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Playground Puppies Chapter 1

As I Watch the richly attired whelps, my mind churns, my fingers tingle, as I observe the enticing glitter of the shiny baubles they wear!

It was a bright and pleasant sort of afternoon.

I had taken my usual shortcut through a church cemetery and was passing by the woods between the cemetery and an old city school with its attached playground.

I heard the voices of children playing, unusual since the playground was usually deserted on weekends!

I cut through, mildly surprised at what I had gotten a glimpse of!

I immediately than sat down on one of the benches that outlined the perimeter.


There were three tweens, two girls and a lad, scurrying around at the playground looking cute as puppies.

All three were wearing adornments that sparkled richly in the sunshine!

By their chattering, I soon figured out it was a brother, twin sister and female cousin

As they cheerfully played on, I caught other snatches of their conversations…

All three were at a party being held at the church reception hall, and had gotten permission to play as long as they stayed clean!

And the three dears were being cutely careful, as they had been instructed to!

The affair the children had been at was a fancy-dress party with affluent guests.

This I ascertained, not by what the children said, as much as how these particular children were dressed up in fancy party attire;

The two girls wore expensively shiny tops, green and yellow, and elegantly swishing long black skirts


The red-haired sister is wearing a long-sleeved green satin blouse with ruffles at her throat and wrists. A long black skirt ending with ruffles hangs down from her waist.

A double string pearl necklace with the emerald pendant holding the strings together bounces invitingly along side her blouse! The rest of her jewellery matches the necklace; pearled Earrings, Bracelet, and Ring!

The blonde-haired girl cousin, the one with the black skirt hanging in tiers, is wearing a silver necklace and pendant, silver earrings. Her ring and hairpiece both are jewelled with gems that match the colour of her yellow silk tank top! She also has a black velour jacket that is laid out upon a bench.

The Brother is wearing a black suit and shirt with pearl buttons. Also, a green satin vest and tie. His silver tie clasp contains a jewel that matched the jewels in the pin his sister wore attached to her dangling double-strand necklace of pearls


Of course, the children have noticed me sitting in the bench nearby, but innocently assume I’m an adult from their party come to watch them at play.

They have no idea that it is not just them playing, nor just their attire, that has piqued my interest!


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