Cult Princess - Book One

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This is the first part of a three-part series about a Woman's experience with a Religious Cult. Book One tells us how she and her family were introduced to a cult when she was 11 years old. How would a family that has everything they need become interested in a cult? What does an 11-year-old girl can decide as her family becomes more and more interested? This is a spiritual journey for a family as well as a story of being trapped.

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Victoria Temple
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The Family Across the Street

Being born with the name Angel is special. It makes you feel like you are close to God. At 11 years old, I was interested in what other girls were interested in. Things like which music should be listened to and what clothes to wear. I sent as many text messages as anyone else and I had an app for everything! I was popular enough at school and had friends.

My family was like any other family. I was an only child.o pit We were upper middle class which meant we never needed anything and being the only child, I never had hand-me-down clothes and could get what I wanted. We live in a nice two-story house and it was furnished with very modern furniture. We had 2 cars and I loved my bike.

Dad was an accountant. He was a thin man that looked like he never did sport or could work at the gym. He always wore a necktie and explained it was part of his identity. Dad worked a lot, but this did not matter. He argued that someone had to pay for two cars and a bike. Although he worked hard, he always had time for me. Sometimes he would come home and tell us to wear our best clothes because he was taking his two favorite women on a date in some posh restaurant.

The other woman was, of course, my mom. Mom and Dad really loved each other and would put Romeo’s and Juliet’s love to shame. Mom was always a happy woman and loved dressing like a hippie. She loved cooking and baking and seemed like she was always in a good mood and was always so optimistic. Even when she was disappointed about election outcomes, mom would say it’s only for 4 years! I had a good relationship with mom. She would help me with everything, including my homework

I had nothing to complain about!

We were not very religious. We went to church once a week and I said prayers before I went to sleep. Otherwise, my mom was very spiritual. She read books and looked at documentaries that dealt with spiritual matters. I think this was the influence of Granny, that was as Catholic as they get.

When It was my 11 years old birthday, we noticed a moving van move in the house across the street. I was in the front yard watching them move in. I could see a man and a woman and a girl my age. This made me so happy as I thought it was great a girl my age would be a neighbor. We could be best friends and do things together. We could even share secrets.

I rushed over and introduced myself. I found out that the girl’s name was Ellie. She looked very odd. She had her hair in single pigtails and wore this grey dress that went from her head to her feet. It looked like it came from the dark ages. Still, I did not want to judge her.

I told her that my birthday was later and she could come over to help me celebrate it later. Her mom looked at me sternly and announced that they did not celebrate birthdays. It was against their beliefs. I must have stood there in shock and did not know what to say. Ellie was also very uncomfortable as she explained that she had to get back to work. Her mother praised her for remembering that work comes before social activities.

That night we had a cake that mom baked. Grandma was also there. They all noticed that I was quiet. I told them about the new family and they did not celebrate birthdays. I was confused. Why should a birthday party seem so bad? This also meant that Ellie never had a birthday party in her life. She must have been so sad not to experience this. Dad understood me and said they did sound strange.

Mom smiled and said that we should properly welcome them. So she decided that we would bake an apple pie the next day and officially welcome them to the neighborhood. Mom was just happy that a young family was moving in, not any dangerous people.

When we went over to present the apple pie, they looked totally shocked. Ellie’s mom asked her husband if they were even allowed to eat the pie. This was totally strange hearing an adult ask if they could eat an apple pie. Ellie even whispered that she never tasted one. Her Dad told them that the prophet would not mind. They took the pie and said thank you.

Then Ellie’s mother got all excited and told mom that she also had a present. She gave mom a small book and said that she hoped mom would read it. I thought it was strange that they all were so excited about giving mom this book. The name of the book was “Salvation through the prophet”. It sounded like a book I had no wish to read.

Mom agreed that the new family was different. She would not use the word strange as she thought this was so negative. Mom was insistent that we get to know this family.

That afternoon, I saw Ellie in the front yard so I went over to speak with her. I tried talking about cell phones and iPods and the music I liked. I was shocked when she said she did not have a cell phone or even a tab. She did not have many clothes and she did not have toys. She was very different and after a while, I did not know what to say to her. I made some excuse that I had to do some homework. Ellie seemed very sad that I was going.

I thought about her the next day when we were at school. I expected to show her around the school and help her get friends. I was afraid that she would be teased because of her clothes and she was so different. I knew that she needed a friend to protect her and maybe show her how a girl like her should be. The problem was that she did not come to school. This made me think all day that she was probably afraid to start at a new school. I knew that I would be afraid!

That night at supper, Mom told us that she read the book that the family gave her. It was about a preacher that called himself Prophet Alberto. He tried to study as a priest when he was young but was kicked out of the seminary. Later after years of working in a factory, he had an experience where he heard God’s voice. God told him the only way to heaven was to live apart from the world and create a community that is totally dedicated to God! So the prophet did this. He started preaching about the holy town and hundreds of people started following him and they soon established their own town called Paradise.

Dad sighed when he heard this and said it sounds like a religious cult. I really did not understand what that meant.

All I knew is that she did not come to school all week. This made me ask myself if she was allowed. I thought a lot about her. Maybe it was because she was so different I felt sorry for her that she was so strange. How could she live in a world without the essentials such as a phone or tablet? She needed to be more aware of fashion and take pride in what she wears.

When I came home from school, I noticed that the family put a huge wooden cross in their front yard. Dad noticed it too and he was not happy about it. This caused a disagreement between mom and dad. Mom thought they should be allowed to have a cross as there a human right to express one’s faith. Dad just thought that people should keep religion to themselves. I listened to them both and to be honest, I did not know what to think. I knew they were different and it seemed as if this did not bother them.

During the weekend, I spoke with Ellie again. She told me that she is not allowed to go to school as the children and teachers there did not know the truth and will end up corrupting her. She followed the prophet. The prophet considered his followers as the angels of God. There was no need for materialistic goods. She did not have a phone or the nice clothes that I had, but she was an angel and had no need for them.

I thought about this discussion when we were at Church. Ellie was not at church. However, she seemed to have huge faith in God. I thought she was weird. I mean she was not interested in fashion or cell phones or makeup or anything like a normal girl would be interested in. When she talked about her religion and how she likes it, it was as if she was reciting a poem.

Then I figured out why I found her odd. Ellie never smiled and never seemed to be relaxed. Her eyes seemed blank as if she was a shell. This made me think that under the surface of being an angel and her religion, she was a sad girl.

I spoke to her again after church and my fears were confirmed. She admitted that the prophet wanted his angels to toil and work hard. Everything they possessed was owned by him. They did not have to worry about materialistic goods or food. He provided everything. This meant that the angels just had to work. Ellie said in a low voice that she often wondered what it was like in the world outside her Church. She admitted that she would love to have a friend.

Then she started to panic as if she realized she said something wrong. She told me she had to go.

“Wait” I shouted, “We can be friends!”

“You...You really want to be my friend?”

To be continued

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