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Smooth as Virgin Silk Chapter 6

My timing was perfect…!

For no sooner had I turned away from watching the brother toddle off, the door cautiously opens and out pops the swishing figure of his kid sister!

She walked on out, nervously looking around for her brother!

I used the opening to cross the young sister’s path and with a perfectly timed ploy bumped her in mid-stride…

“Hey, look where you going, lass!”I scolded as I held her!

I had grasped her by the gown’s sleek midriff causing her to totter over my arm.

I caught and helped straightened her up, watched as her pretty face turned red at my stern warning!

Sorry, sir!” she mumbled embarrassed, looking worried.

I smiled winningly, she smiled back misinterpreting my expression, for I had already been happily busy.

The gown had indeed tingled quite pleasantly underneath my left hand’s fingers as I caught her in stride!

My hand glided up along her satin slick back as I helped her up, at the same instance lifting and flicking open the clasp of the silver chain, from which hung the dangling diamonds dripping down along her gown’s full neckline; As I gently plucked and straighten her gown with my right hand, my Left hand delicately began to pull away with the incredibly sparkly necklace.

“No worries miss, I wasn’t watching either!” I assured her then asked…

So, where were you off to in such a hurry!”

She told me, in quick nervous breaths...

“Looking for my brother, sir he was supposed to be waiting for me?”

As I listened intently, my left hand tugged, then fully slipped free her necklace, spiriting it away from her heaving chest with a muted swish.

I watched it disappear, flickering its protest, as I held its pretty mistress’s attention.

I straightened up, my left hand casually going into a pocket, depositing her necklace inside.

As I was stashing it, she followed my pointing finger to the arcade room where I explained her brother had gone.

I watched as she happily scurried away from me, blissfully naive that her necklace no longer was merrily bouncing along her chest as she moved.

IT had never occurred to her to ask how I knew her brother!


It was just then a rather full-bosomed lady passed me by, nose in the air, a ruby brooch precariously perched in the cleavage of her low-cut rustling gown.

Empowered by the young girl’s diamond necklace in my pocket, I automatically followed, my mind starting to calculate the risk!

Then my common sense got the better of me, and I abruptly turned, then casually walked off in the opposite direction, making my profitable escape out through the nearest outside exit!

The end

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