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A Gentle Rocking Chapter 3

I again leaned forward in my seat, raising my hand up to the backside of her seat….

I then dipped my fingers down in…

I caressed my fingers through her ultra-soft hair until my fingers felt the cold hardness of her necklace!

I could feel the slippery sleekness of her blouse, and I will admit I did perk up in doing so!

Ever so slowly I pulled it out, exposing her necklaces glittery gold chain so that it hung over the seat, facing me!

Then I slipped it around, silently thanking her for the slickness of the high-necked pretty blouse that made my attempt so easy.

Finally, I expose the clasp and leaving it hanging sat back for a minute to let the couple settle.

I watched it there, as the flicking lights lit it up, my hunger increasing in a prickling sensation I knew and loved so well, the thrill of the hunt!

When I could contain myself no longer, I reached up and undid the clasp, then I began the delicate operation of slipping it from her throat. It took almost fifteen exhilarating minutes as I worked it free, slowly exposing it, centimetre by centimetre, pulling its dangling length over the seat.

Then it came loose, and with a swish curled up into my palm.

As the last of it slipped away my victim stirred a little, sighing in her sleep, she cuddled in even more into the security of her husband, moving her hand so it slightly was hanging down in front of me!

I waited a few more minutes, all was calm around me.


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