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The Wheel

By Johntaw All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Drama

Chapter 1

Six years ago the following was happening in a small village somewhere in the world.

Caren is a lovely woman. She is 35 years old with long white hair and a pretty face. She likes to take her bike for a ride or take a run at the jogging track. She is high educated and works as a manager at a financial institute down town. She’s very determined and because she has the gift of the gab she often win all possible conflicts she gets involved in. But her voice is soft and calm so it’s not always you even understand that you have lost the discussion to her.

Her husband Bob is not that well educated but has a heart of gold. He is a 37 years old very masculine man. He works as a constructor and spends a lot of time at the gym. He is not as fluent as his wife and therefore none of their friends would say other than that she is definitely the boss in their relationship. Sometimes he gets very frustrated over her strong will and lack of understanding of other people’s needs.

Caren and Bob have been married for six years and they, or she, has decided that children can wait. Career first, then family life, when, and if, life is stable and wealthy.

Caren sometimes thinks Bob is week. Whole her life she’s been used to control other people and she is also working as a manager, so her personality is bossy. Bob accepts that. He has been the opposite of person all his life. Conflicts always end up with Caren’s victory. Sometimes he hates her for that. Sometimes he raise his voice, Caren never does. He is clenching his fist in his pockets, looks down at the floor and keeps the frustration quiet. Caren knows. She strongly believes that she is always right. Her opinion is very important because she always thinks big. She calculates all possible problems and weighs them against solutions. It’s not possible for her to let others make big decisions that can affect her life in any possible way. She really needs people around her to accept her need of control. It’s a strong part of her personality. The truth is that it’s very uncommon that she actually is wrong. All their friends, people that works for her and Bob, knows it.

But from time to time it’s nice when someone listens to you. It’s a fact that everybody wants to make their voice heard. But in a world where no one wants to listen it’s not always that easy to be heard. Bob also have a need to be heard, to have someone listen to him without the end up feeling that all he says is nonsense.

All becomes habits. To adapt is an essential part of existence. But somewhere in the deep of the soul are the really you hidden and fast asleep.

At work Caren has found one of her coworkers, Christian to be very interesting. All men are always interested of her so she is not used to anything else. She thinks he is very nice and very handsome. He’s also more voluble than her husband. He laughs at here jokes and have quick answers. At an office party once she lets him kiss her. Christian is exited, but she holds him down. She has shown him interest and at this point that’s enough.

Bob and Caren’s neighbors are a nice couple at the same age as themselves. They have two teenage children. The neighbor woman, Clarissa, is a beautiful brunette. Caren and Bob have often heard their neighbors argue loudly, mostly about children’s raise.  Clarissa definitely has the loudest voice. Her husband mostly disagree with her opinions, but she always win.

Bob and Clarissa have a sexual affair. It has been going on since last summer. Sex between Caren and Bob died long time ago. Angry words and acrimony really kill the need of closeness and sex. With time and a relationship that is stocked in a bad mode, frustration soon is all there is to it.

Bob has feelings for Clarissa. All the love his golden heart are field with needs to be shared. He must give it to somebody. Clarissa accepts it more than well.

Caren has seen Bob and Clarissa’s eyes. She is aware that something is going on. But she has no proof yet. She will wait for that little mistake from them that will give her the proof she needs to divorce Bob with a strong cause. When they got married they promised to loves each other in sickness and in health, for god and for bad. That’s why she just can’t divorce him without a reason. She cannot accept herself to break a promise. She did not have to wait long once her focus was aimed. Bob made a mistake and left his phone with undeleted text messages from Clarissa, full of passion. Normally Caren would not have paid any attention to his phone, but this was not normal times. She confronted her husband with the messages and as always he had not a chance to defend himself. Only this time he was not a victim. This was his choice to have an affair with the neighbor wife. Caren stayed focused and did not lose any temper, as always.

They got divorced late that autumn. The neighbors also got divorced. Christian, the male neighbor, could not stand the thoughts of her wife being unfaithful. The fact that he was extremely interested in Caren and even had kissed her at the office party did not give him any bad conscience.

Bob moved in with Clarissa and Christian moved in with Caren.

This was six years ago.

In Caren and Christian’s house no one could say otherwise than that Caren is the boss. Long time ago Christian was able to somewhat answer up to Caren’s gift of gab, but those days are gone. What she once thought was so funny and charming about him is now only annoying. She makes sure he is quiet and does what she wants him to do. And he is. Caren thinks Christian is week.

Over at Bob and Clarissa are the voices high from time to time. The teenagers are grown up and have moved out. Clarissa’s voice is very, very loud. Those days they seldom have sex anymore. Frustration has moved into the walls. Anger is a permanent guest in the house.

Cross the street lives a couple about the same age as themselves. And just like them, they argue a lot. At Caren’s job a new coworker has just start working. The funny fact is that he lives just across their street at home…

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