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No Sweat Chapter 7

Smirking to myself, as they watched me leave, I ducked out and touching my victim on her tightly satin clad rear, pushed her into her friend.

They tripped over each other giggling, and hanging on tightly, brought themselves wobbling to their knees!

But by the time they unsteadily were helped up, laughing hysterically and looked around for me, I was long gone with the diamond necklace!


Quickly I moved weaved and spun my way, squeezing back out of the crowd of, sweat-filled, hot bodied dancers.

Meanwhile, the singer had made it back up onto the stage and began belting out the end to her song.

I made my way back out onto the terrace, the cool breeze of the misty night a Godsend along with my overly heated figure.

The outside was quietly deserted as I made my way back to the exterior gardens.

My hair felt wilted, my attire limply laid along my still sweating figure.

My mouth was dry as cotton as I wearily exited the gardens to make my escape into the fog


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