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No Sweat Chapter 5

The two pretty maids I had met earlier, and their flashy gowns and jewels were still squirming to the music!

Bumping, rubbing, and closely sliding up against one another in their luxuriously long satin gowns.

Arms up and down, they would embrace and run their hands along with each other’s figures. Then they would turn and back into one another, then away again to repeat the sequence as they danced to the loud wailing music!

Other single girls were circling them, and soon all were taking turns performing the same enticingly tingly moves on each other.

Then two men from opposite sides saw the group of ladies, and cracked the ice by breaking in and dancing with them!

While the action was still hot, I too then quickly moved in and joined the mostly silken clad fray without a thought as to what would come next, though I was harbouring a few ideas by that point in time!

I easily made it to, then slipped in between, the two wealthy girls I had targeted!

Their sweaty figures, slickly gyrating against each other. Slippery silks against slick taffetas, against even slippery satins!

They welcomed me with open arms as an acquaintance!

My hair raised, tingling, as I brushed along in between the dancing throng of giggling, well dressed, and certainly well adorned, wealthy princesses


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