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A Helping Hand Chapter 2

As the older lady had sat down, not quietly, the wealthy lady looked up at the intruding person, not happy!

I went into a corner and sat, waiting, watching!

The two ladies soon fell into conversation; the minute’s ticked by excruciatingly slow.

It was then I noticed that we all had company…

He was a smudged face lad of only fourteen, but with a devilish streetwise look about him that marked him a kindred spirit to me, and his quick eyes were darting about taking it all in as he stood outside the paned glass window looking inside the lounge.

I mulled over a budding idea, risky, but it may just be crazy enough to work

It was with the pre-boarding announcement of soon to be departing the train, that I saw a chance for an opportunity to put my idea to the test

The older lady folded up her knitting and clinching her bag, bid adieu to her new friend,( befuddled a little by the old lady’s constant stream of gossip), and headed to use the loo before boarding the train.

I also arose, and followed the old battle-ax out, turning off from the loo’s, and headed out through the baggage claim room, to the exit door.

Circling I found the youth sitting on some crates, looking over a small knife.

I tapped him on the shoulder; he looked around at me suspiciously, and then caught sight of the shilling I was holding in front of his nose!

I quickly whispered a few words into his ear on how he could earn it, and his grin spread as he bought into my story, and a bargain was struck.

I still held onto the shilling as he darted around and inside the lounge, my heart beating rapidly as my adrenalin began to surge through my being as I watched through the window inside the lounge…


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