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Playground Puppies Chapter 3

I take out a white handkerchief and lay it out onto a bench.

I instruct the two girls each to approach in turn…

I then generously help them to carefully remove their precious jewellery!

The redhead is first.

I help her unclasp her pearl necklace and guide her hand to the handkerchief where she places it down gently. She removes her bracelet and ring and smiles most fetchingly at me as she places them on top of her necklace. As she unclasped each of her earrings, I admire her slippery feeling blouse and pat my fingers down along her skirt. She smiles at the attention as she added her glittery earrings to the white silk handkerchief!

I then beckon the blonde to come.

She obediently approaches as her cousin steps happily aside. I lift her pendant and she reached behind her neck and unclasps it. I then let it drape carefully over the pile of pearls. I lift her hand, admiring her ring as she slips it off and places it on the handkerchief. As she removes her earrings I take the time to lightly caress and admire her pretty yellow silk top, and skirt, complimenting her on both!

The lad, bless his soul, reminds his cousin of her pretty jewelled hairpiece. She nods her head, and lifts it out then adds it to the pile.

As she reaches up to fix her silky blonde hair, I reach up with both hands and undo the glittery pin on her soft jacket’s lapel, a jewelled sunflower with emerald leaves.

She actually chirped to me a thank you for helping! As I added it to the shimmery pile heaped on the silk handkerchief

They both had beamed at my compliments on their attire, not realizing that I am making sure their pockets and clothes contain nothing of value that may have been missed!

The handkerchief now has a nice pile of glistening silver, gleaming pearls, and glittery gemmed pieces.

I then beckon the lad to come up.

He removes his tie clasp and adds it to the glittery pile.

I pat him also, admiring how handsome he looks all dressed up like a proper little gentleman!


As I do all of this, I never stop talking to the three young ’uns assuring them how smart they are to be acting so mature!

I then carefully fold up the handkerchief and place it inside the lad’s black trouser pocket.

I notice that he is rather excited overtaking on the responsibility of keeping the girl’s valuables safe!

For I could feel his perked, pent up pleasure as I told him he was helping protect HIS girl’s jewels from being lost!

A Feeling I will admit to helping stoke as I tightly squeezed the thickly bundled handkerchief against his leg as I drove it deep inside his trouser pocket

With a winning smile, I then release them, sending the three children back off to happily play!

I stand watching the elegantly attired children for a few precious minutes!

It had all gone smoothly, and was over far too soon!


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