Entangled Temptations

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Chapter 8


I got off the plane pretty tired, going from one time zone to the next was taking a toll on me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hadn’t spoken to Ayana since Spain because I needed some time to decompress and unpack everything I had experienced with Max without a million and one questions. We texted back and forth and the thing I love most about Ayana? Yeah, she was a bit intrusive when it came to me and my life, but when I set a boundary? She KNEW not to cross that line. The time I had spent in New Zealand was enlightening, and it was truly all about self-discovery. Sure I had my fun, but because I was truly by myself, I had to some time to truly reflect. Not to mention my surroundings we’re just so peaceful and serene.

I took a taxi and made it to my ocean villa at the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, knowing full well the room would be fully lit up since Ayana made it here before I did. I stopped at the front desk to get my key and walked on the wooden bridge. My body was rejuvenated, but my mind was dog tired. I got to my door and barely got a chance to roll my suitcase in. Ayana runs up to hug me, almost knocking me over.

“Oh my God, have I missed you! I know we’ve texted but it’s been over a month since I’ve last seen you!” Ayana exclaimed.

I felt like the world’s shittiest friend. I had been so caught up in my life, that I hadn’t even taken the chance and ask the latest in Ayana’s life. I hugged her back with a voracity that simply couldn’t be matched.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I know I haven’t exactly been a chatty Cathy lately. I just needed some time to decompress. Having to leave Max took a toll on me that I hadn’t intended. That affected me more than catching Smitty in the act with my sister.”

“Okay, so we’re just going to skip over the Smitty comment. You are going to have to tell me about this man, and why you decided to just leave.”

“I promise I will, but DAMN can I get in the door real good? I’m tired, it was a long flight, and I just want to take a shower!”

“No, fuck that shit. I’ve had to put up with your stench before, I’ll put up with it again. I want to hear about this man. You OWE me that.”

“What the hell? I don’t stink! Damn bitch you’re so selfish lately!”

“Being without my best friend for a month will do that to me. And no you don’t stink, but I’ve missed you!!”

Leave it to Ayana to guilt trip me like no other. It was late and I just wanted to shower and sleep, but considering this woman has pretty much gone through every hardship with me, I DID owe her that.

“Okay, what do you want to know?”

EVERYTHING! But let’s start with how you met. I mean I know the few things you told me, but I want to picture as though I was there.”

“Well his name is Max, which I believe I had already told you. It was supposed to be a fun roll in the hay, a one night stand, but there was something about him that was so alluring, and then when he offered me that proposition, I JUST HAD TO TAKE HIM UP ON IT!"

“But that’s so unlike you though!”

I sat down on the couch in our villa and screamed my frustration into a pillow.

“Ugh! I KNOW! But I just couldn’t help myself! He consistently called me out on my bullshit, didn’t back down, and he did it in such a way, that I would’ve been on my knees BEGGING for it!!”

“Kaliyah, are you in love with this mysterious man?”

That was the million-dollar question for me, DID I?

“I’m not sure Ayana, but I’m not about to go on a ‘Where’s Waldo’ quest to find him! He served his purpose and that’s that!”

My mind quickly wandered back to that note I had left for him at the front desk. I didn’t want to tell Ayana about that because my mind and my heart, just couldn’t handle that type of energy.

“Okay, I won’t badger you about finding him.”

“Thank you! So can I--”

“No. How was the sex?”

“Oh my God, you have the mind of a 13-year-old boy!” I said to her while I threw the pillow at her.

“This has already been established!” She said right before she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Okay, well I’m definitely going to shower now. I’m tired, and we can pick this up in the morning.” I said as I got up to go into our room.

We booked a villa that had 2 bedrooms but we usually ended up sleeping in the same bed anyway. The extra room was just in case either one of us got lucky, we wouldn’t have to be out all night while the other was having some fun. I hoped Ayana didn’t plan on getting laid this week, but I wasn’t going to hold it against her.

When I got out of the shower, it was relaxing and I was bone-deep tired. I dried myself off and crawled into the bed, ready to not wake up until the end of our trip. I knew Ayana was wired from us seeing each other for the first time in a month, but she could grill me later.

I awoke to Ayana jumping up and down on the bed, LITERALLY.

“Ayana, I swear to God if you don’t stop jumping, I’m going to trip you! NO ONE should have this kind of energy!” I grumbled into the pillow.

