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Cutpurse Academy A continuing collection of short vignettes on rude Criminals All of which, unfortunately enough, are loosely based on documented real-life conjectures! Gaston Monescu circa 1826 Whom wrote the book! ^^^^^^^^ Also answers to the mystery stories from my book Cutpurse: True Mystery, Can be found in the comments sections after some of my stories. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Drama / Mystery
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No Sweat Chapter 1

Needing a short holiday, I made a stop at a local village I had passed through some years before, and always had meant to do a return visit to explore more fully the quirkiness of the area!

One evening I spied on a pub board that there was to be a weekend wedding between the nearby manor lord’s son and a local lass. This Lass, from the description I read, happened to be from my birth town.

Now as it so happened, amongst my traveling ensembles, I had brought with me my usual formal attire

So, come the day of the wedding, I slipped into the church on a wing and a prayer. My attire suggested enough of an aire of prestige, that my entry was not challenged.

Especially after giving the name of the city the bride was born in as where I hailed from.

It always is s a rush, mixing in with the wealthy upper class!

I was so taken by it all, the fancy tuxes, rich gowns, and splendidly glittering jewellery and other accessories, that I, of course, had to invite myself to the reception being held after the ceremony to fully get my fill.

The reception was being held at the Lord’s vast estate.

I managed to slip in with a fold of young, silk, and satin clad, “fillies” who were so busy chatting they never asked who I was.


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