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A Gentle Rocking Chapter 1

I was traveling by train between cities, after finishing a weeks’ worth of “business”, successfully making a handsome “little” profit on the valuables I collected/lifted from several unsuspecting wealthy suckers.

As I was heading through to the train coach’s bar for a pint, I had spotted a young couple sitting alone at a small table in the dining car.

Taking a nearby barstool, I had taken the opportunity to observe them.

They were newlyweds.

I could tell by the snuggly/giggling way they had acted, and by the shiny new gold rings, they sported.

The girl was a very attractive long-haired brunette, wearing a long flowing skirt and a high-necked satiny blouse with long sleeves.

He was wearing a fitted suit, and by his expression, was ignorant of anything else but his bride’s existence.

But I too was noticing her existence.

Especially the existence of the solid gold necklace set with tiny rubies and diamonds she wearing, sparkling down as it was loosely hanging from around her throat.

When she talked, her hands made little motions, and it was a pleasure to watch her glittering rings encircling petite fingers as she did so!

When they left the dining car I stayed at the bar, and quickly forget about the pair.

For I thoroughly was enjoying my few drinks while anticipating the new opportunities that should be plentiful at my next stop.


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