You will never get me back

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Evangelina was married to James for 15 years. They had Hannah, Scarlett and twins Justin & Jackson. Evangelina over the years stopped working as a doctor to become a housewife whilst James a top lawyer pleaded all the ladies behind Evangelina back. He couldn’t stay faithful and he wasn’t a present father. And his family hated Evangelina and her kids. The events of one night pushes Evangelina over the edge.....

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

“There she is finally!” James said from the bottom of the stairs. “I look and feel like a whale” I frowned. “You are carrying twins” James answered whilst staring at his phone “ so I do look like a whale” I responded “a small whale” James said. “Mummy you look like a princess” Hannah and Scarlett said in sync. I laughed “ come on shoes on and off to the dad mobile everyone” I commanded “ its an Audi you can never call that a dad mobile” James answered he was angry but I laughed and headed to the car.

Today was our nieces christening. As we pulled up to the venue there were many paparazzis flashing there cameras of course Tamsin’s white Range Rover was parked right at the entrance. Tamsin is James’s famous younger sister. After pushing past all the paparazzi we managed to finally make our way into the venue. It was beautifully decorated it looked more like a ball than a child’s christening really. “ yohooo” Claire shouted from across the venue. Claire was Married to James’s younger brother George . she came over and gave the two girls each a lollipop before shooing them over the kids play area. “ well looked at you” Claire said pointing at my swollen belly. “Leave it out Claire I feel like a whale as it is” I said to her rolling my eyes Claire and the mum gang now started to surround me Claire was a very weird character sometimes she would be so nice to me babysitting for us whenever but she was definitely a show off and always wanted to be better than me, I never knew why but I always ignored it. “ hey James” Tamsin said coming over to us she was a weird girl not she never acknowledged me. “ I missed you come sit with us” she dragged him away. Claire and her evil mum gang still surrounding me. I managed to get away and join James again James’s mum and dad both stood up both giving him a hug and not me “ how are you my lovely?” Viv said “ I’m fine just waiting for these rascals to pop out finally” I said rubbing my belly. “Not you dear why don’t you be a doll and get us a drink” Viv said facing me. I laughed at her thinking she was obviously joking but she definitely wasn’t. I went to the kids play area to join the girls. I really hated it here everyone treated me and my daughters like outcasts and yet we couldn’t leave because that would be rude of us I sat and played with them until the ceremony began.

After marrying James I found it very difficult getting along with his family they all loved Claire but hated me. Over the years I think we have become civil with each other but I can still feel there hatred. Tamsin was cool and didn’t really get involved with family drama which is why we become pretty close. I never trusted her either, because who can betray there family like that. It always made me sad that I never really had a family my parents died when I was 8 but I was soon adopted by my best friends Italia’s family. But after a big bust up before moving to America for medical school I never spoke to them again. So I made sure that I built my own little family. James, Hannah, Scarlett and my twin boys who were due imminently.

Back to the christening. The christening ended and the party started after a few hours of fake chatting with James’s family. I called it a night and got my girls ready in the car. James stupidly forgot that he was the designated driver and got himself drunk. After getting him into the passenger side it was time for me and my humongous self to get into the drivers seat and prepare for the 40 minute drive home.

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