Newton Prep Boys

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Camryn Scott is your average teen, now entering her first year as a senior in a new high school . She doesn't stand out and though she makes good grades, she isn't your typical nerd. She doesn't like crowds and she mostly keeps to herself. When she gets a scholarship for the art program at Newtown Prep, her dad insists she move in with the Jackson family. It's just her luck that the oldest in the family, Nate, is Newtown Prep's play boy. He is rude, brooding, and it doesn't help that he is also very handsome. Nate is almost always with his also very handsome and Camryn's really hates the fact that they are always at her new home. Camryn's sarcastic attitude pushes most away but ultimately draws a few closer to her. What will happen when she moves in with the Jacksons and gets tangled in with Newtown Prep play boys?

Drama / Romance
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My New Address

“Dad, really! I don’t mind going to school and driving 3 hours every day to come home.” I exclaimed, trying to convince my father not to send me to live with the Jacksons to go to school. “No sweetie, I rather you be closer to the school plus, the jacksons are a really nice family. They have loads of money and i know they’ll take care of you. John is an old friend and he wouldn’t let anything happen to you” my dad said, as he walked around the small island to the refrigerator. I scoffed, “please, I don’t wan their stupid money and i don’t want to live in a stupid house full of stupid rich-”

“Camryn!” my dad yelled, with his brows furrowed. “Do not speak of them in that way. They are good people. They always have been” He said before he gulped down half a bottle of water he got from the refrigerator. I rolled my eyes upset that he just puts his trust in anybody. “How do I know that dad? You sending me off so easily make me think you don't want me anymore” I said, as I pout and fake cry.

My dad chuckled lightly and walked over to me and put his arms over my shoulder and hug me tightly. “Of course i still want you..I think” my dad said with a playful smile. My lips parted slightly in shock and i cleared my throat and gave him a frustrated look.

He leaned his head back and laughed hard. “I’m kidding kiddo, of course I want you.” He said, and he ruffled my hair. I pushed his hand off. He knows how much I hate that. “Cam, you have to understand. I will never send you somewhere if I didn’t trust them completely.” My dad said, with a soften look on his face. “Even if i had the slightest worry, I wouldn’t let you go.” I hugged him tightly. “Okay fine” I smiled at my dad.

The rest of the night went pretty smoothly. I ate the rest of the leftover alfredo we had for dinner last night. It tasted as good as the night we made it.

Our house was average. It wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small. It was just right in my opinion. We didn’t have a lot of money because we spent the last bit of or savings on my mom's treatment before she died. It’s not a subject I like to speak on. Now we rely on the money my dad and I make on our jobs.


“Cam!” my father called out to me. I was in too much of a deep sleep to hear him. “Camryn!” he called again. My dad walked upstairs to my room, and busted into the door like a crazy person. “Camryn Scott, get up or you’re going to be late!” he yelled.

“Oh shit!” I screamed, as I forced myself up. My dad pointed me a surprised mixed with an angry look. I quickly covered my mouth with my hand. “Oops sorry dad” I said, incomprehensible because my mouth was covered.

“Okay get up, get up. You don’t want to be late!” he said, pulling the covers off of me. I groaned still tired. I hadn’t got much sleep last night because I was up on the Newtown Prep website researching about the school. I can already tell I’m going to have a hard time fitting in here and if it weren’t for the scholarship I wouldn’t be attending this school at all.

“Wait dad, I wouldn’t be going to the school at this time” I said confused because I came to a realization and there is no reason I should be waking up this early. “No, but you have to go to the Jacksons-” I scoffed and rolled my eyes. He gave me a look that read fix your face but ignored me nonetheless. “Once you meet the Jacksons you have a tour at Newtown Prep right after.” My dad noticed the annoyed looked on my face and sighed. “I know you think the Jacksons are rich snobs that does not care about anyone but themselves.” I scoffed amused “yeah, you forgot all of Newtown Prep” I rolled my eyes. “If it weren’t for that scholarship, I wouldn’t think one thought about going there but this is the only way I’m getting into college because...” I trailed off and my dad noticed the sad look on my face. He already knew what I was about to say.

He pulled me into a hug, “yes I know. She would be so happy to know that you’re going to that school.” He said, with a tight lip smile. “I know dad.”


My dad and I arrived at what I assume is the Jackson’s house. I got out of my dad’s car and looked up at the house. It’s beautiful...and huge. “It is.” my dad commented. I didn’t realize I said that out loud. I scoffed “that still doesn’t mean I want to be here.” My dad rolled his eyes. My stubbornness is obviously my worst quality. I smiled slightly because seeing my father roll his eyes is super amusing.

The house was very tall and white. It had two long poles that stood from the porch to the first balcony. Yep, of course they have two. They had a beautiful garden in the front yard which was huge by the way. There was a pretty rock fountain in the front of the yard, directly in the middle. It was very mesmorizing and it was hard to look away. The lawn was very ... very green. They probably had someone cut the grass, trim hedges, and shape the bushes probably once a week. rich snobs.

It's not that I have a problem with rich people. Just the self-centered ones who think they are more superior then others... so all of them.

There were about six steps leading up to the front of the house. We stood in front of two large, brown wooden doors and my dad rung the doorbell. We could hear it from outside. Of course it was some fancy rich song that lasted for a least 15 seconds. I scoffed and laughed lightly and my dad turned his head to me. There is no reason why a doorbell should ring that long. I know that’s going to bother me later.

Shortly after the door opened. “Hi Dan.” The brown hair lady said, as she smiled at my dad. “Julie, hey” my dad responded, returning her smile as he hugged her and kissed her cheek lightly. She then turned her head to me “and you must be Camryn. Nice to meet you sweety.” I smiled tightly as she opened her arms, expecting me to hug her. I reluctantly went closer to her and wrapped my arms around her waist “hi.”

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