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Playground Puppies Chapter 2

After a bit, I overhear that the girls wish to stay longer than the hour they have been allowed.

“So, I almost missed this show, if I had been by here 15 minutes later, the playground would have been deserted!”

The brother sagely says they should head back now…

I smile, as he acts the little gentleman by helping the blonde on with her black velour jacket.

A jewelled pin blazes to life from the jackets’ lapel!


I arise and quickly going up to them, kindly say I will go and ask their mums for permission as long as I am watching over them

They cheer up at that, thanking me sweetly… and all three then start to turn to continue to play…

I hold them up from leaving, expressing concern that they may lose some of their pretty jewellery as they play.

As I say this, I am lifting the cousin’s silver pendant from her glossy top, admiring the shine!

Sternly staring down at their nervous faces, I say that I am surprised that their parents had let them outside without taking any means to prevent losing their pretty things while they played!

I suggest that they should take precautions!

I then proceed to explain to their now worried faces, that if they want me to watch them so they can play a little longer than they need to protect their jewellery!

I suggest to the girls that they should remove their jewellery and give it up to the lad for safekeeping!

The two darling girls look back to the boy to see what he says!

I look at him smiling, he then nods his head in agreement!

“Good boy!”

I think this to myself as I reach into a pocket….


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