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No Sweat Chapter 3

I allowed the girls to take leave, fully admiring what the pair were displaying as they swished away.

This friend with long silky blonde hair was wearing a most unusually coloured gown that flowed with delightfully rhythmic ease along with her also young, voluptuous figure, one that I would not mind having a closer exploration, of both figure and gown!

She was wearing sapphires that tantalizingly were teasing me as I gleefully appraised how they were being worn down along her pleasingly pert figure!

At a discreet distance, I continued following them, eagerly keeping my eyes on them and their sparkling figures as they went inside to the Ballroom.

Off to one side was a long oak bar, and it was here I headed to take up a vantage point to watch the dancers.

The band was playing a set of fast, almost tango-like rhythms that reminded me of the music of the flapper era.

The packed guests on the floor were mob dancing to the music’s’ jazzy style, brushing up against each other, then away, then grabbing their partners(s) and swirling around them.

There were also more far more women dancing than men!

The lights were dimmed down, so that the dancers appeared as almost shadow figures, with just enough lighting to allow the jewels being worn to sparkle and flash!

The dancer’s colourful gowns and skirts swished and fluttered along with their glistening wet shiny figures in a most provocative fashion.

The men who were there were also physically into it.

Some of them had taken off jackets and overworked muscles could be seen clearly through perspiration-soaked silk and cotton shirts, some with ruffles!

My two girls were in the thicke of it, dancing their little hearts and souls out.

Bumping, grinding, and sliding against one another, their slippery gowns allowing for the most fluid of provocative gliding bodily motions.

I finally turned my eyes away and was checking down the line of stools to see if any of the removed jackets, with the possible wallets, were hanging unintended!


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