Newton Prep Boys

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First Morning At The Jackson House

"Kids!" I heard Julie yell. "Get up and get dressed. School starts in an hour and breakfast is in ten!" I did not want to be up right now. I don't think I got a lot of sleep last night. Between Nate's television blasting and Andrew's snoring. I don't see how anyone got any sleep. For such a big house, these rooms were mighty close together.

I envy Jess because her room was all the way at the end of the hall. She also got her own bathroom. No fair. She convinced her parents to let her get the room the furthest away from the other rooms because she needed her 'beauty sleep' and she 'can't sleep listening to her father's snoring'. She managed to get them to agree to it and there she was sleeping peacefully at the end of the hall.

Nonetheless, I forced myself out of bed and slowly walked out of my room and go across the hall to use the bathroom and wash. I opened the door while rubbing my eyes and my vision was blurry for a split second. "Gahh" I screamed in fear when I saw a half-naked Nate standing in the middle of the bathroom. I didn't scream because all he had on his beautiful body was a single towel around his waist, I screamed because I didn't expect him to be in here.

He looked up at me, his eyes widened in surprise for a second and the he looked angry "What the fuck Cara." he exclaimed. "It's Camryn." I said shifting my weight to one side of my body. "Whatever. Why the hell are you screaming? Never seen a body that looked this good." He said with a cocky smirk. I scoffed and rolled my eyes "please, I've seen better." I lied. He looked at me with a look that read yeah right and rolled his eyes. "Come on Carmen. Even you don't believe that." He said, laughing once before he gazed at me with a blank expression. "It's Camryn!" I said, glaring at him. At this point, he's mispronouncing my name on purpose. "Whatever, bathroom's all yours." He said, walking pass me. He then turned around "oh, and try not to scream when you see me in here next-."I closed the door before he could finish his sentence. "Ugh" I let out a frustrated groan against the bathroom door.

Once I showered I changed into the uniform the school sent me three days before. They sent four different outfits and two pairs of shoes. I guess you could wear whatever you want as long as they follow the guidelines of the uniform. I decided to go with the light blue sweater and white blazer and navy blue and red stripped tie. I had a plain, short navy blue skirt rippled skirt. The shoes were a super shine black. I'm sure if you look close enough, you can see your reflection. The sweater had a little Newtown logo on the left side of it. Well that's cool. These clothes felt too good for me. I knew if they didn't provide these uniforms for me, there was no way I could afford to get one. Let along four.

Once everyone showered and got dressed, we all went down to the dining room to eat dinner. I wonder if they always eat breakfast together. "French toast egg and cheese sandwiches." John said coming around the corner from the kitchen. "Yay!" I see Grace and Leon cheer at John's announcement. He held two serving dishes, two plates on each. "Ah, and no sausage for you miss Jessica." He said to Jessica with a smiled. She squealed with a large grin on her face. She then leaned in close to me "I'm vegetarian." She whispered. "What- how? You're not fully enjoying life if you aren't eating meat." I said, confused as to how anyone can be a vegetarian. I mean, I do feel sorry for the poor animals who have to be killed for our enjoyment, but hey, a girls got to eat. Jessica gasped, "I wouldn't dare eat any of those poor animals. Plus, how can I keep my body slim with all that access fat." she said with a grin, as she shrugged and took a bit of her French toast egg, no sausage, sandwich. Ah, the real reason for her being vegetarian, slim' waist.

I mean, I eat meat and I'm slim. I don't know how. Lord knows I'm lazy and sports is not my strong suit. A miracle I guess. I noticed everyone was close to being finished with their breakfast. Why wasn't Nate eating with us? I mentally rolled my eyes. Too good to eat with your own family, huh? I guess that's a plus for me. I don't have to worry about his brooding attitude and his rudeness. I don't know why it bothered me and I became more and more curious so I decided to ask. "Hey, why isn't Nate eating with us?" I asked, as I look up at everyone at the table, waiting on an answer. Grace just shrugged and I was starting to believe Leon was in a trance, he hadn't looked up from his plate once. Scott sneered and I looked at him. He was sitting across from Jess. Thank God. I don't think I can handle sitting by him for a second. Not yet at least. I wonder what that was all about. I guess it isn't hard to believe him and Nate doesn't get along. Nate doesn't get along with anyone except his two friends from what I hear.

