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A Gentle Rocking Chapter 4

I again eyed the sleeping couple.

Following her arm that lay around her husband’s shoulder, I could see her hanging hand. A glittery ruby ring sparkled merrily from her thin finger in the passing lights.

The ring was not as valuable as the necklace in hand, but the allure of acquiring it overwhelmed me.

Now slipping a ring from a lady’s finger is, of course, no great trick.

If she also happens to be sleeping soundly, like this one, it’s rather as easy as taking it from a baby sleeping in a crib!

As the train continues gently rocked back and forth, I kept my eyes focused on the sleeping woman’s ring.

I saw a set of signal lights outside.

I knew I only had precious few minutes before the locomotive would be sounding off a baring horn to the approaching village it would be passin through.

My prey would probably be rudely awakened with that!


I licked my lips, then my fingers.

Reaching up I gently slipped my fingers along hers, moistening them.

Then I felt for her ring, and slightly lifted her finger, carefully worked the jewel off by rocking it back and forth between my fingertips.

Once I had it over her knuckle, I stopped to catch my breath and look around, all was still quiet.

I resumed, easily pulled it off the rest of the way, then lay back and closed my eyes.

Soon both of them were snoring regularly.

I then arose, stowing away the necklace securely, and walked through the remaining cars silently amongst the other sleeping passengers.

Unnoticed by anyone, I regained my car, took my seat, and laying back I closed my eyes.

Pleased with myself, I prepared to blissfully sleep like a baby!

And then the bloody horn shrieked!


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