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Playground Puppies Chapter 4

They began to play a game of cops and robbers, I smirk cannily to myself…

They appear to be playing with more liberty, having more fun now that they don’t have to worry about losing anything of value!

As The lad chases down his sister and grasps the squirming lass in a bear hold, I sigh deeply.

It was then, with some slight tugs of reluctance, that I finally turn and walk away to head back through the woods…

As I do, I imagine the scene Inside when the lad proudly pulls the bundled handkerchief he has been guarding, out of his trouser pocket!

All eyes will be shocked when it is opened and found that it contains, not the children’s jewellery, but pebbles like the ones found scattered under the benches!

The real handkerchief, the one the girls put their shiny jewels upon, having been switched using sleight of hand, now resided in one of my secret hidden pockets!

One of several I have sewn into my clothes.

But the rest are regrettably empty, I mourn to myself, as I imagine what other riches could have been found at the party the children at the playground had been attending!


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