The Girl Who Wanted To Die

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She just stood there alone. Always alone. As if this was always meant to be. Why? She doesn’t know. She doesn’t want to know. That’s just the way things are. And then she jumped.

Drama / Romance
Araniad Haraf
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Chapter 1: Introduction

She was lounging on a sofa.

Her eyes closed, she looked as if she was in a deep slumber. The window was open and rays of sunlight came filtering in and brightened up the room. The girl’s eyes remained closed, oblivious to everything else except her dream.

Her name was Farrah Luna.

There is nothing special about her as far as she knows. Maybe except for her name. She likes her name quite a bit. Brought into the world with much happiness under the night sky with a full moon, her mother named her Farrah Luna.

She was what people called a good baby. She rarely cried. She had huge doe eyes that could melt anyone’s heart the minute they saw them. And when she showed her adorable toothless smile, everyone around her would somehow feel happy upon seeing that.

Her mother loved her. Her father adored her. Her older brother pampered her any chance he got. It was good. The life of Farrah Luna was filled with days full of love, just like any other ordinary baby. She did not not lack in anything. Even when her baby brother was born 7 years later, her life did not change much. Everyone still loved her. Or so they said.

The girl’s brow wrinkled. “Or so they said?” Of course they loved her. Why would she think otherwise?

How odd, she thought.

They had done so much for her.

Of course they loved her. “Right?”.

Her brow wrinkled again and a frown suddenly appeared on her face. Not even a second had passed and the girl’s eyes opened wide.

The sunlight that had filled her room earlier on had now been replaced by moonlight drifting through the open window, casting shadows everywhere. The girl slowly got up from the sofa and walked towards the window.

“There’s the moon”, she thought.

The only witness left to the story of her life.

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