“I haven’t seen my best friend in a month, haven’t talked to her in 2 weeks, I don’t care if you trip me. YOU. ARE. GETTING. YOUR. ASS. UP!! It’s a beautiful day, and there are things to do!”

“Can’t we just stay in today? And do extra shit tomorrow?”

“Bitch, I DID NOT fly thousands of miles to the Maldives, JUST to stay in the hotel room. Let’s order room service, eat, and then go work on our tans!”

I hated it when she made valid points. This trip was supposed to be a girls’ trip and I’ve already ruined it for her by being such a sourpuss. I dragged my ass out of bed and got myself together; by the time I felt anything remotely close to human, room service had arrived and Ayana was waiting for me out on the patio. I sat down at the table and the balmy breeze kissed my skin, it almost reminded me of my last night with Max. “No, I can’t think about him again right now...”

I sat down and begin to drink my coffee when Ayana gave me a perplexed look.

“What’s up Ya? You look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

“I’m trying to debate if I should tell you Smitty called me about 2 weeks ago.”

I rolled my eyes, knowing there was more to the story and she was just pacing herself before she dropped her bomb.


“And nothing. He tried to give me some bullshit sob story about how he regrets even sleeping with Charlie, but you weren’t showing him any attention lately. He basically tried to turn everything on you.”

“And what did you say?” I knew Ayana would defend me no matter what, but even hearing Smitty’s name left me uneasy.

“Nothing. I let him continue on with that shitty ass apology. He told me he was calling me because you blocked him from your phone and he knew the only way he could ever get in touch with you was through me. After he finished, I cursed his ass out in Spanish, then told him to NEVER call me again. Oh! I also might’ve put a small curse on his dick.” She smirked at the last sentence.

Leave it to good old Ayana to curse Smitty’s manhood, while making him feel miniscule.

“Did Charlie try to call you too?”

“Pshh, yeah right. You know that bitch knows better than that. She knew I already didn’t like her because of how she always tries to rub shit in your face, but I’m sure she DEFINITELY knows now that I fucking hate her face. Why, has she tried to call you?”

“Actually, yeah, several times. Once in Spain, and a few while I was in New Zealand. I sent her ass to voicemail. I know that I will have to talk to her eventually, but I just want to put some space between us.”

“Girl that’s understandable! If it was my sister, I’d absolutely put some space between us...like 6 feet deep between us.”

I knew Ayana meant exactly what she said, that girl was 50 shades of crazy. I sipped my coffee in deep thought, thinking of my future and what’s ahead of me. I was rooting through so mindlessly that I hadn’t even noticed Ayana had left the patio.

“Hey girl, you ready to go? I heard they have a nude beach around here somewhere, you down to go and have a little look?” She winked at me.

I knew she was teasing me, but I knew my response would blow her away.

“I’m down, and depending upon what we see, hell I just might go topless my damn self,” I said as I left her and mouth agape to go and get my beach bag.

When we got down there, I undid my top and left my bottoms on. “Baby steps,” I thought to myself.

“Alright bitch, who are you, and what have you done with my best friend? You know, the super-conservative one?”

I smiled, “I told you, there were somethings that I have discovered about myself, and I refuse to look back.”

For the most part, you’d think when it came to a nudist beach, people would be staring, ogling body parts. However, I guess because this was something rather usual for them, everybody more or less minded their own business. We found a spot on the beach and got settled, about an hour later Ayana began to get restless.

“Okay, let’s go to the bar and get some drinks. I need some alcohol in my system.”

I forgot how busy Ayana liked to stay. Me? When I get into a position, I’m almost like a sloth and barely move. Again, I had to remind myself, this wasn’t just my trip. I put my top back on and gathered my things. We made our way to the tiki-like bar; it was a little different because as opposed to having stools, they had swings.

“Great, just what I need, something a little LESS stable when I’m inebriated,” I mumbled under my breath.

“Oh come on, this looks like it will be fun,” Ayana said not even looking at me. Apparently something, or rather SOMEONE had already caught her attention.

There was a rather good looking, tall guy sitting at the end of the bar. He could almost be Idris Elba’s twin. He winked our way, and I knew I had pretty much lost my best friend, but I chose to tag along because even though we are always down for some fun, I didn’t know this guy and we were in a different country on the other side of the world.

Before we reached the bar or the guy, Ayana whispers to me, “Oh my God Kay! I think my ovaries just jumped!”

