A Life To Never Leave

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Carsyn King was forced to separate with her infamous mother, Ashtyn King, after the King's found them over the summer. Her mother sends her to the one place that she thinks they won't look. New Orleans. Where it all began. With Carsyn wanting to finish high school, she prepares herself for one final year in a new school again. She won't run until she is done, But what happens when she finds out her brothers attend the same school? Book three of A Life series, don't read as stand alone, can be confusing or just figure it out sometime.

Drama / Romance
Abby Moon
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Chapter 1

I rolled up the windows of the beat up car, abandoning it in a parking lot. It wasn't like it was mine anyway. I strolled to the address on the map that remained on my new phone I had unpacked. I had a back pack with clothes nearly a weeks worth, it was all I needed. I messed with my necklace before hiding it under my shirt. I couldn't mess this up. Someone saw this necklace and it would be around town before the sun rose the next day. Then my hell would truly begin. Mom, Ashtyn, had told me that my father was still looking for me. I didn't want to be found was the only part. It was an inconsistent pattern, we are safe for a year and then out of the blue people are on our tail when we get comfortable. I had my mom's number in case of emergency. Like if I was found by dad and my brothers.

I wonder what they looked like, but would I be blamed for running as well? What if they didn't like me? Mom had said that I was in constant danger in there, I suppose that was where my number two came from on my hip. The pain still rose now and then.

I kept busy with my thoughts as I climbed the stairs to my new apartment, the one mom had given me. Two twenty four. The door read. I re-read her letter. This was it. I took the key out that was in the envelope and the gentle click was heard. I turned the door knob and pushed the door open.

The room was fully furnished with a love seat and a small tv with a book shelf with nearly the whole thing full. the kitchen was full already with food. and had a counter where I could do my homework, and lastly came the bedroom. It was a queen size bed with an attached bathroom.

I stretched out on the bed before reading the rest of the instructions that mom had left for me. She said something about having someone from New Orleans. Someone close to her that she knew.

I set my old back pack on the floor and pull out the heavy new one that she had gotten me. Inside was enrollment papers for the school that was two blocks down and everything that I would need, including a duplicate key for the apartment.

We had been living in South Dakota when they caught up with us, mom and I had spent some time in London but didn't want to go around Europe and it was too rainy she had said. So we came back to the United States, she was surprised that they were still on her. Her message was clear that she didn't want to be apart of that anymore, but my father didn't like that apparently. So he ruined any chance that I had of a normal life and friends. I had taken the long way around and arrived later then anticipated, so school would start the day after tomorrow. A new life just like normal.

I stared at my schedule. People were moving so fast that I could barely keep up. The woman gave me a map of the school, so I knew that my locker was on the third floor but I couldn't figure how to get there. When I arrived at my locker after being pulled different way's I noticed that the halls had began to declutter and softly a bell rung, silencing the students, making them hurry to class. I groaned. I was going to be late. The fucking map was fucking confusion and I didn't know how to read it.

A small tap nearly set me off and I grabbed the hand who touched me harshly. It was a girl around my age. She had red hair with glasses and freckles on the bridge of her nose. I released her hand immediately.

"I'm sorry." I said. It took her a moment to realize that I said something towards her.

"Sorry, I noticed that you seem new here. The halls can be confusing on the first day with everyone. Do you need any help?" She questioned. I sighed in relief. "Yeah, I have Chemistry first." I said.

"Oh, I have that class with you, do you need help finding it?" She questioned. I nodded and grabbed my things.

"So who do I need to avoid?" I questioned. Her eyes pinched in confusion. "Oh come on, I've had my fair share of schools, there is always those people who you want to avoid." I said bumping into her.

"Oh, I guess the twins. And Harley." She said. "Who are the twins?" I asked.

"Alex and Owen King rumors are that they're father is the leader of the Kings. Harley's a bitch though, she always has her tongue down others throats." She said with disgust.

Shit, Alex and Owen. I had not known a lot but from what my mother told me, being in a gang would mean that either you like it or your out. Growing up in one herself she loved it. She thinks that Owen and Alex would as well. That got me thinking, would I have loved it?

"Here you are, one minute before the bell." She said cheerfully.

"Thanks." I said. "I have to go talk with the teacher but can you save me a seat?" I questioned she nodded. Since it was already a week into the school year I had to give a note to each teacher since I was new.

Mrs. Jenin's was an older lady but seem to still have her spirit.

"Hello dear." She said. I nodded my hello before handing her my note.

"Oh my, I had forgotten all about the new student dear. I have a textbook for you and please sit anywhere. I am not done with the seating chart yet." She said and dug around her desk finally pulling out a textbook from her desk. I gladly took it from her as the final bell rang. I was about to take a seat when she told me to stay.

"Okay class we have a new student. Her name is Carsyn Gray." She said gesturing to me. I nodded and rocked back and forth on my feet. I was about to take my seat when the door violently opened.

"Alex, Owen, please try to make it on time next time." Mrs. Jenin's said. I turned to face the door to see two figures standing outside the door.

Alex and Owen King. One the Heir to the King's gang. My brothers.

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