Cutpurse Academy

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No Sweat Chapter 6

I wedged myself in-between the two friends.

Turning to face my victims’ dance partner, the one wearing the unusually coloured gown!

She smiled in recognition, raising her arms high over my head.

I could feel her girlfriend wearing the gold gown, rubbing her backside along mine.

I mockingly raised my arms and grasped her hands, feeling the hardness of her many sharp gemmed rings, surprisingly loose on her long thin fingers!

We slipped up against each other, she wriggled up against me as I lowered my hands down her backside.

She turned and backed into me.

I ran my hands deliciously up her and she pressed in against me, I moved my fingers along her gold gown, now slightly damp with her moist sweat!

I wrapped my fingers along her midriff, pulling in and then down along her hips, placing one hand behind my back, the other turned her to face me, she smiled witch-like and teasingly moved off.

The Singer in the glittery dress circled close by and all eyes, sans mine, watched her as she sang, while her fingers were touching people, mostly males, on their cheeks and side.

As she passed, we kept dancing, brushing, and bumping against one another to the song’s methodical rhythms.

I turned and again moved in, capturing my intended victim, drawing her squirmy figure close up against me!

Feeling her fingers grasping around my waist as we danced in rhythm, she buried her face in my shoulder as I felt her giggling.

I wrap my arms around her neck and pulled her in, her hot breasts rubbing against me.

She was quite a bit Horney with drink, and I took advantage full of it as I lifted my leg up between her long legs.

She responded by sitting on my knee, stroking her figure along it!!

I then took complete advantage of the heat of that moment, by undoing the clasp of her dazzling necklace of cascading diamonds!

I then pulled them slickly up along and over her sweaty shoulder as we embraced, our figure rocking up along each other!

Her friend conveniently backed into me again, pushing me into my partner, distracting her even further from what was going on around the vicinity of her gown’s neckline!

It felt like I was in the bloody middle of a Ménage à trois.

“Not that there was anything wrong with that!”


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