I just rolled my eyes and laughed. “Welp, so much for this being a true girls’ trip.”

Ayana took the swing next to him, and extended her hand to him, “Hello my name is Ayana and I’ll be drinking a Mai Tai.”

He gave a hearty laugh and nodded at the bartender, “Well hello Ayana, my name is Lorenzo, but you may call me Enzo. Would your friend like a drink as well?”

“Yes, I would. Thank you, I’d like a Kamikaze shot to start with,” I said as I looked at the bartender. I wasn’t in the mood to flirt, but I did think it was gentlemanly of him to offer. I suspected his kindness had something to do with wanting to earn brownie points of my best friend, and from the twinkle in her eye, it looked like he earned them.

A few shots later, I was feeling warm and fuzzy inside; between them and being in the tropic sun, I was physically drained. I stole a peek over at Ayana, who was practically in Enzo’s lap, I knew before the night ended she’d go home with him, so I made an excuse and took my exit. Before I left the bar, I did manage to get Enzo’s room number in case anything happened to my friend.

The next morning, Ayana dragged her ass in the room, right after the sun was rising, and flopped on the bed, face down, “You know, I haven’t had a raw and hard fuck like that in months. That man had me praying to all sorts of gods.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh you poor baby. Girl, it’s okay if we don’t share EVERY aspect of our sex lives.”

“Tuh! Do I see the old Kay rearing her little head?” Ayana asked, sounding muffled.

“No, I’m just saying, you have a tendency to OVERSHARE. Do you plan on seeing him again?”

“My mind says ‘yes’, but my pussy sadly says ‘no’. And SHE has the ultimate say so.”

I chuckle as she manages to get herself together, and crawls into the bed. By the end of the week, Ayana had managed to remind me why we became friends in the first place. She was a welcomed distraction from my thoughts straying back to Max, wondering what he was doing and if he had planned to meet up with me in Italy.

As we were getting ready to depart from one another, her going back home, and me to Italy, she gave me a long hug.

“Go to Italy, take care of WHATEVER you need to, and hurry up and come home! I fucking miss you.”

“I’ll be home in five days, it’s not that long when you think about it.”

“Yeah but you’ve already been gone for over a month, I need my sister back home. Mierda!”

I knew once she started cursing in Spanish, it was going to go all downhill from there, so I kissed her on her cheek, and placed my forehead on hers, “Okay, I promise to make the time go faster okay?”

A tear ran down my cheek because it always felt bittersweet leaving her. We hugged once more and went our separate ways. I got on the plane to Sicily with mixed feelings. One half of me was excited to see if Max would join me, and the other half was terrified if he decided not to. Either way, I hadn’t regretted leaving him that note.

Ayana did have a point though, I needed to wrap this trip up. I had an idea what I wanted to do going forward when I got back home, I just needed to find a way to break the news to her. I knew she’d be disappointed, but would ultimately understand and respect my decision. My relationship with Ayana is so easy compared to my relationship with Charlie, and that’s even before she slept with my fiance.

A ten-hour flight later, I arrived in Sicily, and another hour later, I was at the front desk of the Hotel Baia Taormina.

“Buongiorno, Kaliyah Sessoms checking in.”

“Ah si, Signorina Sessoms! Welcome to our lovely hotel. Is there anything we may assist you with today?”

“Um, no thank you. Are there any messages for me?”

“No madam. I am sorry.”

With those five words, I felt my heart splinter. I knew I had just arrived, but a small part of me had hoped that Max was here waiting for me, “I guess I didn’t mean as much to him as he did to me.”

I knew Ayana had a longer flight than me, but I had decided to text her anyway to let her know I had arrived at my destination safely. All of this traveling in different time zones was definitely getting to me, but I knew that if I didn’t want my sleep schedule off that I needed to acclimate myself.

Deciding to update my photography website, I uploaded the pictures I had taken from New Zealand and the Maldives. I knew the companies I freelanced for would be checking my website soon because my break was coming to an end, so I wanted to make sure they had an updated portfolio of my work.

I hadn’t realized how engrossed I had become with my website until a few hours later I had gotten a call. Totally expecting it was Ayana, I picked it up without looking at the phone.

“Hey Ya, are you home safe?”

KALIYAH RAYNE SESSOMS! Why haven’t you been picking up my phone calls?” My mother shrieked through the phone.

