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Smooth as Virgin Silk Chapter 1

“Bloody ’Ell!”

With that exclamation, I did a complete double-take.

The girl innocently swishing by was dressed in a long ocean blue gown of sleek satin. Quarter sleeves with a high neckline.

But it was all the bloody, dazzling, glittering that grabbed my attention…!

A matching set of sparklers; dangling cascading earrings, wide “lace” style necklace, bracelet, and a brace of rings, all of it small and dainty, all of it quality diamond, and best of all, appearing to be invitingly obtainable.

Because the young chick laden down with those petite diamonds was all of a worldly naive thirteen years of age. And, as for the glossy gown that clung charmingly to her girlish figure…?

Well, it was a cry out to even the most novice of us pickpockets to use its sleekness to execute a nimble “slip up and flick” maneuver to relieve this little squirming princess of some piece of her expensive jewellery!


I turned heel, and followed her on a whim, figuring that at the very least, I had to eyeball the mother who had dressed this young imp!

Licking my lips as I got in step behind, figuring that that particular chick’s hen should be wearing some rather tasty, adult-sized baubles of her own.


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