Cutpurse Academy

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No Sweat Chapter 4

That was when I spotted this couple sitting at the opposite end of the bar, rise and move off to join the gathering on the dance floor.

I quickly spotted the lady’s purse sitting on her chair, left half covered by a rich looking Thicke mink hanging off the back.

Keeping an eye on the couple on the dance floor, I moved my way down and took the Male’s empty seat next to it.

As I looked around to see if I was in view of anyone, and deciding I was in the clear, I moved the mink over and with my left hand’s fingers, flicked open the purses clasp.

Looking around again, and finding where the owner of the purse was located on the dance floor, my senses tingling like mad, I reached inside and felt around.

Feeling a hard-cold wedge, I wrapped my finger around it and pulled out a solid gold cigarette case, which I slipped into a secret pocket.

Then looking around again, still, no one looking my way, I reached in again and feeing something satiny and bulky, I pulled out a small coin purse!

I felt the loose coins and a healthy wad of notes inside!

I stashed this also, then sat for a few more very long minutes watching everything, before calmly rising and making my way to dance floor where I began circling to the outer rim.


Now a Lady, wearing a glittering sequined dress, was singing, weaving in and out amongst the throbbing mob of dancers. The music was loud and Jazzy, as was the song she was singing whilst she seductively weaved in and out amongst the dancers.

As I watched, I marveled that was quite a crowd of em, dancers I mean!

Their perspiring bodies, sweat caused by the vigorous close dancing, made for some inviting play.

I do not know why it took till then for the thought to finally occurred to me, but therein on the dance floor, lay the opportunity and means to put my nimble fingers inside some easy work!

For, like ice cubes on a sizzling hot griddle, things worn or in pockets along their sweaty figures, could just easily be melted away with no explanation, rhyme, or reason!


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