“I’ve been out of the country mother that’s why, and there’s nothing for us to talk about.”

“First off, don’t talk to me like that, I am your mother! Secondly, you’ve been out of the country this long, and you didn’t bother to let your FAMILY know? Seriously, child, I have raised you better than that! Lastly, you can talk to Ayana, but you won’t talk to us? Where are your priorities?”

MY priorities? Last I heard from you mom, you were too busy accusing me of humiliating Charlie without so much as trying to hear my side of things. So excuse me for not letting my ‘family’ know my moves, but I’ll have you know I’ll be back home by the end of the week. I just need to wrap up my vacation. I’ll speak to you when I get back.” And with that, I didn’t even give time to respond; I just hung up. “Seriously, I don’t even know why I bother.”

The last few days of my vacation in Italy were peaceful but boring. After the second day, I had given up the fantasy that Max was going to join me. Ultimately I had done a lot of self-reflection, and came to some very enlightening realizations, not only about myself, but my family as well. People always say that if you aren’t learning new things every day, you’re not growing. Well, it was safe to say that in this last month away from the responsibilities of home and work, that I had grown immeasurably.

I had requested a wake-up call from the front desk and was dreaming of a man with hazel eyes, deep dimples, and a goatee. He had smelled like sandalwood and musk and had lips that a girl could nimble on for days. I started moaning when those very same lips began to kiss the column of my throat and moved to my collarbone. The dream seemed so real until I heard a faint deep whisper, “Shh little one, I haven’t even begun to show you how much I have missed you.”

I popped my eyes open and saw a very naked Max in the moonlight on the side of my bed.

“I didn’t think you would show,” I whispered back, hoping to mask the emotion in my voice.

“I almost hadn’t, but I couldn’t stay away,” Max said with his deep accent.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. I threw back the covers so he could crawl in the bed with me. Without breaking our kiss, Max managed to rip my panties off of me. I opened my legs so that he could get on top of me. I was so grateful that the lights were turned off so he couldn’t see the tears running into my hair. In a matter of a couple of weeks, this man has managed to completely undo me.

“Kay, be mine for tonight.”

“You don’t even need to ask Max. Whatever you want, however, you want.”

He hugs me tight so that there’s no space between us and slides himself right in. I wasn’t fully wet yet, so there was a slight burn to the friction; but it didn’t take long to remedy that situation. All of the other times that Max and I fucked, this one time felt different. There was something bittersweet to this time.

As Max was moving, his concentration wasn’t on making me come, it was focused on memorizing my features in the dark. He held me tighter, kissed me sweeter. His body was expressing physically what he couldn’t verbally, it was almost like he didn’t want tonight to end.

“Kay, I don’t know if we’ll ever cross paths again in our life, but just know, after meeting you, things have changed for me.”

He picked up his pace with sweat rolling down his spine, with a soundless scream, I came. Max rolled us over, me on top and him on the bottom, picking up his pace. Where his caresses were soft and loving, it’s as if a switch had been flipped, and we were JUST on this side of angry sex. To be honest? I loved this side even more because there was where Max’s true passion lived.

Max sat up, one arm bracing my back, the other arm wrapped around my waist, making sure to hit home his point, and bottoming out in my womb. His thrusts deep and sharp, “This time Kay, when you come, don’t close your eyes.” He growled.

As if those were the magic words, my orgasm came rolling through me as if it were a speeding freight train. Right as I was making my descent from my orgasmic high, Max lets out this deep, exaggerated moan and whispers so softly to where he didn’t want me to hear, “Mine.”

Without pulling out, he lays us both down and begins to stroke my sweat-soaked back. He kisses my forehead, and I close my eyes peacefully drifting asleep in his arms. The last thing I remember going through my mind was, “This man has my heart and I’ll tell him so in the morning.”

I awoke with the front desk ringing me with my wake up call. I rolled over to tell Max that we’ve got to get a move on, only the bed was empty and no sign of his belongings. My already bruised heart shattered into dust because I had every intention of telling him how I felt and was eager to see if this was something he wanted to pursue. “Now I know why last night felt different to all of the other times, there was a finality this go-round.”

I got up and texted Ayana my arrival information so that she could be at the airport to pick me up. After everything that has happened in the past six weeks, it was time that I had applied everything I had learned from my vacation to my day to day life. The first thing that was on my agenda when I got home, was to tell Ayana I had decided to move away from home for a little bit.

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