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A Helping Hand Chapter 3

I watched as the street punk ran up behind the lady, circling her, then running in front of her he tripped over her leg.

As she bent to reach down and help him up, her hand with the ring reaching down, he turned and rudely spat onto the wrist and sleeve of that hand, then standing, he ran away.

Running out alongside me, I handed him the shilling in passing as he ran off, disappearing into an alleyway off the street.


I hurried inside and approached the astonished lady, as she was looking for her purse to get a handkerchief while she held up her soiled hand( ring glittering furiously) in utter disbelief.

I approached, catching her attention by the soothing words I uttered to her.

I took her hand, unbelieving with her at what just had happened, and as I apologized for the youth of today I produced my silk handkerchief and starting with her silky sleeve, began to wipe the offending nastiness off, continuing my tirade of displeasure and contempt at what had just occurred to the dear lady as I did so.

As I finishing wiping, ending with her warm slender fingers, the boarding announcement came over (perfect timing!)

I helped her up and let her go, as she explained that she must catch her train.

I turned and without looking back went out to the street just as the train was letting off steam before leaving the station.

I walked down the street, darting into a local, where I ordered up a point and some jellied eel with chips.

Sitting down I casually waited for my meal, looking out the window till after the departing train had chugged past.

I then reached into my pocket, removed my silk handkerchief, and unwrapped it carefully…

I then admired, up close, the lady’s shimmering, valuable tiffany ring that was lying inside!

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