Newton Prep Boys

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Meet the Jacksons

“Come on in” Julie said, excitedly. “I must take you to meet the family” she said as she smiled widely. Sheesh could she tone down the exhilaration. As we began to follow behind her my dad leaned in close beside me and I turned to him. “Be nice.” he whispered. “pfft” I said as I looked ahead. He hadn’t said anything so I turned to him again. He was glaring at me so I rolled my eyes, “fine.”

The inside of the Jackson’s house was huge. I’m sure if I yelled i could probably hear my echo. I looked around the room which we stood in astonishment. It was truly beautiful. Did I already say huge? There were two large sets of stairs that lead to the second floor of the house. The stairs were white and the railing was gold. You could probably guess that it was actual pre gold. The walls were white and the house had plenty of chandeliers with light hanging from the ceiling and it made the room we were standing in very bright. There stood a table with a small glass table with small defined designs on it. I couldn’t quite make out what they were. On top of the table was a large plant. I’m not a plant specialist so I don’t know what type of plant it is but it was big.

An older man probably in his late 60′s came into the room. That can’t be her husband can it? Julie looked young, late 30′s or early 40′s but she was very beautiful. She had a slim figure and she was pretty tall. She towered over me but wasn’t quite as tall as my dad who was standing at a long 6′2. She had curly, chestnut brown hair that stopped just passed her shoulders. Her eyes were a pretty shade of grey and they were just so bright. I wonder if she was always this happy. I can’t see why not, she’s stinking filthy rich. That’s enough to make anybody happy right?

The man who walked in the room had grey hair, grey mustache, and wrinkles near his eyes. He was dressed very conservatively and formally. The man had a black suit; consisting of a jacket and tie. He had a white blazer underneath and black trousers. Butler maybe?

“John, please go inform the kids that our new house guest have arrived and we will have dinner twenty.” she smiled nicely at the older man. “Of course ma’am” he said, as he returned her smile and bowed slightly. I watched john as he began walking up the left stairs. .I noticed there were picture lined against the walls alongside the stairs but I didn’t pay much attention to them. Please tell me they have an elevator here somewhere because I do not see myself walking up and down those stairs every day. There were probably about 30 or so steps on each side. My legs will give out on the first 10. Sorry, I can’t help that I’m lazy.

“Ah, let me show you two around!” Julie smiled as her hand gestures to the next room. Her smiled grew wider when we started to walk in the direction she directed us to. I wish I could share her enthusiasm but I just don't have a reason to be that excited.

"This was the living area." Julia said as she walks ahead of my father and I. "We don't spend much time in here. Not as a family anyways. This is where Nate and his friends usually hang out at. He doesn't like for his siblings to be around when his friends are over." Julia said trying to keep the smile on her face. She doesn't seem so excited about that. I take my attention off of the woman and start to look around the living area.

This room was also very bright. I place my hand on my forehead, right above my eyes to shield them from the light as I look up at the huge chandelier that hung from the crease in the ceiling. I noticed a huge the huge empty wall above the fire place. The must be putting something there later. The living area had pretty white couches and a single white rocking chair on each side. Why is everything so white here? Are they sure they want me to live here with them because nine times out of ten, everything won't be as white when I leave. There was a giant flat screen TV on the wall directly across from the couch. Okay forget whoever Nate is, I am totally coming in here to watch repeats of the vampire diaries. I've never seen a TV that big. I don't get the chance to look at everything in the room because we were on our way to yet another room.

"This here is the kitchen." Julia said walking around the huge island that stood in the middle of the huge kitchen. The island top was black and white marble. It was so clean and shiny, I could almost see my reflection. "John usually does all the cooking" butler, I knew it. I thought as I mentally pump my fist in the air. "But the kids are in and out of the kitchen with a variety of different snacks" she started chuckling to herself at the thought of her children collecting snacks. "You're welcome to whatever snacks you want at any time Camryn" she said to me and smiled. I nodded once and proceed to look around the kitchen. Seriously, what's with all this white.

"It is the only color me and my husband agreed on." Julia said nicely. "Sorry, I hadn't realize I said that out loud." I said, slightly embarrassed. "No, no it's totally fine, honestly" I forced an awkward smile. Could this lady get any nicer? "Okay, enough with the tour. You'll see the rest of the house when you have finally settled in" she said, and I nodded. "This is certainly a lovely home you've got here." My dad said, as he smiled and looked around the room. "Why thank you Dan." Julia said, as she grinned widely.

