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No Sweat Chapter 2

Once inside I began to mix and mingle in, listening and gathering titbits on various individuals that I hoped to be able to use in cracking or one or more of the uppity Ladies

tight lips to open up enough to learn some personal information, like where the darling family jewels I was openly fawning over were being kept these days!

By late evening I had garnered in-depth, that type of particulars from two ladies:

One was a 40ish, laced gown wearing spinster who was also exhibiting a most dazzling collection of rubies and gold!

Once I had gotten her on the subject of Church, I was able to glean some rather private facts concerning her lifestyle, where she hailed from, and in a roundabout way, even gleaned where she kept her jewels when not being worn.

Lord, I was so quite fascinated by the way her dangling rubies sparkled and glimmered as she talked.

She was wearing a 3 tired necklace of diamonds, with three rubies dangling in the centre of each tier. Each set of gems larger with each tier, small to larger. She wore a brace of matching bracelets, and her long earrings matched the pattern of her necklace.

I left her as she made an excuse to head to the loo…

Then came my second mark!

A gold satin designer gowned 20 something!

She was the at-home daughter of divorced parents, whose father was a parliament judge.

That alone was enough to whet my appetite!

I had easily befriended the lass whom I had met out wondering amongst the exterior gardens.

Soon I had milked her completely dry of all the titbits of her and her single mom’s personal life.

Enough so to make a rich cream out of a prospective burgling sojourn!

As we chatted, I could not take my eyes off of her amazingly dazzling display of diamonds.

They flickered visibly from her gloved fingers, wrist, ears, and throat.

Her necklace and earrings were of a matched set. Made up of dangling, jiggling stands of chains that were set with small diamonds running each of the chain’s lengths. Each length varied, starting short, with the longest three in the centre. An eye-catching cat’s eye brooch dangled merrily from below the bosom of her curvaceous figure!

This one I could have spent more time with, but one of her blonde-haired friends had sought her out to hit the dance floor!


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