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Smooth as Virgin Silk Chapter 5

I placed the coin in his hand and closed his fingers over it.

“No worries lad, tell me what she looks like, and I will send her over!”

I could see by his facial expression that I had alleviated his worries by saying I will send his sister to him!

Meanwhile, he chirped, stuttering a bit in his excitement…

“He, her hair is mum’s colour, and she has on that blue dress that matches me mum’s, though she is not wearing it today!”

And with that vague, childlike description, off he went, leaving his opulently clad charge in my care!

As I watched, my mind happily sang a new tune!

It should be worth the Crown investment I had expended to the well-dressed young lad with a solid gold pocket watch hanging from his vest, to spend at the penny arcade!

An investment that had successfully lured him temporarily away from the richly attired kid sister wearing the brite diamonds I desired to acquire!

Leaving her vulnerably exposed to the soon to be evident, harsher realities of life!


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