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Smooth as Virgin Silk Chapter 4

But, as I made my way across the lobby, I spotted a familiar figure standing by the public restrooms, located at the end of the Bazaar area…

Why he was not using one of the private loos in the ballroom I never found out.

It was the 16-year-old boy, whose mother’s gold purse I had lifted earlier!

He was intently eyeballing the activity in the arcade room.

I could see the gold watch and fob still hanging from his vest.

Intending to lift his fancy watch, I walked up and engaged him in conversation.

He responded a little awkwardly at first, but soon I had him eating out of my hand.

I grew closer as he became more comfortable, my hands moving in position to do a bump and whisk maneuver to lift this lad’s pocket watch!

Time to seal this deal!

I looked over at the arcade, and with a wink, reached behind his ear and to his amazement, a crown piece appeared.

I give him the crown, told him to go and have fun at the arcade, then made ready to do my lift as he ran by me to head over.

But as I held out the coin, he did not take the bait, instead saying, as he looked over at the lady’s restroom….

“Can’t sir, I have to wait on me sister, don’t I!”


All thoughts of acquiring a gold pocket watch evaporated, as a new plan was firmly established!

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