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Smooth as Virgin Silk Chapter 2

I was soon led to the prize.

The 13-year old’s mother a mid-30ish lady, very prim and proper.

She was elegantly clad in a brown taffeta halter strapped gown, with the skirt hanging down in tiers’ from her still quite slender waist.

Her jewels were also diamonds, an adult-sized set that exactly matched her daughter’s smaller version, diamond for sparkly diamond!.

I could see why the daughter was wearing such expensive things, but not sure that I understood why a mother would go to such an expense to make her daughter a copycat?

I was also sure that either the mother possessed a designer blue satin gown that matched the one her daughter was now wearing and that her daughter had a designer brown taffeta gown that matched the one her mother wore!

But I did not see the need to approach and ask her that for verification!

The mother also had a small gold purse with a jewelled clasp dangling at her side, nicely plump looking, I could only just imagine the treasure trove that was hidden inside!

As I got closer, I overheard the daughter being lectured by her mother for wondering off.

As I stood at a distance observing, a lad, obviously her son, age of about 14 came up to them

He was dressed impeccably in a fitted suit with a matching vest.

A fancy, engraved thick gold watch, and the fob was strung across his waist.

As the mother corrects her daughter, telling her she needs to stay with her brother, she pulls out lipstick form her gold purse, then places the purse on a table behind her, before bending down to fix the daughter’s face.

I took my eyes of the now tightly outlined figure of the mother to look around…

The lad is eyeballing some elegantly attired young girls walking by, the daughters’ blue eyes are closed as her mother is focused on making the girl even more mature in appearance!

But, as soon as the elegantly dressed mother sat down that gold purse, I had started to move!

Briskly circling, I walked unnoticed behind the trio, in between them and the front of the table.

Reaching the table, I looked around, the coast was clear, I lifted the gold purse, stowing it away, and without looking back, kept on going like I was catching up to the pair of young ladies.


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