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This story is qbour a girl whom she met in her life.. whom has living the way she dream to live..

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DREAM like LIFE is the story of poppy. poppy has a big dream how her parent should be and also about sibling. She knew that nothing gonna change even though she can't let it fade it became longing dream then she met a family which was living the way

how she dreamed to have her family to be.Now everyone feel some where you heard about poppy. Yes its related to The princess Flower.

The PRINCESS Flower" is the story of a girl and how she end up transforming completely over a period.

Poppy is a perfect short girl, a fireball of energy on the outside but messy on the inside. A thousand secrets lay hidden behind her smiles.

But she was not always like this.

What is her story.?

You will get to know everything about her life you were never able to figure out in THE PRINCESS FLOWER.. here we gonna see the family which she met how she became the part of the family and in the process get to know everything about her "DREAM like LIFE"

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