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A Helping Hand Chapter 1

I was traveling on to a new quest that would take me just outside of Surrey.

I had disembarked, was waiting to collect my luggage when I saw a rather attractively dressed lady come up to the counter to drop off her bags for the next train…

She was obviously well off, well dressed in satins and lace, and her jewels shone magnificently in the dim lights. Especially one of her rings, noticeably lying loosely around a finger!

I kept sneaking peeks at it, watching as it sparkled with an expensive brilliance!

I had seen one like it in a tiffanies store, worth probably several months’ salary for us ‘working’ chaps!

But with her snooty nose, I do not think she quite appreciated the show her jewellery was putting on under the lounge lights, as she checked her bags and received her ticket.

She walked away, headed to the lounge.

I left my place in line, time enough to collect baggage later, and followed her inside!

I circled her, aiming for the seat next to her, eyeing her and her jewellery, especially the ring, carefully.

But and old lady, a large battle-ax in calico, beat me to the punch, and took the seat I wanted!


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