Newton Prep Boys

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Jackson Family Dinner

Julie directed us to the dining table as John prepare the food. There were ten chairs at the table. 4 chairs on each side and one at each end on the table. Scott took a seat on the left side of me and my dad sat on my right. At the head of the table sat Andrew and Julie sat on the other end. On Andrew’s right there was Jessica and on Julie’s left was Leon and beside him sat Grace. There were two extra chairs left, one across from me and one on the right side of my dad. The chairs were quite too close for my liking, hence the uncomfortable feeling I got when Scott sat beside me. Though he was really handsome, I don’t do too well in the boy department.

I’m not one of those girls who gets super weird around boys. You know, the ones who go all robot and their words gets mixed up when any dude come around. Rather, I try to keep my distance from them. They are just distractions, ones that I do not need. It’s been a while since I’ve had an actual boyfriend so I get a little flustered when I’m this close to a guy that handsome, like Scott. Though Scott is a year younger than me, he is still more mature than a lot of guys I know my age.

“Dinner is served” John said, coming in with a large, sliver serving dish when different plates a food that looked immaculate. I felt Scott's leg brush against mine lightly, which made me squirm in my seat awkwardly. I saw the corner of his mouth tilt up a bit. I scoff, this brat is doing this purposely. “Excuse Jackson?” I say awkwardly, not sure of what to call her. “Please hon, call me Julie.” She said, as she smiled nicely. “Where is your restroom?” I asked, forcing my face not to show discomfort.

“Make a left out of the dining hall and it’s the second door on the right side all the hallway.” I looked around awkwardly. “John may you please direct Camryn to the restroom.” she asked, smiling at John. “Of course ma’am.” He said smiling, as he bowed slightly in her direction. He then turned to me “come along Camryn.” I got up from my seat and followed John.

Once I felt that I was calm and collected, I decided to go back to the dining room and eat. I was famished because I hadn’t eaten anything since that Nutella toast I had this morning for breakfast. Speaking of Nutella, I wonder if they have any here. When I arrived in the dinning room I came to a stop. There was a new person in the room. Wow this dude was He had curly, messy black hair. Probably from him running his fingers through it all during the day. I wonder why it wasn’t brown like the rest of his family. Then it clicked...dye. He had beautiful blue eyes anybody would get lost in. His cheekbones were sharp and define, more so than Scott. His face looked smooth, even from the doorway. He had a plain black T-shirt that hugged his body so tight. It made is abs evident under his shirt. It mad his arms look bigger and whenever he’d bend his elbow his muscle would pop. Only the Lord knows my weakness for arms. There was this cold vibe I got from him though.

“Um...Camryn?” My dad looked at me, confusion evident on his face. Oh shit, have I been standing in the door the whole time. “Uhh” I quickly gathered myself and ran over to the chair I was sitting in. The boy was sitting across from me. “Camryn, this is Nate.” Julia said, as he glanced from me to her son. “Nate, say hi.” He looked up at me and then looked back down at his dish. Rude. Don’t worry I didn’t want to speak to you either. Everyone at the table looked at me. Oops, I said that out loud? Nate rolled his eyes and continued to eat his food. "Nate, what did your father say about you acting that way? It's rude, now introduce yourself." Julie said, glaring at Nate before returning her gaze back to me. "You already introduced me so why would I need to say anything else?" Nate said, not looking up once. Seriously, what's with this guy? Julie then sighed and began eating food of her own.

"So Camryn," Andrew started, "tell us about yourself, how did you get into Newtown Prep?" he said, with a small, curious smile. I looked up and noticed everyone was staring at me. I didn't like that. It didn't help that I had a shrimp hanging out of my mouth. I bit the shrimp and cleared my throat once I finished chewing. "Well..." I started. "I received a scholarship from the board saying I got into the art program at Newtown Prep." I said, with a tight-lip smile. "Yeah, she's crazy talented. She can draw aything and her work looks so real!" My dad exclaimed, excited. "Dad..." I whispered, embarrass. I guess I should be proud and boast all about my work but I don't like to get cocky. Hearing my dad talk about my art makes me sound like the best artist in the world and I'm not that great. "Camryn, don't be ashamed. We love to hear about this kind of stuff. Who knew we had an artist living amongst us" Julie beamed. I smile and nodded. "Yeah Cam, it's totally cool!" Jessica said, smiling excitedly, basically jumping out of hr seat. I could see Nate rolling his eyes from the corner of my eye. I smiled slightly at the jealous boy but i leaned my head down so no one would see. Jess then gasped loudly and everyone turned to her confusion written on their faces, mines included. "You can draw me!" I froze. "Eeee!" she beamed, and I smiled. "Sure, that would be cool." she literally bounced in her seat when I said that.

"Woah, you can draw?" I nodded when I heard Scott speak. He then leaned over in my direction slightly. "That's hot." He whispered, in a deep, low voice. I'm ashamed to say that sent chills up my arms. My cheeks flushed red and I cleared my throat and fixed my position in my seat.


I had a worried look on my face as I walked with Andrew and my father to the front door. I was not ready for my dad to leave yet. I wish he could stay here with me. I didn't know these people like i knew him. He was my safe haven, the one I could always run back to and talk my problems out with. How can I do that when he's three and a half hour away. I guess I could call but it's not the same. I hugged my dad tightly as I buried my face in his chest. "I don't want you to go dad." I felt him kiss the top of my head. "I know sweetheart. But you know I have to. Remember who you're doing this for." I nodded against him. "Do this for your mom, for me, and most of it for you" I hugged him tighter. "Ace all your classes so you can stay in the school and once you graduate from the top of your class, going into the real world should be a breeze." He chuckled, which made me laugh along with him. I felt a single tear roll down my face and I decided to finally let him go. I looked up into my dad eyes to see him smiling cheekily down at me. "I love you, dad. Thank you." I say, trying to hold back more tears from streaming. I don't care if he is my dad, I don't like crying in front of anyone.

"I love you too." was all he said and he kissed my forehead and began walking to his car. I try to keep my composure. I want to be strong for him and prove to him that I can do this. Shit...can I do this?

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