What A Smile Can Hide

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Grace Walker, a straight A student and a goody too shoes. Although that's what everyone thought, can good grades and a smile blind everyone from seeing the truth? With abusive adoptive parents, bullies and a little brother to look after, how will Grace cope. Mason Reed, one of Grace’s worst bullies. He sees something else in Grace. Something that she hides from everyone else with just a smile. Pain, something so simple to hide in a smile but something so hard to hide in you eyes. Warning: Violence, bullying and abuse.

Drama / Other
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Grace Walker

- 17 nearly 18 years old

- Waist length dark brown hair

- Dark brown eyes

Jaxon Walker (Grace Walkers little brother)

- 5 years old

- Short brown hair

- Dark brown eyes

Charles Johnston (Grace and Jaxon's adoptive father)

- Grey hair

- 47 years old

- Hazel eyes

Frances Johnston (Charles Johnston's wife)

- Blonde hair

- Light brown eyes

- 43 years old

Mason Reed

- Black hair

- Blue eyes

- 18 years old

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