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A Gentle Rocking Chapter 2

Late that evening the newlyweds were abruptly placed back into my thoughts.

As I made my way back to my sleeper car, I saw them in their seats, sleeping soundly as the train gently rocked their figures.

I was surprised, shocked actually that they hadn’t gotten a private car!

Her head was on his shoulders, an arm curled around him.

The head of her husband was back on the seat, open mouth snoring.

I could not but help notice her glimmering necklace hanging provokingly down, flickering in the passing lights that lit up the car in twenty-second intervals!

I spotted that the remaining two rows of seats till the end of their car, were conveniently vacant!

So, eagerly licking my lips, I slipped into the seat directly behind them!

I sat for a few minutes, getting the lay of the land, so to speak, as I decided on a plan of attack!

I slowly moved my fingers up behind her seat, then brushed my fingers along the silky soft shoulder of her sleek satin blouse!

She did not stir, or make a peep!

I sat back and took several deep breaths…


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