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Sorry, Gumball." Anais said, triumphantly. "But you picked the wrong day to mess with me!" She said, laughing. Gumball could only look on as she moved him in closer.'If there's any consolation in this, at least it's not the backside.' He thought, only to realize he had jinxed himself as she suddenly began to head him towards the back of her panties. 'F*** my life...' He thought, before he was dropped into the rear of his sister's underwear.Anais smirked as she felt her drop in, and promptly snapped the waistband back in place, causing Gumball to be smushed against her right cheek, giggling to herself. "Oh yeah, you're gonna be doing time for a while, big bro! Might wanna get used to your prison as soon as possible!" She said, proudly.The first thing that hit Gumball; besides her buttcheek; was the smell. It faintly stunk. It wasn't too bad but it was to be expected considering it is her butt. "Oh, this isn't good, this isn't good, this isn't good." He repeated, being muffled into Anais's buttcheek. The movement and sound caused Anais to giggle out loud, being tickled by the movement on her butt, as well as slightly aroused. Nicole heard this giggle as Anais had made her way downstairs. "What is it, honey?" She asked her youngest out of curiosity, smiling at her. "Oh it's nothing mom, I just thought of this really funny thing I read earlier." Nicole nodded this and went back to stirring the bowl in her hands."What is that you're making, mom?" Anais asked her, following close behind the cat lady into the kitchen. "Oh, they're baked beans sweetie. It's one of the things for dinner tonight." She shifted over to the bunny. "Here, do you wanna try it early?" She politely offered. Anais shrugged, and ate a few mouthfuls. They were delicious, which is the usual for Nicole's cooking. The barbecue was just poignant enough and meshed well with the beans. "Mmmmh, they taste wonderful as usual, Mom!" She said, earning a pat on the head. "Thank you, dear. Now, dinner will be ready in a few hours." Anais nodded, turning to go back upstairs. "By the way, have you seen Gumball anywhere?" Anais shrugged. "He told me he was going to Penny's earlier, must be where he is right now." Nicole found it odd that he wouldn't have told her that but she assumed he was probably in a hurry."Hmm... so what should I do first?" She wondered, purposely flexing her butt muscles to shuffle Gumball around. "Oh I know, I should log on to your Elmore Plus account and post embarrassing secrets to the masses!" She said, hopping back on top of the computer chair as Gumball once again is found to be crushed against it and the ass of his little sister. He groaned. "Oh, you better no-" She interrupted him with a fart, that caused him and her cheeks to vibrate. She laughed loudly. "Too late, I'm already typing that your middle name is actually Trisha!" She says. "I'll stop all of this if you... kiss my butt!" as Gumball's eyes widened in terror. "w-what?""Kiss my butt, worship it, talk about how much you love it!" She says, as a naughty, perverted side of her that a 4 year old should not have begins to creep in. "Talk about the pleasure you get by being up close to my bare cheeks, grovel for all of the bliss you feel for my... gaseous expulsions." She blushes, ripping another 20 second long butt bomb on him.

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