"Ah, there are the kids just in time." She said. Just when I thought her smile couldn't get any wider. Her whole face lit up when she saw her children. I couldn't help but smile. I'm so glad her children get the chance to grow up with a nice and caring mom whose face lights up when she sees her children in her line of sight. "Where is your father?" Julia ask, her smile faltering a bit but still smiling nonetheless. "Here honey." My attention is caught by the middle age man jogging down the stairs. He was actually quite handsome. Sheesh, if these two look like that then what does the children look like? Well, there goes the answer to that question.

"Come on children, let me introduce you to our guest!" Julia said, more excited than ever. If she smiles any wider her face will split, literally. Julia's husband is the first to speak. "Dan, my man!" He said, with a wide smile and they hug. "Drew, it's nice to see you man. I see you're still keeping up with your looks. I thought you would've let yourself go." The man leaned his head back and laughed loudly. "You don't look too bad yourself. I see you stopped stuffing your face and dropped a few...hundred" I couldn't help but let out the laugh I was so desperately trying to keep in. "Hey man, not in front of Cam. She didn't know I was chuncky back in school." My dad said, as he turned to me, his cheeks were slightly red from embarrassment. I laughed and placed my hand on his shoulder. "Andrew honey, don't embarrass Dan in front of his daughter" Julie said, slapping her husband's arm playfully as she chuckled lightly. "Thanks Julie." My dad said, still slightly embarrassed. "Hey Camryn, it's nice to meet you. I'm glad to have you staying here with us" he said, as he smiled and held his hand out for me took shake. I took his hand and smiled "hi".

I had almost forgot about the other four people who was standing in the kitchen with us until one of them cleared their throat. "Oh yes, sorry kids" Julia laughed lightly. "Camryn this is Grace." She said as she placed her hands on the young girl's shoulders. "Hi Camryn, I'm six." The little girl said with her chin up and a proud grin on her face. "Hi Grace, I'm eighteen" I said, as I smiled and shook the little girl's hand. She had on a pretty pink dress with a little white ribbon tied in a bow around her waist. She had straight, chestnut brown hair just like her mother that stopped a little above her waist and bangs that hung a little over her eye brows. Her blue eyes looked up at me and she grinned.

"And this is Leon, he's twelve and is probably the smartest of all of us." Leon smiled proudly and took a bow. I chuckled lightly "nice to meet you Leon." Leon had a darker shade of brown hair that was combed over to the right side of his head. He had big round glasses and it made his look dorky but so so cute. I just wanted to take my hand and ruffle his hair. He wore a white blazer with black suspenders and trousers and a cute black bow around his neck.

A girl that looked about my age walked up to me. "Hey, I'm Jessica. You can call me Jess. I am so glad to have a girl here my age because I have had it up to here with these boys. Yay, this is going to be so exciting!" Jessica was really pretty. So pretty, it was unsettling. She wore expensive clothes that made my clothing look like rubbish. She had curly brown hair the stop mid back and pearly white teeth. I'm sure she had all the boys at Newtown wrapped around her little finger. She took both my hands in hers and bounced up and down with enthusiasm. I smiled tightly, trying not to look uncomfortable by the sudden contact. "Okay Jess, try not to scare her away on her first day." Leon said, looking through his glasses up at his big sister. "Oh shut it Leon" she said, then she turned her head back to me. "Sorry" she said, a bit embarrassed. "Its fine" I said, and she smiled and went to stand beside her mother.

"Hi, I'm Scott." A boy who also looked my age approached me. He was very handsome. Though he was only a boy he had a nice strong jawline. He had pretty blue eyes like his mom and curly hair. He had this husky smile on his lips and it made my stomach fluster a bit and I smiled. His eyes were dark as they looked into mine. I had to avert my gaze as I was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. "Hi Scott, Camryn." He took my hand and kissed it. I chuckled a bit as I slipped my hand from his. "Oh Scott cut it out." Jess said hitting his arm. "Don't be aroused Camryn, he does that to every girl." Jess said, rolling her eyes. "Im...Im not aroused". I said, and I felt my cheeks heating up. I could see Scott's cocky smirk through my lashes. I knew I couldn't look at him again without embarrassing myself.

Wait wasn't there supposed to be five of them? "Hey, has anybody seen Nate?" Julia asked with her brows furrowed. "He's at Newtown Hall with Caleb and Ryan. He said to tell you he'll be late to dinner." Jessica said, typing on her phone. "Oh that boy isn't doing anything but getting himself into trouble. Andrew, hun, you should speak with him." Julian said, as she turn to her husband. "Oh intend to" He said.

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