs spread further apart, in hopes that he picks up what I’m trying to convey with my body language. Ever intuitive, Max begins to eat my pussy like a starving man who has just been given a smorgasbord of food to eat. I feel small dainty fingers teasing my nipples, and I know it’s Anais touching me. I’m at the pinnacle of ecstasy, making my descent, and that’s when everything in me shatters with a sharp pain.

I scream. “FUCK MAX! You and your obsession with biting!!”

“You’re so delicious cariño, I can’t help myself. Plus I know it secretly drives you wild. I’ve always known you like a little pain with your pleasure.”

Again, I feel the warm, sticky substance but this time it’s in the valley of my breasts, and the hollow of my throat. He takes a long swipe from nipple to nipple, and this time, I feel a second a tongue at my throat. I arch my back, trying to focus on the dueling sensation of both tongues until they meet in the middle of my breasts. Everyone’s breathing has increased, and my teeth are on edge.

Max makes his way to my ear, while Anais is taking little nibbles at my breast. His warm breath touches my already inflamed body, and he whispers softly in my ear, “Kay, can I fuck you however I want?”

I moan, just hoping he’ll accept that as my answer. My traitorous body has already given him the consent he’s seeking but I know he wants the words.

“Yes Max, HOWEVER, you want.” I manage in a breath.

I feel Anais move out of the way, and I feel Max flip me to my stomach. I had some slack in the binds but with him flipping me, it just got tighter. I feel as Max begins to massage my shoulder blades, then works his way down to my glutes. I feel him spread my legs, and then with his masculine hands, he spreads my cheeks and slides right in. I take a deep breath and inhale; he starts out slow and pushes himself all the way to the base of his dick. I have to breathe through my nose because it’s always a little difficult for me to take all of him. He pushes against me, and then painstakingly he pulls all the way out until it’s just the tip of his head inside. He does this for a beat and then he begins to pick up the pace with the same ferocious intensity he was fucking Anais with earlier.

Max switches up his tempo so often, I can never tell when he’s going to go fast or slow, and just now I’m about 2.5 seconds from combusting.

“Anais, kiss me, touch me, do SOMETHING to me.” I whimper.

Little did I know, she was too distracted with touching herself to keep me grounded. Max wasn’t playing when he said he wanted me to have a reminder of just who had been between my legs. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I feel his fingers on my clit, and everything goes black.

What felt like just a minute later, actually turned out to be several minutes. I was still in the same position, on my stomach, legs wide open, hands still bound, but the blindfold had been taken away. Max on the other hand, while he was still on top of me, he was thrusting lightly as opposed to the brutal pounding just a few moments before. I take a look over my shoulder, and see Max with his panty busting smile.

“Welcome back cariño, are you ready for me to finish?”

I roll my eyes at him and say, “Give me your best shot.”

“Oh, I intend to.”

He lifts my hips up just a bit and I know he means serious business. I had just come, but the way he’s fucking me again, I could come again, and I just knew with this climax it would be a miracle for me to survive this. Once again, I hear the slaps of our bodies meeting one another, having an intense conversation. A drop of sweat drops from his forehead onto the small of my back, and at that moment, I couldn’t think of anything hotter. Max picks up an already fast pace, and I’m ready to go. I begin to feel him reach for my clit, and I say, “If you touch me again, I know I won’t survive it.”

He chuckles at my comment and says, “Okay, well I’m ready, are you?”

“Yes!” I moan loudly.

Right as I begin to descend from that blissful plane, I feel Max come inside of me. Hot and searing, rope after rope, marking what should’ve been his from the beginning. Max collapses on top of me, drenched in sweat, and I finally begin to feel him soften, JUST SLIGHTLY.

“Oh, so you can go soft tonight?” I tease. I squeeze my inner walls just to taunt him even more.

“Kay, keep talking, and I’ll make it so you can’t walk in the airport.” And for good measure, he begins to stiffen again.

“Okay, I promise. I’ll behave.”

He softly kisses the side of my neck and then moves my head at an awkward angle to kiss me. He gingerly pulls out of me, and I feel a little of his come seep out of me. I close my eyes for a second and say, “So that just happened. Did you mean to fuck me without any protection?”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all! But how did you know you could trust me? I hope you just don’t go fucking random women without any protection.”

“Kay, I can honestly tell you, before I met you, I have never even wanted to fuck a woman without a condom.”

He puts his forehead to my forehead and we both take a deep breath. We both take a look at Anais, who is sleeping peacefully on the edge of the bed. Max gets off me, just to maneuver us to where we’re spooning. My mind begins to wander back to where we first met, and how this man has helped me evolved into the person I was supposed to be all along. My body was worn out from this man, but my mind was still so wired with all that has passed in the last two weeks.

A few hours later, I quietly get out of bed and get myself together to shower and catch my flight to New Zealand. Since Max and I shared a room, there was no need for me to check out. Right before I left out, I looked back at both this woman and this man who have irrevocably changed my life for the better. I wanted to desperately to kiss them both goodbye, but I thought it better to not disturb them.

I stopped at the front desk to leave Max a note:

Dear Max,

Thank you for everything you have shown me this past couple of weeks. You have opened my eyes to live out of the “societal norm” and embrace what it is that I truly want. I will never forget you. In about a month, I will be in Italy for the last leg of my vacation. If you are still in Spain, please feel free to join me there. I will be staying at the Hotel Baia Taormina, and I will leave a key at the front desk for you. No pressure, should you decide not to come, but I hope that you do. Thanks again for everything.


I get into the cab thinking over my note, and how much I really needed my best friend right now. Right as we pull off, I look up to the windows and a small tear escapes my eye as I think, “If only we had met at a different time.”

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