Jess was the only one to speak. "Nate never eats with us. Mom and dad hates it but we don't really mind. He usually just grab something on the way out." She shrugged. Satisfied with her my answer, I decided to just finish my food.

I go upstairs for the last time to get my book bag. Jess was nice enough to let me have one of her old ones. She told me that I wouldn't want to be seen walking around with my old one. I took a bit offense to that. There was nothing wrong with my old bag, I had it for 10 years- oh okay, now I see the problem.

Walking downstairs, I over hear Julia talking to someone. I decided to stand against the wall beside the door rather than go in and interrupt the conversation. Okay, fine I wanted to listen.

"Nate, please be nice to her. At least show her around. Help her get to her classes and then I won't bother you about it again." She said, calmly to her son. "Why me mom? I'm sure Scott or Jess would love to do it." he said, whisper yelling. I guess he didn't want me to hear. I rolled my eyes. Trust me buddy, I don't want you showing me around either.

"You know Scott is a grade under you and he doesn't know the senior hall as good as you do. And you know Jess has early classes, she won't have enough time." Julia said, still trying to convince Nate to show me around. I don't want him to want to show me around.

"I-" Nate started. "Please son." Julia said, before Nate could finish. He released a frustrated sigh and finally caved. "Fine." Julia squealed at his response. I imagine she hugged him but I didn't want to look at the risk of getting caught eavesdropping.

"Hey Camryn!" I hear a peppy Jessica. I instantly straightened up and cleared my throat. "Oh jess, hey" I said flustered. "Everything okay?" she said confused and slightly worried. "Yeah I'm fine. Just a little nervous I guess." I gave her the best excuse I could come up with. However, that was partially true. I was a bit nervous. This is my first time going to school with a bunch of spoiled, rich kids and I was nothing like them. Neither did I wish to be.

"Oh don't be." Jess said grabbing my hand with a sympathetic expression. I looked down at her hand in mine and looked back up at her. "I'll be with you every chance I get." She said, still holding my hand. I wanted to drop my hand but I didn't want to be rude. Besides, she was super nice and she was trying to make me feel comfortable. I have a feeling Jess and I will become very close. I don't open up easily and I'm guarded as fuck. But I'm willing to try with her. I didn't have many friends at my old school. I buried myself in my art and spent most of my spare time drawing and didn't make much effort towards making friends. I had at least one person in each class I would talk to. Most people didn't like talking to because apparently I was 'too sarcastic and smart-mouth'. I didn't really care. In my opinion they just couldn't take a joke.

"Even though we're in the same grade, my schedule is different from yours so I don't know how much we'll see each other." Jess said sadly. I nodded "I'll be fine Jess." I said, giving her a small smile as I removed my hand from her hand and placed my hair on her shoulder and she smiled back at me. "Okay, I have to get going. See you later Camryn." Jess said walking towards the door. "Okay, bye." I said, and she turned around once more and waved.

I heard footsteps and just remembered Nate and Julia was in the other room. "Good morning Camryn." Julia said, smiling brightly. "Good morning Ms. Jack-" I started, then I cleared my throat. "Julia." I said. She chuckled began walking towards me. She touched my shoulder lightly as she walked pass me.

Nate's gaze then locked with mine. "Nate." I said, trying to keep my cool and not shrink under his stare. It would be so much easier to hate him if he didn't look so good. Nate only stared. "Gee, try not to look so excited." I chuckled, and his jaw clenched. He then walked passed me without speaking a word. His shoulder brushed mine slightly. Why did that shoot tingles down my arm?

I don't like you. I don't care how good you look" I tured and said before he could get too far. I paused when I realized what I had said. I mentally face palmed myself. "Oh, you think I look good?" Nate chuckled as he lifted one eyebrow. I tried to keep the blush from rising in my cheeks but I could feel the heat in them. "Of course you do." He said with a cocky grin. I only rolled my eyes and walked ahead of him.

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